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Does anyone know if CCR Associates is a SCAM or not?

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I currently act as Power of Attorney for my Mother. She received a phone call today from a CCR & Associates on her voicemail. The caller stated his name as "Ian Curtis" at 1-888-872-8034 ext 602, and said that if we did not return his call regarding fradulant activity with her social security number they would be taking further legal action. He even left a case #. I did call the number as my Mother did have a history of bad credit in the past (hence the reason I am her POA). Ian told me that he could not share any further information with me unless he spoke to my Mother to verify her SS # and get her permission to speak with me. At this point I then knew it was fraudulant activity, as you should NEVER give your SS# over the phone.

Please be careful!

Does anyone know out there if there is someone I should report this to, so someone else doesn't get pulled into this scam?

CCR and Associates is a collection agency. You can read more about them in the following thread. raud-division.html

I'd suggest that you send a DV to them.

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What do you mean by DV?

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Following the FDCPA norms, you may request your collector to show you a proof of what you owe (your debt). The process of doing this is known as debt validation (DV). Within 5 days of your initial communication, the collector has to send you a DV notice stating your right to get your debt disputed by 30 days.
This notice must contain:
* Debt amount
* Creditor's identity
* Consideration that the debt will be valid unless disputed within 30 days
* Notification that your debt has to be verified by 30 days
* Notification that your creditor's name and address can be requested by 30 days

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You can take a further look on what debt validation is all about from the given page:< br />
You can even get a sample debt validation letter here:

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Anna has certainly come up with a good resource. The debt validation letter is also quite helpful. It shows you how to proceed under such circumstances.

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