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Medicredit: Why is it listed on my credit report?

Medicredit Corporation is a licensed collection agency and is a subsidiary which is wholly owned by The Outsource Group. Read through the topics below to know what to do if Medicredit is listed on your credit report?

What can you do if Medicredit shows on your credit report?

If Medicredit Corporation shows on your credit report, it could mean either of the two things:

  • It is a valid debt
  • It is a misinformation

Take the following steps when Medicredit Corporation or any other CA shows up on your credit report for an old debt:

For a valid debt:

  • Check Statute of Limitations in your state:
    If the SOL in your state has expired for this account, you may or may not pay this debt. By law you cannot be forced to pay this debt once it is past the SOL. However, if you do intend to pay on the debt, remember that it will restart the SOL on that debt. In case you have relocated to another state, you must know that the SOL of the state where your debt originated will be applicable in this case.
  • Pay off the debt:
    If you have enough proof that the debt is valid, you may want to pay it off. Speak with the collection agency and work out a payment plan to pay off the debt. You may also request for a pay-for-delete. It is, however, up to the creditor whether or not he will agree for the pay-for-delete.
  • Seek debt settlement:
    You may also want to go for debt settlement if you find it difficult to pay the full amount. Get the Medicredit corporation contact details and speak with the creditor. Try to negotiate with the CA to forgive a part of your debt and agree for a settlement.

For an invalid debt:

  • Request debt validation:
    If you find Medicredit collections listing on your credit report and you are not sure whether or not you owe it, then request for a debt validation.
  • Dispute debt:
    You may ask 'how to correct the Medicredit corp. error in credit report' If you are certain that the debt from Medicredit corporation collection agency reflecting on your credit report is incorrect, you may easily dispute the account listing. It becomes the responsibility of the bureaus to check if debt is valid. If not, then it must be removed from your report.

What are the contact details of Medicredit collection agency?

If you have any questions to ask them, you may call the Medicredit phone number - 314-837-2200

My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve ...
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My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve free credit reports from experian each month. Looking through my first report just now I noticed a supposed debt to a Medicredit Corporation. I have no idea who this is or how to go about finding out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what this debt is? The debt was marked with a KD as of August 01. (I'm not all that sure what the KD means, although I read the legend...) So it seems it would be an old debt, except I didn't have any credit then except my car. The total is only $148, but I want to get this cleared up asap with Medicredit Corporation.

You should have some info in the copy to contact Medicredit Corporation. Otherwise, dispute the item with Experian and put it under investigation. They will verify and send you the actual details. Otherwise, the item needs to be deleted.

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Ruby Ruby

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I am enclosing public contact info I pulled from Missouri Corporation record filings. They are a collection agency.

Medicredit Corporation Inc.
Attn: Michael Dimarco
190 Carondelet Plaza Suite 1590
St. Louis, MO. 63105
Tel: 573-874-1182

Their name implies they collect medical debt.Please review the three links in my signature at the bottom of my post. The first two are laws regarding collections & credit reporting.The third is a debt validation letter you could send to them certified return receipt to make them prove this alleged debt.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Your debt validation letter is only good for MO, correct? How can I get the same information for FL? I also just received a notice on my credit report that a debt has been filed from Medicredit Corp and I have NO idea what it is in regards to. I have health insurance and have yet to see a bill from anyone that states any service that was not covered. And now, a collections notice on my credit report???

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Medicredit was formerly Medicredit Corporation Collections and is a subsidiary of The Outsource Group. They are a full service collection firm serving healthcare, telecommunications, utility, government, banking and general industry.

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Here to Help Here to Help

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Juli that letter for validation is good anywhere in the US because it is mandated by Federal law.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Hi Juli

In my opinion you should immediately notify the credit bureau in writing that the debt which has been filed by the Medicredit Corporation is inaccurate and false. Include copies of documents that support your claims. Make a copy of your credit report and clearly identify the listing that you dispute, explain in your letter why you are disputing it and requesting its deletion or correction.

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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I'm assuming you have found your information, but if not I found this Medicredit Corporation phone number. (314) 863-8890. It was on the MANTA website.

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I am trying to help our son, whom had his first credit report, and found a Fl hosp bill $4000. plus..he had insurance, a $300. bill (for the same date)was processed but the other never was. now three years later he is dealing with an abusive woman (Medicredit Corp collection services)that just insist he send them money and he bill his own insurance co...the hosp says they cannot bill it now because they have turned it over to this credit collection. they had his address and phone number, he did move and had a forwarding, but never recieved anything.. the hosp told he it just was never billed. Help please

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Hi aprilfirst

In my opinion you should ask your son to send a debt validation letter (DV) to the Medicredit collection agency. you can find sample DV letters here:


Hope it helps :)
Keep us posted....take care

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Good Nelly Good Nelly
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The Medicredit Corporation is a debt collection agency. Google them and call their hotline and you will get all of the information you need. Call during the day to get much nicer collectors, as on nights and weekends they are trained to be "harder" collectors. I should know I put myself in college working for them...

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