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FIA Card Services - What are the key complaints against them?

FIA Card Services, National association is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, FIA Card Services processes credit cards on behalf of Bank of America.

However, customers/debtors do not seem to be satisfied with FIA credit card services. That's what can be found from their feedback about the company in our forums. Check out the topic given below to know what the customers are saying about FIA Card Services:

  • FIA Card Services - Why are debtors complaining?
  • FIA Card Services - Why are debtors complaining?

    Here's what they have to say about FIA Card Services:

    • FIA and fake authorization: FIA is reported to have taken out money from consumer accounts without their authorization. They have been doing this in 2 ways:
      1. FIA has faked phone-authorized checks with the customer's bank account name and account number in order to remove money from the checking account.
      2. FIA is reported to have written an unauthorized check from a customer's account, used his address and account numbers, and changed his last name to someone else's first name in order to withdraw money illegally from the customer's account.
    • Tapping personal accounts: FIA Card Services is said to have withdrawn money from the personal accounts of those who've used their services even when they haven't been late on payments. For instance, they withdrew $2000 from a debtor's personal account when he was only behind by $470.
    • Payment plan disputes: FIA card services and Bank of America seems to be involved in payment plan disputes as well. For instance, they may offer you a payment plan if you're unable to pay off your student credit card debt. But FIA may suddenly stop withdrawing payment out of your account and send you a letter stating that they need you to restructure payments.

      Now, when you call up the company to verify whether they need you to restructure payments, they might say that you should simply ignore the letter. If you're unlucky, well then, after 2 weeks when you're still waiting for their response, you may find yourself charged with late fees and penalty simply because you haven't restructured payments. But it isn't your fault because you've been asked to ignore the letter by the company representative.
    • High fees: Debtors complain about FIA Card Services creating transactions (without notice) that may result in high fees.

    If you've been dealing with FIA Card Services, and you need legal help, you should contact an attorney or file a complaint with the FTC ("") and your State Attorney General. If you've been through a bad experience with the company, feel free to post below and share your experiences with the community here.

    How can you contact FIA card services?

    You can contact customer care service of FIA at:

    • FIA Card Services
    • P.O Box 982237
    • EI Piaso, TX 79998-2237
Got my checking account statement today, and found...
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Got my checking account statement today, and found a "check payment" that I didn't recognize that was debited from the account. I went to my bank and found it was FIA Card Services. I do have a B of A credit card account with them which I unfortunately haven't been able to pay as agreed. My checking account is with a different bank (not B of A).

The sent me a letter last month, "confirming my conservation agreeing" to a settlement offer with graduated, increasing payments. I have had NO phone conservations or other correspondence with them. I didn't respond or authorize them to take any money out of my account, as I can't afford the ballooning payments.

But they somehow faked a phone-authorized check, with my bank's name and account number on it, which my bank accepted.

I have been making small, "good faith" payments with them, but with money orders. I did use the checking account to make payments when I was able to stay current with payments. But I have another checking account, with another bank, that I had used as well and they didn't mess with that one.

I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, and I may have to close the account there.

I have two other B of A accounts that were charged off and sold to collection agencies. I don't know why they are treating this one differently, except that it was originally a Fleet account that was taken over by MBNA, which was then taken over by B of A.

I have a credit card linked to the checking account with overdraft protection, on which I am staying current, and which has space available on it for the total amount they want. I suspect they must somehow know this?

I can't believe this is legal. My guess is that someone in collections was desperate for a commission and stepped over the line?

Do the creditors have a way to find out what bank accounts you have (even if you have never used it to pay them), and whether they are linked to credit cards with overdraft protection?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I had a similar experience. I too am behind on credit card payments to B of A. Fia wrote themselves an unauthurized check from my account and used someone else's name with my last name (not me), my address and account numbers. When I called to file a check fraud claim they (B of A) transfered me to FIA, when they realized they goofed by using the wrong name they reversed the amount. I am still trying to get them to reverse bounced check charges that resulted because the amount they paid themselves exceeded what was avalible in my account. I wonder if I have legal recourse? Hopefully someone knows?

