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this company stole 49.95 out of my account then my bank charged me another 40.00 for them overdrawen on my account and i had just opened this account on the 17th of february and now another company by the name of edpreporting took 160.00 out of my account now my account is overdrawen by 216.57. due to these mother fu..... and i'm pissssssssssssssssssssed. please help me. :twisted:

you did not have permission to take my money out of my account

Sub: #11 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 10:01


you must return my monet now

Sub: #12 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 10:48


I have not any type of response from your commpany. So I would like a refund...

Sub: #13 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 13:59


Please discontinue your fraudulant solicitations from my e-address, I have filed an affidavit against everprivate cards, who has caused my bank to freeze all my activities...

Sub: #14 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 15:00


I'm not interested in the credit card I hit the wrong button. my # 732****.

Personal info removed for your safety - Mike

Sub: #15 posted on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 20:51


I don't recall giving you guys my account number I would like my refund back.

Sub: #16 posted on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 06:17


they stole (49.95)money out of my bank account.

Sub: #17 posted on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 07:36


:twisted: why did you withdraw money from my account you better give me a good resaon for this i never gave you! permission to do that!!!!!!

Sub: #18 posted on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 09:12


Everyone coming to this page is mistaken thinking that this website has connections with Secret Cash Card. This is just a message board. It has nothing to do with Secret Cash Card. You need to go to their website and claim for a refund.

Sub: #19 posted on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 09:17

fatb88 fatb88

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The company of everprivate card charged my bank account 49.95. Plese put this money in my
bank account immediately and cancel all future emails to me. I am reporting this to the bank and the Better Business Business.

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