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CCR and associates - is anyone else dealt with this company?

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Hi everyone.

I am wondering if anyone has ever heard of/received a call from "the fraud division of CCB." I received a voicemail stating they are calling due to allegations involving my name and social security number. They also called a friend of mine and stated that she was listed as a reference. I am pretty sure this "attorney's office" is somehow linked to a payday loan company, as the calls did not start until I sent my letter demanding my refund and notifying these companies that they were not legal to lend in the state of Indiana, etc., etc.

Today I received another message from "James Black" at this company stating that if I did not return his phone call, they would process this through my county.

Just trying to see if there is anyone else here that has had to deal with these people and if there is a proper way I should deal with his calls.


try to get a ph#off your caller id.that would help us help does sound like a pdl collector or a pdl.also sounds like a legit creditor would threaten like that voice mail it could come in handy to pursue action against this person or company.if you can try to talk to these people once,get a company name.if they refuse,don't speak to them again.they can't and won't do anything.if they have to leave messages like that they aren't legal.

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paulmergel paulmergel
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I thought I remember someone else talking about a James Black so I searched and found the following link. Not sure if it helps.

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kklblue kklblue

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Thanks. The phone number "Mr. Black" leaves is 888-291-6973. I called one night over the weekend to see if I could get a voice mail with the company's correct name. It said "CCB Associates." The only thing that makes me believe it is involved with a payday loan company, is because the person they called and said I had listed as a reference was a reference I used for a couple PDLs. Only thing, other than a job reference, I had listed her for.

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bttrflyv69 bttrflyv69

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Received a call today from James Black of the Fraud Division of CCR regarding allegations attached to my name and SS# that have been presented to his office for prosecution. This is the message he left with a relative.

He left this number 888-291-6973. I am sure I will rush and call that nice gentleman back, NOT!!!

Also guessing this is a PD loan collector as I have never done business with anyone legitimate that would leave that kind of message.

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motomom716 motomom716

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This was a collection agency for a payday loan company. The payday loan company and I had already come to an agreement and my account was marked "Paid In Full." I notified the collection agency via email as well as contacted the PDL that their collection agency was harassing me. The PDL contacted them and I have not heard another word since.

Beware. This company claims to be attorneys. When you call the number and get the voicemail, it even says they are attorneys. They are not. They are snake in the grass collection agents.

Sub: #5 posted on Tue, 10/07/2008 - 07:01

bttrflyv69 bttrflyv69

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The "Mr Black" used by CCR Associates staff is likely a fictious name used by staff. The illigitmacy of their calls are designed to negatively reflect on the innocent and upset you enough so you'll phone them back. It is often regarding a name you've never even heard of and by these people phoning the manager where you live, your partents or employer about something or someone you know nothing about- they have succeeded at negatively reflecting on your repuation for no reason. They may be legitimately trying to locate someone with a debt, but should not be cold-calling strangers or leaving a waste of illegitimate doubt behind in their wake, regarding unrelated parties. That is unacceptable! You should refuse providing confidential information- resist phoning them back and instead, phone your State Attorney General with a complaint. Also be aware staff from companies like these will makes posts on sites like this, to further intimidate you. Don't fall for it. I'm not talking about avoiding a legitimate debt- I'm talking about not being in arrears on anything and refusing to answer phishing phone calls designed to capture your phone number or other private info. Caller: CCR Associates

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Ok, so I get a call from ph 888-291-6973. It's a Miss Collins in "legal servies" and the are calling me in reference to a Tommy French, Case 18000-0.

Well I don't have any debts, don't know a Tommy French and the case numbers and all the names sound fake to me. Unfortunatly I missed the call--they left a message and they are not answering now.

Yeah, I think the are probably some bottom-feeder company that bought some old old names and is trying to get a bite.

I'll call them back tomorrow to laugh and make fun of them tho. I mean, they aren't even referencing me! What the hell? Anyway, I'm not scared because I don't have any debt so they can't be collectors looking for me. But saying it's in reference to a "tommy french?" What the heck is that all about? I think it's all fake. Should be a fun call.

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My son received a call today from "Mr. Brown" from CCR & Assoc in regard to an old PDL he took out 3 yrs ago. Mr. Brown said that if he did not give him $200 with his debit card # within 24 hrs he would notify the courts and have him sued. My son says that he believes he does have an outstanding balance on an old loan but doesn't recall the amount. Doesn't he have the right to ask for something in writing from CCR before just giving up bank info to someone over the phone applying pressure to sue within 24 hrs? It's my opinion that he should never give up info like that without confirmation of the debit. Advice please.

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yes he should demand something in writing.ifthe bottomfeeder won't provide it.hangup and don't speak to him again.more than likely this a scam based on bought info.

Sub: #9 posted on Wed, 04/01/2009 - 18:57

paulmergel paulmergel
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I too just received a call from "ccm" the "fraud division" agent badge number "225" stating that this is a "time sensitive matter. When I called the number I got a voicemail stating that I could input the extension number or hold for the next available representative....aaarrrrggghhhh.....don't tell me that fraud is involved and then route me to some moron!! I will be calling them back and telling them exactly what I think of their tactics. Then my next call goes to the AG's office!

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