Sub: #1 posted on Thu, 09/25/2008 - 23:12


beleive it or not .... at any time Bank of America can tap your personal accounts if you have a credit card thru them no matter if your late or not .... check paragraph 7 in the disclosures they just updated --- they just snatched $2000 from us when we were only behind to the tune of $470 ... but the bank continued to pay items leaving us in the negative to the tune of $1600 ----- wow they have some great accounting people --- even I can see they really didnt help themselves much --- if we nevr repay the negative ... they got $400 not even what we were behind .. sooooo AHAHA bank of america you just lost another customer ... BIGGEST SUGGESTION HERE I CAN GIVE IS never put money in a bank that you have credit cards thru --- if u own a bank of america card never bank with them .... casue this can happen at any time i was told ....

Sub: #2 posted on Fri, 10/17/2008 - 03:44


I have been a Bank of America customer now for over 3 years. So far I am very dissatisfied with their service. Most of there tactics are deceiving and seem to trap consumers.

Here is my #1 problem with this bank. I got a student credit card with them and used it irresponsibly and quickly went over the limit. At first I was paying on time then after a few months I stopped paying. About six months later bank of America put me on a 5 year payment plan to pay off the balance of my debt of $46 dollars a month to be paid on the 21st of each month. I went about 3 months with no problems then all of a sudden they stopped automatcly withdrawing the payment out of my account. i called up and they advised me that I needed to reschedule my payment plan and thats why they didn't debit the $46 out of my account that month.

I got a letter in the mail about 2 weeks prior saying that i need to reschedule the payments. I called the number and they said to never mind the letter that it wasn't nessasary (witch apparently wasn't true). So two weeks later when the payment wasn't made I got hit with late charges and fee's. This did not seem fair I did everything I should have and I had to pay for a bank employee's mistake.

So after I once again rescheduled the payments 3 months later the same thing happened (this time with no warning letter) I got hit with late charges and needed to reschedule. Fed up and untrustworthy of this company I decided to call up and request a full statement outlining what my charges are and how they came up with my balance. They said they would send that in about may I would say. I still haven't received this or any other communication with bank of America.

Now on September 30th 2008 my checking account gets mysteriously debited $46 after not speaking with them for almost 5 months. I called and got the run around and gave up. Now on October 21st 2008 i get another charge for $46 so I called again today. I spoke to bank of america about the situation and they transfered me to a represenitive of FIA card services. She advised me that the reason these two debits came out of my account were because I called in and authorized them to do this on Sept. 30th 2008. I am 100% positive this never happened. i ask them to let me listen to a copy of the recording of me authorizing this and she said she will transfer me to the manager who can help me out with this. I was transfred and I got a voicemail, so i left a message explaining my situation. These practices are very wrong in my opinion and hopefully Illegal.

On a side note I asked them not to make any more debits from my account to pay this bill. They agreed and I asked them to send me written documentation verifying this and I was old this was impossible (she said they cant send a letter verifying something that is not taking place) this makes no sense to me why cant they send a letter saying 'no more electronic transactions will be debited from my account' So after i was told this I was asked for permission to record her saying that this will not occur, once again I was turned down. She also couldn't give me a straight answer of why the $46 was taken out of my account on different dates for the September and October payments.

My question is What can I do about this. I incurred a $35.00 overdraft free from this unauthorized transaction. Bank of America should not be aloud to steal money from there customers accounts and then give them the run around when the start asking questions.

Sub: #3 posted on Thu, 10/23/2008 - 11:01


I have had similar experiences. If you don't watch them daily to see what their doing in each of your accounts, they will find some way to create transactions between accounts that result in fees. I don't think it's illegal, but it certainly is incredibly unethical. When I contacted customer service, I too was given the run-around -- transferred, conveniently disconnected, etc. The best recommendation I can give is to close your banking account and find a credit union. Re: the credit cards - transfer the balances to another card co.

Sub: #4 posted on Thu, 12/04/2008 - 07:38


I noticed today when I entered my business boa credit card (that I payed down from 17k to 5k but now at 9 k that they reduced my credit limit to 8k (A LIMIT that is BELOW what amount was being used on a credit limit of 18k that I had reduce from 22k just recently. Folks it is time to mutinize the feds totally... BOA and other banks and the FED allowed system to LOAN SHARK needs to stop! I have paid over 100 in fines and increased interest rates over the past 7 years because of a LOAN SHARKING SYSTEM that our politicians seem to ignore. I have had the run arounds, disconections etc with them also.. they will provide little to no information about the corporate system other than faulty fax lines and PO Boxes! I think we should all write to the address and inform them that we are making changes to our agreements!!! and that if they do not reply with in 10 days that they are forefitting the agreement in it entirety and we owe them nothing. I think we should all just stop paying them but lets take the time to let people who have linked checking with auto deposits of thier hard earned money to get thier deposits into another bank...all in favor???

