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FIA Card Services - What are the key complaints against them?

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Got my checking account statement today, and found a "check payment" that I didn't recognize that was debited from the account. I went to my bank and found it was FIA Card Services. I do have a B of A credit card account with them which I unfortunately haven't been able to pay as agreed. My checking account is with a different bank (not B of A).

The sent me a letter last month, "confirming my conservation agreeing" to a settlement offer with graduated, increasing payments. I have had NO phone conservations or other correspondence with them. I didn't respond or authorize them to take any money out of my account, as I can't afford the ballooning payments.

But they somehow faked a phone-authorized check, with my bank's name and account number on it, which my bank accepted.

I have been making small, "good faith" payments with them, but with money orders. I did use the checking account to make payments when I was able to stay current with payments. But I have another checking account, with another bank, that I had used as well and they didn't mess with that one.

I have filed a fraud complaint with my bank, and I may have to close the account there.

I have two other B of A accounts that were charged off and sold to collection agencies. I don't know why they are treating this one differently, except that it was originally a Fleet account that was taken over by MBNA, which was then taken over by B of A.

I have a credit card linked to the checking account with overdraft protection, on which I am staying current, and which has space available on it for the total amount they want. I suspect they must somehow know this?

I can't believe this is legal. My guess is that someone in collections was desperate for a commission and stepped over the line?

Do the creditors have a way to find out what bank accounts you have (even if you have never used it to pay them), and whether they are linked to credit cards with overdraft protection?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I requested copy of my credit report. It showed FIA has been checking my credit and I don't know who they are. How can this info be available to a telemarketing company for credit cards without my permission? If there isn't a law, there sure ought to be.

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We are not allowed to have personal calls at my job. They called an was told this just yesterday. Well FIA turned right around and told my co. they was from wachovia and was calling in regard to fraud on my account. Yes we are behind and unable to pay but to tell an out and out lie........REALLY......

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They raised our rate from 9.9 to 26.99. Try paying 7k on that that triples payment. They won't do anything. I will be contacting BBB about them and their fraudulent practices....They are the WORST CREDIT CARD CO. to deal with.C/s dept. is the worst! most dont speak English..Most are inept and do not have a clue. Most seem like they couldn't even get past high school!

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OH, I HATE FIA. Long story short, the last straw for me was when the snitty girl told me they had been trying to reach me for two weeks and talked to my mother who told them I was out of town. That is quite interesting considering my mother passed away 6 weeks prior to that alledged conversation with her.

Another thing that took place was I paid by phone by calling BoA directly. The woman awas very helpful and even waived the fee for me. Two days later FIA called, I told them I paid already. The woman said they did not have my payment and I was lying. I hung up, called BoA directly and the CS agent condirmed my payment had indeed been recieved.

Do not talk to those clowns, hang up on them and call your bank directly.

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i am so tired of B of A. I am about to open another account. This is the second month that FIA card services has made a mistake on my payments and i have to call to get credits back but BOA will not refund the overdraft fee. Mind you this is not my error, its a bank/merchant error. To my understanding, aren't they supposed to refund those fees. Who do I need to speak with to get this fraud corrected. It's not fair. We try to do right, but still get hit with improper fees. They are ripping us off big time.

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In regards to FIA...I'm curious if FIA Card Services methods of business will result in a class action suit one day. I no longer know what is legal or illegal in terms of universally raising all interest rates on cards. I was even told that if I wanted to lock in my good rate, I would have to close my account although I would think that would affect my credit score. A customer service rep even read off all my debts to me over the phone and accused me of risky spending although I always made payments on their card. Anyhow I fortunately was able to transfer the balance to my credit union and close the account out fully. I hope my score isn't affected.

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but does anyone here know how to get in touch with anyone other that Customer Service?

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FIA checking your credit is "soft Hits" does not affect your credit, "hard hits" such as opening or requesting a credit increases in whihc a creditor asks to check your credit, is a hard hit, but when a creditor checks on its own to asses risk blah blah its a soft hit

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guest1234 who i deleted is part of the reason that BS of A is one of if not the worst bank in america.

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Today I got a call from FIA because my bookeeper didn't get payment in in time, who is FIA my card is with BOA not FIA. I am leaving BOA after maney years because when I called to talk payment found out tell a markerters were handling my personal information. Its over!

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