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Mann Bracken: Is it difficult to deal with them?

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I am trying very hard to pay off all my credit card debts. I - being a total idiot went to a debt settlement company. They "suggested" that I not pay my bills, and that they had great relationship with creditors.... What a lie.

Anyway, I am now in a dmp. I'm trying to pay off all my loans 100%. However, Mann Bracken Llc. wants a lump sum payment. I do not have the funds to give them the payment. I offered to pay it off through the DMP program. No deal. They said they would continue with the arbitration and see me there.

Is there anything I can do? I tried calling Chase directly. They said I could only talk to Mann Bracken law firm is a collection agency which threatens to take you to arbitration. Read the discussion to know the way out. that they no longer had the account.

The lady on the phone was very nasty. She told me if it went to arbitration I could pay her attorney fees and court cost. All of this is true information. So not misrepresentation.

I think I may be stuck. But I have a budget, and I am trying to pay everyone. That leaves me very little wiggle room when it comes to something like this.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


okay.just checking.again no they would need a judgement in court to granish.check your court clerk to make sure.wouldn't put anything past this lowlife CA.

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I had to deal with Mann Bracken LLC in April-June 2007. I managed to get the Citibank Credit Cards paid off. The lady I dealt with was really a nice lady. I set up payment arrangements and it was paid in full...even though I got behind on other bills...but I did it to keep them off my back. I saw a news segment that is to be aired tomorrow April 28, 2009 about Mann Bracken LLC being viscious. After I paid them in full...they sent me a letter that I had paid in full and I have not heard from them again.

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When and where is this being aired! I would like to see it! Guest from Florida, they cannot garnish you check if you are head of household unless you agree to it in writing. Florida is a non-garnishment state!

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Frogpatch Frogpatch
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Frogpatch, it is being advertised to be on wsb-tv in Atlanta, you should be able to see or read the report on their website after today,

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1st, demand debt validation. Send it by regular and certified mail and fax.

2nd, if they send that, contact one of the attorneys there directly. A good one is Chris Diwan. Call 866 376 0410. Tell him if they don't give you a good settlement you will file a bar complaint.

3rd, read it will tell you the rest of what you need. Typically they will take 10% but you must deal with an attorney not a collections guy.

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Did they receive a judgement against you that you weren't aware of? Contact the GA Consumers Affairs office, they would love to hear from you.

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i have already received a summons to go to court mann bracken is sueing me about a credit card debt.I was told that I need to put in writing why I could not paid the debt. the person that delivered me the citation said this is what Ineed to do. then they will get with mannbrackenand to set a court day. how long can it be before they set a date to go to court

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a law officer served me with a i guess you call it a sommons it says STATEMENT OF CLAIM it says PLAINTIFF MIDLAND FUNDING LLC VS MIKE MYERS (ME) and it has Mann bracken llp attorneys at law I filed with the clerk a responce that i didn`t owe the amount they say i did on the paper it said claim denied my court date is 9 of next month what can i do . i called home depot who i had it to start with i told the guy i was disable and the reason i quiet was i was not able to pay anymore its been since 2007 he said don`t worry about it . what can i do? mike thanks.

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