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National Action Financial Services - Is it good to deal with?

National Action Financial Services, Inc. is a New York based collection agency which joined Sitel, a global business process outsourcing company. It has been reported as using illegal collection practices and was sued and fined by the New York State Attorney General in 2007 (""). A large number of complaints have been filed against National Action Financial Services with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has received an "F" rating from the BBB (""). If you want to know about how to deal with National Action Financial Services effectively, have a look at the topic given below:

What are consumers saying about National Action Financial Services?

Several consumers have shared their views on the company in our forums. Here's what they've said about National Action Financial Services, Inc

  • Rude behavior: A consumer reports that he received a letter from National Action Financial. The letter was followed by a phone call from the same company. The company refused to validate the debt and threatened to sue the consumer unless he would arrange for payments within the next 24 hours even though the consumer had just received the letter and needed some time to arrange for the payments. The consumer wanted to dispute the account; but the collection agency said he didn't have the right to do so.

    The company representative spoke rudely to the consumer and even called his spouse a liar. The consumer worked for a collection agency and he was quite surprised at this rude behavior. According to him, the National Action Financial representative was violating the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) and being very unprofessional. Learn more...
  • Harassment for old debt: National Action Financial Services is said to have harassed debtors for payments on old credit card accounts that do not appear on their credit reports. National Action Financial representatives have also called consumers about payments on accounts which have been discharged in bankruptcy. Learn more...
  • No suitable response to consumer calls: A consumer repeatedly told the company over 7 months to send him a written statement of the outstanding bill, which the company refused to do. The consumer then got on a conference call with creditor, JP Morgan Chase bank, and National Action Financial Services still refused to send a written statement. When the consumer called National Action Financial back, he got no response from the company's representative. Learn more...
  • Suspected scam: A resident of North Carolina received a call from National Action Financial Services stating that he owed money to Blockbuster in Lorain, Ohio. The consumer had never been to Ohio, and had no account with Blockbuster. Suspecting a scam, the consumer didn't make any payments to National Action Financial Services. Find out more...
  • Harassing calls: According to some consumers, whenever they receive a phone call from National Action Services, they get a message saying, "Dial 1 to speak to a representative". But when they do, the consumers do not get any response from a customer service representative. Consumers have also complained that the company representatives simply call wrong numbers and hang up without even stating the purpose of the call. Learn more...
  • Harassment for debts exceeding SOL: Consumers report that the company has often harassed them for payment on accounts where the Statute of Limitations (SOL) has expired. In most cases, the company has refused to admit the SOL has expired, and threatened to file a lawsuit against the consumer. Find out more...

Most consumers seem to have a bad experience with National Action Financial Services. If you receive a call from the company for an outstanding bill, make sure they validate the debt first. Send them a debt validation letter at the following address.

National Action Services, Inc.
165 Lawrence Bell Drive Suite 100
Williamsville, NY 14221-7817

If you'd like to contact the collection agency over the phone or fax, use the details given below.

Phone: (716) 565-1020, (716) 650-6240, 1-866-529-1899
Fax: (716) 565-1035

Ok, National Action Financial Services have made t...
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Ok, National Action Financial Services have made the first initial call today around 8:30 this morning. I have no idea who they're calling about (me or my wife) since the phones in her name. I refuse to talk to this guys from National Action Financial Services at all. I've chased off allied interstate, Merchants and now these goons. I do not have an account number for an alleged debt that they say one of owes. I need to send a C&D letter but no account number. Can I just send this with out the account and use the phone # they called us at. I've seen numerous posts and these are the lowest scumbags. The automated message just said that "You must call 866-529-1899 as it is VERY important to someone named "Gotto or Gotty" Da ha funny. Can someone please advise. Thank you.

Give a call and ask National Action Financial Services to validate the debt in writing. You should have the complete information within five business day to confirm that they are doing legitimate collections. You will know that they are the ones authorized for this. Sending a cease and desist letter at this stage might pass on the debt from one company to another. You will send the letter after they have failed to validate your debt and if National Action Financial Services don't stop calling you. Here is a sample letter of the debt validation letter.

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PassionHunting PassionHunting

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I just posted some of the corporate info, including address, on the second page of this topic. tml

Hope it helps.

