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Medicredit: Why is it listed on my credit report?

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My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve free credit reports from experian each month. Looking through my first report just now I noticed a supposed debt to a Medicredit Corporation. I have no idea who this is or how to go about finding out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what this debt is? The debt was marked with a KD as of August 01. (I'm not all that sure what the KD means, although I read the legend...) So it seems it would be an old debt, except I didn't have any credit then except my car. The total is only $148, but I want to get this cleared up asap with Medicredit Corporation.

Same here, I've never heard of them and I have a balance showing $296 that started in Jan '08. I called and talked to a woman named Ethyl on 5/28, who said that they have received a numerous calls similar to this and that she would have "Nick" get back to me. Today is 6/5 and I have yet to hear anything.

I'm going to call the Medicredit phone number again in a moment, the # I used to get in touch with them is (314) 837-2200

Please let me know if you had any resolution.


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Medicredit inc shows up as a negative on my Experian report as well and I too have no idea what it's about.

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I got a call the other day from Medicredit Corporation. I know what they want. They said I owe $6000 but the Hospitals invoices say i owe $4000. Medi Credit says that they are charging 9% interest. I am a full-time student and full-time mom and I suffer from severe chronic migraines. Everytime they call I tell them that whenever I get back on my feet I will give them a call, but it doesn't look like that will be anytime soon. I live w/ my brother in a 1 bdroom. I cannot work due to the migraines and Medi Credit says that they will put a lawsuit on me and garnish my wages. Then they take information from me and then this guy proceeds to tell me to take out a $6000 student loan. I am trying to stay out of debt and this guy from Medicredit Corporationwants me to get into more debt just as long as they get paid. Can they really charge 9%? And can they garnish wages from someone who doesn't work? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to get these people off my back, because paing them is not an option right now obviously?

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Medicredit corp can't garnish wages if you don't have any wages. They could still sue you and if they get a judgment, then they could just wait and garnish future wages if you do get a job.

As to the rest of your questions, hopefully someone else will be along soon who can give you further advice.

Good luck!

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Have you sent a debt validation letter to Medicredit Corporation yet?That balance sure seems inflated to me. Send one certified return receipt and stay off the phone for now unless you are dealing with the hospital.

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Also, not sure they can charge interest w/out first having a judgement unless there was something specifically stating that interest would accrue on any past due balance. DV the collector but also contact the hospital and see what info you can glean from them.

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Two of my kids were in a very bad car accadent in 2003. It was not thier fault and before the settelment came and we could pay all the hosp. bill some of them went to collection. They were in the hosp for three months and I almost lost my oldest son twice so you can see how large the bills were. Now in 2008 my husband and I are trying to buy a home and Medicredit has all these collections on our credit report marked as unpaid......Help

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First of all, yes, MediCredit Corporation is a mostly medical debt collection agency, and one that has a great record and who actually specializes in clients with high expectations in terms of client-patient relations. Their collectors are well-trained, and mostly follow the law as it should be followed.

Secondly, what we need to realize is that when a hospital decides to turn over a debt to a collection agency, and they do decide to do so, the agency legally becomes your creditor, and now the money that you once owed the hospital is now owed to them. Another important item to understand is that the company does NOT charge interest on these accounts. Usually patients/debtors just think that is how the agency gets paid, but really it is a percentage of the debt owed to the original creditor, usually between 10-25%.

We also need to understand what is the responsibility of the hospital v. the responsibility of the patient. Most people think that when they go to the hospital or the doctor and show their insurance card, that everything will be okay. This is not always, and often not the case. Hospital staffers are usually under qualified, overworked, and underpaid, and they make mistakes all day long. It is your job as the patient, and as the consumer who pays for his or her insurance, to make sure the ins. company is billed in a timely manner, has all necessary information, and pays what it is contractually obligated to pay. This can take time, but if the patient keeps up with it, will be done in almost every case. If you depend on the hospital to do this for you, which it does only as a service and is not required to do at all, then you are often in for a tough time. Also know that there exists in the ins. world what is called the "timely filing" limit, which basically says that if a claim is not filed with the ins company in a timely manner--usually 90 days--then it is no longer obligated to pay this bill. This is fully within the law to do, and it is a good business practice for the ins. companies.

One more key thing to understand is exactly how much your insurance company is going to pay. 100% coverage is virtually non-existent, yet many policy holders believe that they will only need to pay their $20-$100 copay, and they can forget about the rest. Medical bills are very expensive, and even if your ins company pays 80%, a large balance may still remain. We also need to understand that most ins policies have a yearly deductible that must be met before the company begins to pay, and they also have yearly limits for those patients that will be in the hospital very often, racking up lots of bills. As a policy holder and a patient you also need to know which hospitals and doctors will be covered under your policy, in the event that there will be an emergency and you need to know where the best place for you to go is.

When you speak to these collection agencies, you need to make sure you understand exactly what they are saying at all times. They will hardly ever actually tell you that they are going to garnish your wages or sue you, because unless they actually know that they are going to sue you on this exact account, it is against the fdcpa. If you would go back and listen to the calls, which can be done, you would realize that they had only told you that they were going to "pursue further action" or something like that on the account.

Also in regard to these agencies, know that even if you send a "cease and desist" letter, this will only stop their collection efforts. It will not stop the account from negatively effecting your credit.

If we educate ourselves about the insurance, health care, and collections industries, even in the most basic way, you can avoid many of these difficult situations, and you will be able to avoid having these debts reflect on your credit.

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They put something across all three credit reporting agencies for about $573.00. They claim a backwards date of services rendered"start date: July 2007 end date: September 2005.

I contacted all of the MediCredit's listed on the internet and on Hoover's.

MediCredit in St Louis, MO claims no knowledge of me or the debt
MediCredit in Colombus, MO claims no knowledg of me or my debt
MediCredit in Laguna Niguel, CA claims the same and is not even a collections company. In fact, they get about 25-30 call a day like the one I placed today and have indicated that I should report this as fraud to the credit agaencies. This was suggested b/c the company Medi Credit (collection agency) sometimes uses the phone number of the Medi Credit (medical fianancing co. in Laguna Niguel) on their stationary.

I'm beginning to think the MO locations are scam companies that put this stuff on people's credit with the hopes that we willget frustrated and just go ahead an pay the debt, just to make it go away. This one "seriously deliquent" and in my belief fraudulent item is the only thing on my credit that is negative...It is actually causing my credit to go to a low 600's from a high 700.

Not fair!!!! I hope some consumer watchdog's see this and nail this horrible company! I know I plan to file some formal complaints with the Dept. of Consumer Affairs in CA & MO, as well as the BEtter Business Bureau (and of course, disputing these reports on my credit report imeediately!)

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They are a collectiona agency. They don't just do medical collection. They are for Ameren UE also.

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