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I have been getting calls from different men with very strong indian accents, they say they are from some legal department and that there is a lawsuit against me with some very serious charges, such as theft fraud, and so on and that I could be facing jailtime. these people dont want to give any info you ask them, they tell you a case number and that they want to help you. they then tell you that you have a certain amount of time to give them a certain amount of money either by money gram or credit card. when I asked who was filing the charges they said cashnet. then they gave me a number for cash net that was bogus! they then tell you to pay a smaller amount and that it is from a payday loan that you recieved. I didnt give them any money and noone else should either! they will not give you proof of the charges. they told me that after I pay the would provide me with verification.I have done research on this and even called the police! they give me names such as Andy Taylor, Robin Williams, Arnold Whatson, and they even called my sister and said the name was Jimmy Carter. report this crime and dont give any info. Has anyone else recieved calls from these people? one tim they said they were from united paralegal...

i get calls from people who are guys then i had 1 female call me and gave me the same speall about how this is fraud and legal action will come apon me and they have my name, ss#, and drivers # all because of a payday loan and all these people who do call are all will an accent but have broken english.........well they do call they sound like they are reading from cue cards.......doesn any one else have that same problem? My bankrupcy attoney thinks its all a scam too.......the last name i got was from a mike philips from a # of 1-347-342-0495

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DO NOT TRUST ANY ONE! someone called me stating that they were David johnsonton, with an indian accent, from Crimial Investigations out of New Jersey and they would not give out very much info. I contacted my local police department also. All they wanted was a payment with credit or debit card or they would press criminal charges aganst me. They even had the nerve to call me at work!!!!!

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do not trust the number 1-732-606-4373!!!!!!

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I always deal with I never had a problem with them. Been using them since 2007. I have ran cross a few scandalous ones. But I got my money back.

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I recieved a message frm a number, what looks like overseas, 052797815???? The man called with a very heavy middle eastern accent, said he was from legal services and tht i was being sued for a bank out in florida( i think he said united federal bank), he said i was being sued for $6000 for a payday loan that i did not pay back. I told him there was no way in hell, i have never taken a payday loan.I went on to tell him tht i have never been in trouble with the law or court stuff and tht i had no idea what he was talking about. He became upset and said you are being charged with 3 counts of basically what translated to bank fraud.I told him tht was a lie... I told him to F*** off and hung up. I then recieved a call later tht night, i didnt answer it. But then i started recieving the calls at work, I answered and said tht person does not work here( myself). what do i do to get rid of this. ITS A FRAUD... HELP!!!!!

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Yes..these are bottom feeders, I got the same call a while ago and I called my local police department and BBB. Hang up on them and call your phone company to have the call blocked.

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I will be able to shade some light on this issue.

Those people who are having loans and they haven't paid then their OC transfer it to CA.These CA in turn hire an english speaking call centre guy/gul from either India/philipines and thus they try to collect the money.

Now most of the time person's names being identical they call to the third person who actually do not owe anything to these companies.....

These third persons are you guys....
so take a cool...

keep in touch....

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manoj gopale manoj gopale

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I believe the saying is "shed some light". Well let me shed some light into this problem. I have never taken a loan out for anything ever, no payday loan, no bank loans, NOTHING. This man who called, threatened me, mind you i do not take kindly to threats from anyone and that is not LEGAL procedures in the united states. This man some how found my info and is tryin to extort money. I have contacted the fbi, federal trade commission and state attorney, the are aware of the scam and have informed me of my legal rights as a united states citizen. In this country(united states) there are proper regulations on how debt collectors, financial institutions and banks are suppose to collect debts. These people are FRAUDS!!!! They prey on people who they think they can extort, unfortunately unsuspecting victims give in to the fear and give them what they want. BUT not me... I know if someone is suing me, proper court documents must be presented and i have the right to dicuss my case in a court of law.That my friends is the law. You have rights. Not even the third party can call and make threats.

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i have been getting calls from 231-784-2070 the indian guy says his name is kevin johns and that i owe cashnet 1000 but i can settle out of court for 827 and he also stated that if i didnt pay that i was gonna be charged for fraud and embizliment and that they would issue a warrent for my arrest there was also a man same assent calling sayong he was from hudson law firm and his name was ron anderson and they called my job and left the name and number as steve johnson from american legal but all with the same number and when i hang up on them they leave threating voicemails which i have reported them to the company they say i owe money to and they are doing an investigation on this

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Once again, this is one of the biggest scams out there. If you get a call like this, notify the FTC, the BBB and your local police department immediately--and tell the crooks you are doing it. Most likely the calls are originating from a call center somewhere in India and they are preying on the fact that people will be scared and will payup without exercising their legal rights which are: to have the debt validated in writing--and most importantly, NOT to go to jail for a civil debt!!!
What I would like to know is this: although it's clear that the calls are originating from India, who is hiring them?

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kscornell kscornell
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