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I have been getting calls from different men with very strong indian accents, they say they are from some legal department and that there is a lawsuit against me with some very serious charges, such as theft fraud, and so on and that I could be facing jailtime. these people dont want to give any info you ask them, they tell you a case number and that they want to help you. they then tell you that you have a certain amount of time to give them a certain amount of money either by money gram or credit card. when I asked who was filing the charges they said cashnet. then they gave me a number for cash net that was bogus! they then tell you to pay a smaller amount and that it is from a payday loan that you recieved. I didnt give them any money and noone else should either! they will not give you proof of the charges. they told me that after I pay the would provide me with verification.I have done research on this and even called the police! they give me names such as Andy Taylor, Robin Williams, Arnold Whatson, and they even called my sister and said the name was Jimmy Carter. report this crime and dont give any info. Has anyone else recieved calls from these people? one tim they said they were from united paralegal...

I had the same calls coming into my house and my office.This guy called me with a heavy indian accent.First he called my house and ask my husband to speak to me.Of course my husband ask who the f--- is this.He ask my husband not to curse at him and that I was going to jail for taking out a payday loan that I truly didn't take out.These dick head called me in my office with the same bu---sh-t.And I mention to him if you call my office again I will contact the police.Well I did receive anymore calls in my office.But when I got home these moth--f--kers called again and once again my husband had a few choice words for them.Don't see any money this is a scam.

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they used to call me in work, too.. i mainly filed my police report to prove to my boss that this really is a scam.. never send money and just try to avoid their calls.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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Has anyone got a loan from them?

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I think it is those creeps from Cash Today Unlimited.

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sqrlrmn sqrlrmn

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Has anyone "got a loan" from whom?

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OhioGal1 OhioGal1
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I have experienced the same.. the person is a male with a thick Indian accent, stated that I owe money, they have my name, work & cell number, emergency contact person, and ss# and threaten every week that the cops will be at my door because i owe a defaulted payday loan.. i have blocked my number on do not call list.. but i am still getting harassed. at this point im about to change my numbers. i also notified the credit agencies of a possible concern since they have my ss#

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Originally Posted by Anonymous
Just be advised that internet payday loans will EAT YOUR LUNCH!!!
I had gotten a couple of them at Christmas time. Bad idea!! I now have over 3000.00 in NSF charges to a bank because they are trying to withdraw funds 3-4 times A DAY!!!!!!!
Dont do it. If you need a payday loan, which I recommend as a last resort, go to a storefront with a paper check do not allow anyone to electronically debit from your account. These companies are owned by parent companies and they change the name and ID # and amounts of the debits so the bank cannot trace them. The bank will not stop them unless you get legal council....IT has been truly a nightmare. The bad part about it is that you cannot stop it because if you pay the loan off, they automatically deposit another loan into your account and the cycle starts over.......

The banks will help you if you can show proof that these companies are scamming your accounts. I know because I went thru the same thing. I took out a couple of online payday loans last Christmas. Small $200.00 loans. After they were paid off they continued to take money from my accounts for 2 months but they were doing double withdrawals draining my account. I had already payed $600.00 on a $200,00 loan and now they say I owe $348.00 on one of them! I printed my statments and took them to the bank and closed my checking account so they couldn't withdraw anymore and opened a new account. It's best to open a new account at another bank first before you close your account because your old acct stays open for a few weeks and these payday loan people will change the amounts they are trying to claim and it could go thru but if the bank puts a hold on it for you you won't have to pay the return fee. The bank did credit me some of my money back. It took a couple of days to get it straight but now they cannot get into my acct. But if you go to the bank and explain things to them and even direct them to the website, they will help you.

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i agree, most banks are willing to help you. they actually should help as ach can be revoked anytime but some banks are more difficult to work with than others.

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bea2ls bea2ls
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I got a call from these people! The guy who called me, like everyone else, had a thick Indian accent but called himself Roy Rogers!! LOL! He threatened to sent the sherriff after me if I don't send him $600; however, I told him to go f*** himself and the horse he rode in on!

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I got loans through collect500 and upfrontpayday loans....they were legit..i made sure to get statements from them stating i paid them off...This group is an international deal..they are even getting military families over seas..I have filed 2 police reports and through the FTC. No way of tracking phone numbers or locations...the location I got for 516-426-7692 was a parkling lot in Floral park New York...if they call me again..they will know i know that they really are scammers.

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