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Ask for validation. Collect a suitable format of debt validation letter from the free debt consolidation Sample Letters e-book, make required changes and send it via certified mail with return receipt requested. You can get the e-book here-

Once they receive this letter, they are supposed to send you itemized details of your account. You can also contact your card issuer and inquire if they have transferred your account to Credigy or not.

If you are quite sure that you paid this account back, you will be able to get it removed from your credit report too. Keep us posted.

Sub: #21 posted on Mon, 03/13/2006 - 14:48

stanley stanley

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Thank you... After hours on the phone I found out I did pay in 2000 !! Now I'm searching First Select on a Visa I was sure I paid. I thought my credit was in good standing until I went for a loan. I am having trouble getting Discover to remove it from 2000.
Thank you Nanci

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I too, have been dealing with Credigy. They are double reporting on my credit report. They are reporting as Credigy and First Select. I contacted them and my Attorney State General about the issue. Credigy replies they have no affliation with First Select. Is this true, but I see on this site and on others they are a part of First Select, Inc. Also, when I ask them to verify, they just send me very vague info on the debt. What should I do?

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After a charge off from Fleet, I rec'd a statement from First Select for 6400$ more than the original amt. They said it was a 'gratuity' fee for taking over the loan, but they would settle for a one-time fee of $2400. I refused, it was turned over to Credigy who enlisted a 'lawyer' for suit. In researching I found out that Credigy/FS are actually a part of the Providian/Fleet family and the accounts are really not 'bought', just turned over to the different departments. Be very careful, they are slizzy and go for the judgements. I had to get a lawyer working on it now to get it overturned!...

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I had a $900 debt from my freshman year of college in 1996. It was a Discover card and charged off in May of 99. It was bought by First Select who said that I paid $25 in 2000, which I may have, but that would have been the only payment to them, if it ever occurred. It was then turned over to this Credigy who hired a lawyer who sent me a summons. The amount is for $7200. This is on my credit reports under various names, but with similar amounts. I have hired a lawyer who filed a motion to dismiss based on Maine's 6 yr SOL, but because I allegedly made a payment in 2000, they said it moves the statute to September of this year. So, they are alleging that the date of last activity was September of 2000 but one of my credit reports says that it was November of 99. I have just made an offer to settle for $1000. If they don't accept it, we will be going to court. Is there anything at all I can do? Aren't they in violation of the FCRA by reporting different information on different credit reports. My lawyer says everything looks fishy but they may have the documentation they need to do something. Any advice on any of this? Thanks.

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Terri. I will pull a credit report from the three bureaus and do a comparative study on the dates posted on this account. It is also better to contact Discover and know the date of the last payment made towards this account. If the SOL is over, you are free to avoid payment on this account, provided you have the accurate dates of last payment

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john john

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I like alot of these people have paid first Select on the behalf of Assocaites and I am not being collected on by Credigy. I have been disputing this since 2003 and have not been able to get anywhere. Any suggestion?

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i think u all should be more polite on the phone
cause it's TOO stressfull listen u screaming
and leaving us crazy

oh my gosh we're just doin' our job
so please when we call to your house think that
u are talking to a human being!!

and good luck for u all

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That really didn't make any sense! I had to read that gibberish twice to get even the slightest hint. Don't embarass other collectors out there who are honest, by coming off as an uneducated yokel.

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Jedi Mistress Ari Jedi Mistress Ari

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About 7-8 years ago I was reported to a collection agency for a current amount of about $1200. I continued paying on this account for about 3-6 months. Then at some point one of my payments was returned to me saying that the address was wrong. I double checked my records and the address was correct with what I had, so I re-sent it. Again I got it back.... I never heard from this company again, nor any other company about this ordeal. It had never crossed my mind since.... A little over two years ago I went to bank for a bank loan, and saw it on my credit report thru a different collection company, and charged off as a bad bedt with the amount of like $1000. The bank did not even acknowledge it, and gave me the loan.
Here is my new, Current problem...... I went to the very same bank yesterday to see about gettting a new car, and to my surprise I all of a sudden have a OPEN, unpaid account with CREDIGY for $9,000. It states that the original creditor is the same as the one that marked off as a bad debt, but only way way way bigger..... I am currently disputing this but I am not sure of my rights!! Here are my questions and concerns...
How can it go from being $1000 to $9,000? and is this legal?
How can it still be open, its been seven years since its been in collections the first time?
What are my best options?
Is this credigy company bogus?
Please please help me!!!

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