Sub: #5 posted on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 10:17


OK , it is now time for all to take your money OUT of bank of America! Put into a Credit Union Account and NOT PAY YOUR CREDIT CARDS! Use the money to put back into the ECONOMY buy your self something! If every one does this it will crash BOA!!! (and other banks who loan shark) If it crashes, we owe them nothing...hell we don't anyway! I personnally have lost etimated over 100 grand to them through thier LOAN SHARK practices!
I will be doing it myself next week to set up an acccount else where for my retirement pay... then to stop paying them like I told them I would after they dropped my credit line from 18k to LESS than what I owe them AND gave me a OVERDRAFT Fee. After WASTING my time on the phone with them I think I will just make copies every day of action on my accounts If they want to come get me let them try! I have not opted in or out of the Class A LAW SUIT just yet, and I have my banking statements for the Past 7 years.... I hope eveyone takes some sort of NON PAYMENT ACTION at once!!! CRASH the Giant with a blow within a month they will no longer exist! UNITED WE STAND in this one! PS I am retired USAF returned from 7 years abroad with SOUND Credit Hisory... due to bank of americas practices, I am now struggling to keep afloat, while they continue to extort money out of me and YOU!

I really thin we all should just not worry and DO IT! Heck most of us do not have any credit left because of them any what do you have to loose? Even if your credting is good, it is the debt to income ratio that lenders look at.

Just an idea... if you are interested in joining me begin the strategy with in 30 days of this post...LETS ROCK AMERICA...don't forget not to worry and spend those dollars on the economy, buy something any where but WAL MART!

Sub: #6 posted on Wed, 01/28/2009 - 10:32


about an account I had someone authorized to use and had applied for my name to be removed after they ran up a 2k bill and have been making the min. payment for the past year.. The 1 st person said they don't do that, the second person said it "takes a while " for the transfer to occur the third person said it had been denied but the only thing they had on the account was my name as the primary card holder the rest of the vital info was hers and her as an authorized user. WTF?
I heard someone on morning TV talk/news say that for the next year they would be pulling out every trick in the book because next year the law actually does make all the crap they are pulling illegal but until then they can run amuck.

Sub: #7 posted on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 19:36


I have had a continuing horrifying experience with FIA Card Services. I have a CC thru my credit union (who has now dis-associated themselves from this company). I used their promotional offer to transfer a balance with 0% interest for a year. I NEVER used the credit card. Several months ago, I started to use their autopay system, where they automatically withdraw the payment from my checking account. During the transition from pay-by-mail to autopay, they managed to get 2 payments from me in one month - one by mail and one by autopay. I called and they offered to send me my extra payment back. They did, and I cashed their check. The next month, and every month thereafter, they listed a finance charge and a new balance under "Purchases". Every month I complained and, after much effort, they reversed the charge. This has continued to this day. I still have the residual "Purchases" and ongoing finance charge in every statement. Again, I have NEVER used the card or made a purchase! They seem incapable of keeping their books. This week, they have started to refuse to connect me to a supervisor. I have been promised a return call in 72 hours, but no one calls. I now am told that unless I identify their billing error exactly, I cannot be connected to a supervisor. How would you like to explain to an agent what the problem is, when their own managers cannot explain why I am being charged?
Any help would be appreciated.

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I just hung up from the unhelpful FIA representative that advised "Sorry we can't take your interest rate back down to 7% on your business card account, because you were 2-3 days late on your payment." I travel, missed the cutoff and had my rate tripled. I just closed the account and will be paying them off. No customer service & absolutely no awareness of what's going on in the economy of the U.S. Never again.

Sub: #9 posted on Thu, 03/19/2009 - 11:00


These crooks deserve to fail, they ripped me of ,late feed me to death .no matter what I say when they call they keep calling and late feeing me to death. Making an effort to even make a payment is pointless. After 20 plus years of great credit they destroyed me ! Screw them

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