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Mann Bracken: Is it difficult to deal with them?

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I am trying very hard to pay off all my credit card debts. I - being a total idiot went to a debt settlement company. They "suggested" that I not pay my bills, and that they had great relationship with creditors.... What a lie.

Anyway, I am now in a dmp. I'm trying to pay off all my loans 100%. However, Mann Bracken Llc. wants a lump sum payment. I do not have the funds to give them the payment. I offered to pay it off through the DMP program. No deal. They said they would continue with the arbitration and see me there.

Is there anything I can do? I tried calling Chase directly. They said I could only talk to Mann Bracken law firm is a collection agency which threatens to take you to arbitration. Read the discussion to know the way out. that they no longer had the account.

The lady on the phone was very nasty. She told me if it went to arbitration I could pay her attorney fees and court cost. All of this is true information. So not misrepresentation.

I think I may be stuck. But I have a budget, and I am trying to pay everyone. That leaves me very little wiggle room when it comes to something like this.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


I have received an award letter from the National Arbitration
Forum. Mann Barcken, L.L.P was the attornery for Chase Bank. I live in Texas and will seek an attorney concerning the letter. Not sure of the outcome, but will update the information. 5-10-09

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Mike, make sure you File a Motion for Discovery, they will have to present specific proof that it is your debt or drop the charges.

Tx-Dh, did you go through arbitration, or are they trying to get you to? Do not do it, see: " naf.html"

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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I am working with a debt collection agency. I owed sallie mae over 800.00. We offered Mann Bracken a proposal of 40.00 a month. They never acknowledged our proposal or got back to the debt collection agency at all. After 10 months of me paying them 40.00 a month they called me for the first time and wanted to know who accepted my proposal. They had no records of anyone accepting my proposal and they were very adament to know who accepted my proposal. I told them I've been paying 40.00 a month and they've accepted it. She told me it's only because we've been getting checks from your debt collection agency. They said I still owed 500.00 and when could they expect that payment. I told them I could not give them more than 40.00 a month. They threatened to take me to court after asking me ''wasn't I served papers from the sheriff to go to court''. I told them no and she didn't believe me. Now they call my house EVERY single day. If I'm not home they leave message to call them. If I am home when I answer the phone no one says anything or there's music playing. This has been going on every day for one month now. I don't call them back like the message says when my machine picks up because the lady was really mean when I did call them back. She was asking me how many other companies I owe money to. How do I stop the phone calls. I would seem if they really wanted to get ahold of me when they call me and I answer they would talk to me or they would send something in the mail. They call twice a day EVERY day.

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They are real jerks. My boyfriend is dealing with them for a credit card debt. We went to the lawyers to file bankrupcy and our lawyer said they can't touch his money because he is total disable. So we told them and they said our lawyer doesn't know anything and they still keep calling.
I have had it with them they are rude they yell at us and are trying everything.
I went on the site and found all this stuff on them and I made copies and I am going to send them to them and tell them to read about themselfs. The are crooks and they will take you if they can. My advise is to file bankrupcy and be done with them.
These people are as low as they can go.
Lets stick together and get these low lifes done..

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I work for dsc and it's a hit and miss. We can not guarantee that an agency won't sue. We have clients that understand the system and those that don't that's usually who complains the most. The law firms will take you to court if they look at ur credit report, which is available to all this financial institutions, and they will see if you own property and also if your debt to income ratio makes sense. If it's worth it for them then they will be coming for you. I just settled a $26,000 chase acct for $10000. You just have to make sure you go to the right dsc.

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Here's the steps
1 arbritration non legal just some old retired judges and lawyers trying to make look legal
2 summons, they are tryin to set u up by not responding so they can get a default judgement, you loose
3 judgement they are trying to come to some sort of arrangment not bad considering that no more interest will be accrued
Possible judgements, frozen acct, lien on home or garnishment
Non garnishment states- Pa, TX, Fl, SC, NC, MA

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Stop talking to them on the phone for god sakes

whats wrong with you people

do everything in writing.

Write letters to the FTC and Attorney General.

WRITE LETTERS, certified mail


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Mann Bracken LLC is also Axiant LLC

Does anyone know of other names?

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Actually they were bought out by Axiant.
Axiant also bought Wolpoff & Abramson and Eskanos & Adler.

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Chrys Henderson Chrys Henderson

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mann bracken sent me a letter saying they have been authorize to discuss a settlement thats fair to both parties they said our client does not wish to cause me any unnecessary inconvenicence. I would be thankful for any help. mike

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