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Medicredit: Why is it listed on my credit report?

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My name is Angela and I just signed up to recieve free credit reports from experian each month. Looking through my first report just now I noticed a supposed debt to a Medicredit Corporation. I have no idea who this is or how to go about finding out. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find out what this debt is? The debt was marked with a KD as of August 01. (I'm not all that sure what the KD means, although I read the legend...) So it seems it would be an old debt, except I didn't have any credit then except my car. The total is only $148, but I want to get this cleared up asap with Medicredit Corporation.

I finally found a contact at Medicredit.

However, the situation with Medicredit has gotten worse. I sent them a Certified Letter (DV) demanding that the company comply with the Fair Debt Reporting Acts and Fair Isaac Laws and provide me with proof and documentation showing when and where I had ever signed up to be responsible for the debt they are fraudulently attempting to collect from me, etc. The company, Medicredit, sent an unusual response stating that they would continue to report the debt to credit agencies, even though they were violating the law. Medicredit refuses to supply the documentation and told me I would have to file a police report to make them stop. I filed an incident report tonight with the police and will be sending another ~$10 certified letter tho Medicredit demanding that they cease and decist from further contacting me and reporting any information about me to any credit agencies. My next step is to investigate filing a restraining order against them and to try to hire an attorney to stop their illegal behavior and actions against me. I will also start the paperwork to file a small claims suit agains them for the damages to my ability to secure the mortgage I had planned to get this winter, the increase in my interest rates on exsiting cards due to their fraudulent reporting and the cost of all these certified letters.

For those looking for Medicredit info try searching the Better Business Bureau to get info and then calling each Medicredit you see listed. I suggest using the National BBB, so get visibilty into more of the so called Medicredit companies.

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My wife had an issue with Medi Credit, on a debt we knew nothing about. I sent them a letter and then filed a dispute with the CRA's. They never answered my DV letter and 40 days later it was removed off her record. Additionally, if you file a police report, follow up with them. I am a Detective and recently walked into American Express and arrested three of their collection personnel for 653M of the Ca penal code. annoying or harassing phone calls. It was a spectacle, but it sent a clear message to AMEX, unfair practices will not be tolerated. Funny as it was, I was only going to arrest two of them, but a third (manager) told me I had no rights to go in there, and I arrested him for obstructing and interferring. AMEX handled their defense, they all got probation, a scar on their criminal records. Not to mention AMEX had to pay 60,000 in fines. One of them was in backgrounds for a police department and now he's screwed. So in the end they get theirs. Also, pay attention to Charge offs on your credit report. Charge offs by companies means a debt they deem uncollectable and they write it off on their taxes. If you pay it, they have to re-report it as paid. They never do. Which is illegal by IRS standards. Use the police and govt and trust me, they will remove them all.

First off in small claims court, the company cannot use a lawyer. They have to send of their idiotic uneducated collection workers. Without any paperwork, the debt is no good and actually to continue to collect it, is fraud. dispute in writing to CRA's they tend to work better in your favor.

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that is interesting info, can anyone else verify that this is true?

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I have never been deliquent and I just noticed a negative deliquency from Medicredit corp. I never received any late notice and my insurance paid the claim. Very fustrating and I believe they are in violation of the fdcpa. If a debtor disputes a claim the collector must send a validation of the debt prior to taking action.

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Medicredit still has not provided any proff that they debt is mine and I now have fraud alert across al my credit agencies, etc. to help track any further abuse theft of my identity by them.

It's really good to know that won't be sending a lawyer into court. Maybe I'll be able to recover the damages for the time, expense and distress...thanks agin, ngkos.

Nel. I encourage you to send Medicredit a DV letter (through certified mail.) Also, send a letter to the credit agencies to dispute the item on your credit reports.

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My wife had the one item removed. Make a copy of the credit report and if tis ever put back on, the CRa have to give yo unotice within 5 days. They never do, viol 623 fcra.

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I have the same problem. I'm trying to get security clearense for my job when I noticed all these debts from Medicredit on my credit report. It's frustrating because i'm only 24 and medicredit has put 6 seperate collections on my record that I have no idea about. I'm going to send them a letter of validation like people have said but it sounds like that won't get me too far. It is very frustrating and it's interesting to see how many people are in a similar situation. I hate medicredit.

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I called them back and spoke with a female. She wouldn't help me set up a payment plan. She would have to balance in full or nothing at all. I want to pay them. But if they won't accept my money how am I supposed to pay them? The girl said I'm not denying your payment. Any help? Also I called the original creditor and verified they had turned the collection over to medi credit. You try to do the right thing and they just won't help.

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received my annual credit score report today and have a collection from medicreditcorp for an amount that i've never seen or know of. i'm fully insured although i did swith insurance in December and perhaps this relates to a check up i had around that time. Isn't insurance transitions suppose to be seamless? and this bill should belong to the insurance companies? why is my credit getting affected by something that I am unaware of and can anyone please give me advice on how to fix it.

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I just recieved a credit report from three crdit companies and on experian and equifax say I owe a debt which I have no idea what it is.It says on this report that it is dated 12/2008 and again in 2/2009. I AM REALY UPSET ABOUT THIS BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN COLLECTIONS IN MY LIFE. I would apreciate if you would check your records because I dont know what your talking about you are ruining my credit for nothing. i want this taken care of asap oir you will hear from my attorney.

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