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I have been getting calls from different men with very strong indian accents, they say they are from some legal department and that there is a lawsuit against me with some very serious charges, such as theft fraud, and so on and that I could be facing jailtime. these people dont want to give any info you ask them, they tell you a case number and that they want to help you. they then tell you that you have a certain amount of time to give them a certain amount of money either by money gram or credit card. when I asked who was filing the charges they said cashnet. then they gave me a number for cash net that was bogus! they then tell you to pay a smaller amount and that it is from a payday loan that you recieved. I didnt give them any money and noone else should either! they will not give you proof of the charges. they told me that after I pay the would provide me with verification.I have done research on this and even called the police! they give me names such as Andy Taylor, Robin Williams, Arnold Whatson, and they even called my sister and said the name was Jimmy Carter. report this crime and dont give any info. Has anyone else recieved calls from these people? one tim they said they were from united paralegal...

i got call too said name is officer brian to call 831-480-6327 they went by attorney and legal service. tried calling late at night phone says 41222279 unavailable. how can the number change. they scamed me out of 1,050 but bank gave back

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I got one the other day from Mike Anderson from Federal Banking Association. No such thing! They accused me of being racist because I said I could not understand them. I filed a complaint with the FTC. I also, little ashamed to admit it, was so mad that I blocked my number and called them repeatedly for two days telling them I knew they were frauds, that I was recording the call, had reported them, and would press charges if I even thought they had called me.

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i was looking for a loan and i did severl loan on line and one day i receved a call from men he said that i am approved for 5000 loan but i have to pay $935 first and thats gone be my first payment tour to the loan so i did made a payment they keept asking me again and again thats how i lost my $3700 i dont know what to do now, this is the frist time i have applyed for loan

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Just be advised that internet payday loans will EAT YOUR LUNCH!!!

I had gotten a couple of them at Christmas time. Bad idea!! I now have over 3000.00 in NSF charges to a bank because they are trying to withdraw funds 3-4 times A DAY!!!!!!!

Dont do it. If you need a payday loan, which I recommend as a last resort, go to a storefront with a paper check do not allow anyone to electronically debit from your account. These companies are owned by parent companies and they change the name and ID # and amounts of the debits so the bank cannot trace them. The bank will not stop them unless you get legal council....IT has been truly a nightmare. The bad part about it is that you cannot stop it because if you pay the loan off, they automatically deposit another loan into your account and the cycle starts over.......

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I have been harassed by the same people with the indian accents- the funniest thing is the one person pretended to be 2 people! They claimed I had federal charges pending against me- so I called all the courts with NO RECORD of my name. These people are frauds! I have 11 missed calls from them right now. The numbers are 585-919-0331 & 202-629-9367.

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I got a call from someone named Steve Dawson and they said they were with the legal department from cah advance and said I owed them $451 dollars and I could pay now to avoid a lawsuit and I have never took a loan out from them or even heard of them. They have strong Indian accents and would not give me any information. I was wondering if anyone else has gotten a call from them?

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My parents just got 4-5 calls from them within an hour. A strong Indian accent each time, sounds like they are calling from a cell phone, the reception is extremely bad. I tried to hang up on them, but they wouldn't hang up. Just kept saying "hello? hello? hello?" Finally my mom talked to them and they said that her number had been randomly selected for a free cell phone from Verizon Wireless. My mom talked to them twice and I talked to them once telling them to stop calling, they had already called, etc. I read on another post that someone else had the same thing happened, and Verizon has been notified, because this is clearly a scam

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I had a similar calls from the guys with the accents. They said I had taken out a payday loan online and owed money and I was going to be sued and taken to jail. I said no, I never did the loan. I had filled out an online application but did not take the money. He asked how I could prove it...I said with my bank statements that would prove I never recieved the deposit.
What worried me was thus guy had the last 4 of my social and my bank account. He wanted me to confirm them but I would not.
When I called the AZ AG office, they actually asked if they could pass my name and numnber to the FBI as they are investigating it. When I talked to the FBI agent he said that these guys move so fast they have a hard time tracking them down. He also told me it is easy for these guys to get the last 4 of your bank account or social. it makes them more believeable with that info. He siad they would eventually try to get me to give them the rest of the numbers through a settlement agreement.
After I talked with the FBI agent these idiots called back. I told them I had reported them to the AG office and that seemed to have worked. They are no longer calling me.

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I too had this call just yesterday. Scared me to death I even called an attorney. threatened with sending the sheriff to pick me up at work. That I committed some sort of fraud and had to pay 1095.00 now. They were able to help me if I cooperated and reduce it to 820.00. I did not send any money but had my daughters name and sister and said they too were going to be arrested and charged with being an accomplist. He was so hard to understand but what I could pick up was extremely threatening. Don't send any money. My attorney reported this to consumer fraud with the State and banking regulatory.

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