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National Enterprise Systems: How to deal with this debt collector

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HEllo and thank you for this valuable resource!

I'm having some trouble with National Enterprise Systems.

They have been calling several times a day for weeks. I have had some shouting matches with them and they have threatened to call every single morning, first thing "so we're the first thing you think of when you wake up."

So when I did get a contact there and discuss my debt, she threatened "legal proceedings" if they don't get a resolution immediately.

I was scared and gave her my bank info for an initial payment after the holiday. Now I think that was a very bad idea (read somewhere that they will often take more than was agreed), and am scared about what they might do.

They keep calling constantly. When I try to get this particular contact on the phone, she is always busy.

What should I be doing here?

So I am in MD. I am just got a call from National Enterprise System. This lady comes on and tells me I owe them this much, and they sent me a letter which they didnt and they called and a left a voicemail which they didnt. They got the charge yesterday and demanding i pay 500.00 by tomorrow or have it forcefully taken out of my account.

I have no clue on what to do.. because no matter what they try they aint gettin 500 of what i dont have. SO what should I do?

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Send NES a DV letter CMRRR making them prove they own the debt, add a notation that all calls to your home are being recorded.

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They got the charge yesterday and demanding i pay 500.00

Not sure I understand what you mean by they got the charge. The only way they could forcibly take it from your bank account is if they have been awarded a judgement. Do you recognize the debt? When was the last time you paid on the account? The next time they call, answer and verify your mailing address, tell them they have 5 days to mail you details of the account and then end the call. When and if you receive their dunning letter, respond with a debt validation request. Also, if you have not already done so, pull your free annual credit reports from the Big 3

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ware can I get the correct forms to mail to nes validation of debt request ectect??

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Link to sample letters is here:

Do not just copy it, use it as a template only. Try not to make it scream "form letter downloaded off the web"

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I had a debt that went to National Enterprise Systems two years ago they called and were trying to collect so my ex boyfriend and I agreed to pay off the debt they came up with an agreement to settle for $2000 which was debited out of his account. Now recently they have been contacting us about the same debt, we told them that we paid it off already. They said that they have to take legal action against me and possibly garnish my wages if we don't pay... How should this matter be handled? It seems as though we will be paying twice for one debt which they claim in not traceable.

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What was the original amount owed? You stated you settled for $2000, was there a written agreement stating they would not pursue or sell off the reamining balance?

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Does anyone know anything or have any experience with NES according to VA laws? I have a defaulted account that has gone to NES for collection. They called me and threatened to send it to the state for involuntary collection if not paid within the month, which would/could then include garnished wages. Does anyone know who would then be going after me once it's sent to the state? Would it literally be the state of VA itself? I'm wondering how long it would take the state to collect once in their hands and who I would pay the debt to once I have the money. Does anyone know if the state of Va can even garnish wages?
I am not trying to get out of paying the debt, as I know the situation is my fault. I just don't have the large amount of money to pay at this moment, much less in the next month right before the holidays. Does anyone know the process after it leaves their company and how long it takes/can take afterwards? Timetables anyone?

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Further on from my previous posting . . .

After reading the last 5 pages of posts from the last 2+ years I think it's pretty obvious from everyone's experience with NES is that their rudeness and inappropriate behavior isn't the half of it. They obviously are not following Federal Collection laws and seems as though they can't be trusted, whether they actually do have your debt or not.

With my personal situation, I recognize the debt and know what company and time it's from. Also that's it is recent - within the past 6 months. I was initially scared of the threats from NES and gave them my bank account info to set up a settlement, which is $300 less than the total collection. Although I thought the settlement was as good a deal as I will get, I am now thinking it's a mistake and I should hold off. I don't really have the money to pay the whole debt, much less any of it as we are headed into the holidays. I don't particularly want to change my bank account info, but if I have to I will to avoid the direct debits from my account.

I have seen several posts from people with debt that's anywhere from 2-6 years old and is still unpaid. I don't by any means plan on having this debt for the next 6 years, but I'm wondering what I should do for the time being. I have read several postings about DV letters, or requesting a verification from NES, or even demanding that the original company take the debt up with you - not NES. I am not very familiar with VA laws regarding this, much less how to interpret them. Is any of this legitimate? What are my possibilities here? Can I demand these things? Are these my rights?

Also, I think more than anything, I'm worried about what will happen to my credit if this is prolonged. Does anyone know? Will it be nothing more than a collection posted to my credit report that disappears once the collection is resolved?

Where should I look for answers to my questions?

Thanks to anyone who responds.

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Here is some info on VA:


Interest Rate: Legal:8% Judgment:9% or contract rate whichever is higher

Statute of Limitations
Open Acct:3 Last charge or payment
Written Contract:5
Domestic Judgment:20
Foreign Judgment:10
Sales of goods under article 2 is 4 years

Bad Check Laws (civil penalty): Lesser of $250 or three times check amount

General Garnishment Exemptions: See federal law below.

Federal Garnishment Exemption

Federal Law exempts from garnishment 75% of disposable earnings per week,
or an amount = to 30 x federal minimum hourly wage, whichever is greater.
Where federal law provides larger exemption, it supersedes any state law.

First and foremost, in order to garnish, they must have a judgement. In order to obtain a judgement, they must sue you. Have you sent them a DV request?

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