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I just received a letter from one of our collection agencies saying if we don't pay the account or make arrangements by Sep. 16, they will send it to an Attorney's office. We are with a DS company and they know that. Is this just a scare tactic used by these people to get you to panic? We actually had one account that went to Zwicker first and now it has been sent to another CA. Go figure. People say it is rare to get sued but I seem to be reading about quite a few people being summoned recently on the forum.

Was this a dunning letter which gives you thirty days from receipt to dispute the debt? If it is, then send them a debt validation letter. Is this company a part of the DS program?

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Just because they send it to an attorney doesn't necessarily mean that you will be sued. It could be that they will actually sue you, or it could be that they are trying to get bumped up higher on your priority list. Have you talked to your debt settlement company about it?

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alias1958 alias1958

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I am sending a validation letter. I just got this in the mail today but I will fax it to me DS company Monday. I didn't understand the first question regarding the DS company. The letter said they have been trying to contact us regarding this debt to Washington Mutual and have been unsuccessful so if they don't hear from us by the said date they will turn it over to a law firm that practices in our state for collection. The CA is arrow financial services. The DS companies tell you not to talk to them and I am now with New Beginnings and will fax this to them Monday. Does this scenario sound like a familiar one to anybody. The total debt with them is $6300. Like I mentioned previously, our AM EX was with the feared Zwicker & Assoc. and they sold it to NCO. I hardly heard from Zwicker at all when they had the account. Any thoughts on this?

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I got these from Zwicker. I got a summons yesterday with 30 days to reply at the clerk of cout in my area where I am being taken to court for a civil suit for payment. Try to work with them.

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hawk28147 hawk28147

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I can't really work with them and haven't been summoned yet. We are with a DS company so I want to see what they say Monday. How long did Zwicker have the account and how much did you owe? How are you going to reply to the summons? Is it an Am Ex account?

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I am sending this to my ds company before I work with them. I haven't been summoned. They are threatening at this point I guess. How long was your account with Zwicker and how much did you owe? How will you reply to the court summons? Is it my imagination or are more people being sued lately?

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