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Marcia Brady's Lovechile Marcia Brady's Lovechile

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I too have been contacted by National Action Financial Services, I have asked them to send me their proof they refused to do so, that is unless i had a fax . They said they are going to sue unless they get there money with in 24 hours , i just got a letter from them!! It clearly states that i have th right to dispute, but when I told them I was because the information they have in incorrect they said I can't. They were also incredibly rude -beyond all belief!! The woman called my spouse a liar and told me she is in charge now, there is nothing I can do and hung up on me several times. I work in a collection agency and everything they are doing is unprofessional and agains the law, National Action Financial Services are a bunch of rude liars and crooks!!

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Since you have received their dunning letter, send them a DV. If you are in a 1 party state, start recording their calls. SInce you are a collector, you know what they can and cannot say. Use that agaisnt them.

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I just barely finished dealing with NAFS, and had a slightly different experience.
In the messages that were left on my voicemail, the company did identify themselves, and they did use my wife's name. And when I called the man I talked to was very nice, and made it seem as though he were trying to do his best to help me out with a problem.
However, the problem he was trying to help me out with had been taken care of almost 10 years ago!
NAFS has apparently been trolling for old credit card debts that had been charged-off by the credit card companies and has now started calling the individuals to try and convince them that the debts are still outstanding. I checked my wife's credit report and the debt which they're trying to tell me is still outstanding doesn't even appear anymore.
It's very upsetting that companies like this exist. They're bottom-feeders trying to make a buck anywhere possible.
What a disgusting company!

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charged-off by the credit card companies and has now started calling the individuals to try and convince them that the debts are still outstanding

Charged off is not the same as forgiven. With the exception of 2 states (MS &WI) an unpaid debt is collectible until paid or the sun goes super-nova. National Action Financial Services have the right to ask but you have the right to say no with zero negative consequences.

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do people not realize that if they didn't let their bills get this far behnd that they wouldn't have thee problems. anywayss i worked as a collector for 10 years. a lot of laws have changed sence i worked in collections but I will say that NAFS was the most respectful company that I ever worked for. A lot of other companies are very shady and claime to be law offices and such. If you get "harrassed" by a debt collector that claimes that you are someone that you are not, tell them to stop contacting you and that they have the wrong person. if they keep contacting you that is a violation of the fdcpa. Anyways so you all know I have 2 batchlors degrees and ot all debt collectors are uneducated people. I just am a bad speller! lol! I have had pleanty of financial probs w/devorce but you cn't hate on a debt collector, they are just tring to survie, and in the Buffalo, NY area thre are no other jobs that are about the $11 cost of living, and NAFS doensn't pay that much hourly, they pay less than that. Commission is what pays people, and really it isn't that much! Good luck, and God bless!

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when you pay an account off always request an account paid letter, even with a settlement. legaly these companies must provide this information. a lot of accounts are not closed out properly, and it is not the collection agency that you are taking to's fault but the prvious account holder that didn't close the account properly. Also when you get your account paid letter you should send a copy yo experian trans union and equifax asking them to remove it from your credit. the bank has up to 90 days and collections agencies have up to 90 days to tell the bank to take it off. SO that is 180 days you are waiting for them to take it off if they do it right in the 1st place. do it your self, and it will be done right! I have always given this advice to debtors. I no longer work in collections but I am always willing to help with advice.

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I filled chapter 7 banckrupcy 10/27/03. Included in the banckrupcy, and surrendered was a 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. I was contacted about 8 months ago by a collection agency stating I still owed the loan. They were polite and professional. I simply faxed them my discharge papers and they appologized, stated they would nootify Misubishi and the calls ended. I assumed the issue was corrected.
Well today, I received a call from National Action Financial Services at 1-800-697-4901. I returned the call not knowing what this was about?
I spoke with a Mr. Thompson(? I couldn't really get his name). He was extremely rude, yelling and swearing. I'm ashammed to say, he did get me upset as well.
I tried to explain the situation (between screams and swearing)he just kept calling me a liar. I asked for his fax number so I could fax him the discharge papers. He simply hung up on me. I called him back about 15 minutes later after I dug my discharge papers out, and he did not answer.
I want these calls to stop. I have filed the propper bankrupcy papers and they respossed the car.
I would welcome a law suit against Mitsubishi for harrassment and as well as NAFS for harrassment, abuse and illegal collection practices.
I cannot see how I can/need to be harrased about a situation I legally resolved 5 years ago (to the day)
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

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in that don't even give this bottomfeeder anything.except a contempt order from the bankruptcy trustee.
go for the throat on this one.give NAFS'S info to the trustee,then check into your state laws regarding recording calls.any debt discharged in bankruptcy that CA attempts to collect is contempt.

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