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I have been getting calls from different men with very strong indian accents, they say they are from some legal department and that there is a lawsuit against me with some very serious charges, such as theft fraud, and so on and that I could be facing jailtime. these people dont want to give any info you ask them, they tell you a case number and that they want to help you. they then tell you that you have a certain amount of time to give them a certain amount of money either by money gram or credit card. when I asked who was filing the charges they said cashnet. then they gave me a number for cash net that was bogus! they then tell you to pay a smaller amount and that it is from a payday loan that you recieved. I didnt give them any money and noone else should either! they will not give you proof of the charges. they told me that after I pay the would provide me with verification.I have done research on this and even called the police! they give me names such as Andy Taylor, Robin Williams, Arnold Whatson, and they even called my sister and said the name was Jimmy Carter. report this crime and dont give any info. Has anyone else recieved calls from these people? one tim they said they were from united paralegal...

funny thing is when the answering machine picks up the call they hang up. They do not leave a message or anything plus i have caller id which helps when you do a search on the internet for the no.

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triniskier triniskier

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This "company" that are using the web addresses and are strictly SCAMMERS! They do not do payday loans or any other types of loans. You will not get any money from them. They simply want to get your personal information so that they can rob you and steal your identity. Don't give them any information!
If anyone calls you up offering you money it's a scam. No legit company does that.

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These days it's quite risky to share your information online. You can share it only with companies that you have a long-term relationship with. The much needed trust is built with time. The first time that you interact with a legitimate company, they should be able to furnish all the details in a vivid manner. It's much better if they have the necessary paperwork to support their views. Once you go through the paperwork in the presence of an authorized agent, you'll be more comfortable during the sign-up process.

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Jeorge Preston Jeorge Preston

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:sad: I have recieved a call from a John Smith and when I recieved the call he said that I took out a $300 loan from and I said that no I dont remember doing that but then they said that they were going to take me to court and have the police involved if i didnt pay them the money.

I have never had to deal with cops in my lifetime so I got scared and paid them $100 and now they wont stop calling me they have called my job and they said that they will call the cops...

If I dont answer their calls anymore then will everything go away and I can go back to my normal life??? :sad:

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I hope you didn't give them your account number? If so, close it. You might want to consider changing your phone number.

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Shazzers Shazzers
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Well, they're certainly not following the FDCPA norms. They shouldn't be calling you at work, nor can they call the cops to get you harassed like that. You must ask them to stop calling you immediately. Send them a Cease and desist letter without wasting any more time. You may have done a nice thing by not providing them with your account number. On the other hand if you've shared any of your account information, then you may close this account for your own security.

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Jeorge Preston Jeorge Preston

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OMG! They are still at it. On this past Monday, I recieved the same call. They we were very ugly to me and did not want to tell me the name of the company they just kept saying that it was an attorney's office. I remebered that I did apply for a payday loan so and run into some areas where I was not able to make the payments ontime so I thought this was the company. I called my husband and told him and we gave them our Household card # . However, Household bank declined the transaction stating that it was a fruad and would not cover it. Also, the man told me that I had to pay 90.80 when I got an e-mail from him which a made up receipt it stated that they were taking out 690.80!!!!!!!
When they found out that my credit card had declined they were very upset and they called me back and I was so scared because they stated I would go to jail for check fraud and everything so I do not know why I gave them my debt card number but I did. But before I did, I finally got out that he was calling from so once I got off the phone I googled and called the customer service # and was told that I did not have an account with them. I hung up from them and called my bank and cancelled my card!!!!! How crazy are these people? I do not have money to just give away, I feel if they are putting this much effort into a scam they can put forth the same effort and get a REAL JOB!!!!!

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these people are trying to trick you into sending them money through western Union or your bank account . dont do either they are crooks tell them you dont have any money or a bank account and that should get rid of them

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I have been receiving calls from men with strong Indian accents as well. They actually called me last night from a 408 number, I didn't answer it then I receieved a call from my job, so I answered the phone and guess who it was. "Paul". I asked how he was in my office and he told me that he was there and to come talk to him. I knew he was lying but they are getting very sneaky. I am told when Alice Jones, John Jones, Sam Watson, Kevin Anderson, Douglas Black, Scott Schinder and Paul call that they are from the California Breau of Criminal Investigation, so this morning I contacted the Cali Breau of Criminal Investigation and they are aware of what is going on and have been trying for 6 months to get these people but they keep moving. I was given another number when I called and I am going to call them later to give them whatever information I can so they can track these people down.

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Just answer the phone, and tell them whomever they ask for just died... They call me and have been for over a year off and on. I am going to use that one.

Good luck

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