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Collection agency is harassing me. I need help

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Yesterday I received a bill from midland credit management saying they recently started handling the account that I had with FCNB....I don"t know anything about account with FCNB nor ever heard of Midland Credit Management. They say I owe $948.63 or $474.32 if paid before 2/4/06. What should I do, I'm in Ohio this took place in San Diego, CA.???? I have also heard that Debt consolidation can help me outta this situation.


You need to request for an itemized statement about this account from the collection agency. The federal laws give you the power to ask the detail of the debt from the CA through debt validation. More details about this process are written in this link:< br />
The FRCP laws state that the collection agency has to serve the details of the debt within 15 days from the date you placed the request or else there is NO DEBT.

Sometimes, the collection agents are very intimidating and will often attempt collections on a debt about which the person is not aware of. In order to know whether the debt is legitimate or not, ask the CA to give you the details as mentioned in the link above.

Once you have the accurate picture, make further arrangements with the company and pay it off. If you find that the details given by the CA are not correct, place the item on dispute with the company. They will have to verify it with your lenders before making any further collection efforts.

If you really owe the debt then debt consolidation san diego can help you from it and stop harassment calls.

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john john

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I live in ga and received a similar notice also mentioning first national bank. I think they bought some bak paper and are trying to stick us with it. One of my friend has advised me for debt consolidation. It can help me to stop CA harassment calls.

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Did you live in California when this debt occurred? Was it a bank debt? Have you tried Debt Consolidation San Diego?

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If MCM decides to try to validate the debt, make sure you scrutinize everything. I am filing suit against them for providing false documents to try to validate a debt that is in fact false. Specifically, they like to provide copies of past statements. Those statements will have an address and date on them. MCM may falsify the statement to show your current address on some past date, even if you did not live at your current address on that date.
Debt consolidation San Diego can also help you to get rid off the collection calls

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texaslawyer texaslawyer

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Is midland credit management licensed to collect in San diego? I have read in this forum that a CA needs license to collect in that state. Please help fast. They are getting the hell outta me.

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I think MCM is licensed to collect in California. Its business address is 8875 Aero Drive #200 San Diego, CA 92123.

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phoenix phoenix
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Thanks for the info. But I have no clue how to get rid off them?

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You can follow the tips given in the following page: -
Midland Credit Management-Various Collection Malpractices & Ways to Stop them.

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phoenix phoenix
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I have already gone through this page. But it didn't deal with the debts that are really owed. I really owe some debt to Verizone. MCM is harassing me for that debt. What can I do now? I live in San Diego.

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You can go for Debt Consolidation. It can help you out of this mess and stop collection harassment.
Please go through the following page for more information: -
Simple guide to debt consolidation program - frequently asked questions

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phoenix phoenix
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