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National Action Financial Services - Is it good to deal with?

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Ok, National Action Financial Services have made the first initial call today around 8:30 this morning. I have no idea who they're calling about (me or my wife) since the phones in her name. I refuse to talk to this guys from National Action Financial Services at all. I've chased off allied interstate, Merchants and now these goons. I do not have an account number for an alleged debt that they say one of owes. I need to send a C&D letter but no account number. Can I just send this with out the account and use the phone # they called us at. I've seen numerous posts and these are the lowest scumbags. The automated message just said that "You must call 866-529-1899 as it is VERY important to someone named "Gotto or Gotty" Da ha funny. Can someone please advise. Thank you.

Hey Paul, just noticed your "HOF" and "Moderator", BELATED CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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thanks,guess i'm better known than i thought.

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People... people.. they are full of crap! I got a letter today and they said I owed something to blockbuster in CA. I lived in CA 6 years ago and never went to the place they claim I owed. SO I called blockbuster. Guess what, I was right. I owe nothing. Never, never pay without checking it out. I did try to call them but they make the call go in circles and you have a hard time even reaching a person. I am waiting for them to call me and then I think I might make some money out of this.... I am no fool!

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Interesting,....I am getting a calls and a letter from them regarding block buster also.

It gets even more interesting,...I have no outstanding balance with Blockbuster

Swonavy,...would you happen to be in Sacramento also? How would it be possible to make them have to pay out???

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an alternate contact # for NAFS: 800-847-9653.

i got this number because it showed up on the caller id at my office. AT&T was having problems with the lines and was rebooting its system so we were writing the numbers down as they came in and called them back on our business cells. as it turned out, they answer "National Action Financial Services." the man i spoke with was very rude. be careful what number you call them from as their caller id links directly with their computer system to pull up accounts automatically. if you call from a different number, i wouldn't put it past them to harrass you on whatever number they can get their hands on. the man i spoke with accused me of getting a message and that's why i was calling him. he didn't believe we were having trouble with our lines and i was just calling the number back that came up on my office's caller id. good luck!! i will be passing on your helpful information to the person in my office this company is trying to harrass!

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I have asked NASF to send a written statement for 7 months and they do not do so. The above mentioned comment about they will only send a fax was told to me several times. They also said my brother was on my account, and he isn't. I got them in a conference call with Chase Bank and the NASF woman promised to send a corrected statement, but never did. I have never seen their address in print or anything in writing. If I dial back her 800 395 4084 it's some kind of "girlie" line or a "chat line"!!! These people are not above board and I don't know why Chase deals with such a third rate firm.

They do not use fdcpa practices and do lots of illegal stuff. Their attitude is that we cannot afford to sue. My community action group here in Manhattan can, and will. If you complain to the Attorney General and to the state banking commission, you can have your account removed from their files for their illegal practices. I would Google the AG's consumer number right now. Email the AG, NYS Banking Commission, and Chase in one email. Keep us posted.

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My story is very much like the ones I have read here, except in this case, they called my place of employment and left a message on a government phone that they were looking to speak with me with regards to a debt. They actually stated that they were not a telemarketer but a debt collector.

These guys totally violated FEDERAL policies that protect consumers (even if the debt is true) from such disclosures.

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I just came across this website/thread while doing a search for NAFS. I received a letter from them saying that I have an outstanding debt at a Blockbuster in Lorain, Ohio, even though I've never even been to Ohio.

I suspect this is a scam because it lists three ways of paying the alleged debt, two of them by paying NAFS, the other by going to the store that the alleged debt was incurred to pay it off, which is of course absurd since I live in NC.

I have to wonder how many people out there get these letters and think 'gee, I bet I do owe Blockbuster a few bucks even though that isn't my location' and end up sending checks or calling and giving their personal information to NAFS.

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National Action Financial Services is not full of a bunch of "bottom feeder-crooks". I worked there for 3 years until the birth of my son forced me to leave. There are some people there who are complete jerks and shouldnt do collections because they're collection skills and people skills are lacking.....however for the most part everyone there wants to actually help. It would help if you have a debt to contact the creditors and inform them of your situation that way the collectors wouldnt think your "liers". They only see what the client or Creditor gives them. Keeping them informed and tring to actually show them you want to get back on your feet and not have bad debt will help not only you personally but the situation as well. Stop hiding from your debts....i understand that some of these so called collectors are complete morons, but if you actually keep in contact with creditors this problem wouldnt exist. Im actually currently going through a hard time financially but all of my creditors are aware as well as the collectors and they have all been very understanding. Good luck to everyone!

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I got these maggots calling me too.
Probably for something that happened about 12 years go.

They are obviously using some sort of automated (read computerized) system. And do several things that are in the least unethical, and nothing short of harassment.

A) The computerized thing calls me and leaves a message.
If I pick up the line there is no one their to answer.
It's nothing different then the AFAIK outlawed things that telemarketers have done in the past.

B) They rotate around several different numbers some 800, 877, and some with different prefixes from what appears to be different states. They even resorted to using some sort of caller ID spoofing with weird 3 or 4 digit numbers.

I called these maggots today and told them to stop calling and harassing me.
I couldn't even talk to the guy that supposed that called me (again it's obviously automated the party that calls you is not present at the time). I talked to some lacky who told me "I just answer the phone", and they they are based out of New York.

This is bad and rude as any telemarketer call.
As a matter of fact the whole thing reeks of "telemarketer".
FCC, FTC, etc., please step in and eliminate this unethical, national harassing, "company".

And the person above who claimed this was a good company.
F.U., you're are an F'ing maggot as well.
Go do something productive rather then harassing people you
bottom-feeding, scum sucking A.H!

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