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this company stole 49.95 out of my account then my bank charged me another 40.00 for them overdrawen on my account and i had just opened this account on the 17th of february and now another company by the name of edpreporting took 160.00 out of my account now my account is overdrawen by 216.57. due to these mother fu..... and i'm pissssssssssssssssssssed. please help me. :twisted:

I did not sign up fpr this card...Put my money back...
I am getting in touch with the better business company and will get a responce from them if not you.

Sub: #21 posted on Wed, 03/07/2007 - 15:57


i have had 49.95 come out my account and also have had 96.00 in nfs fees.i got a lawyer i want my fu##ing money back. i got 5 kids yall are messing with peoples lifes.

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Quick cash took $49.95 out of my account without my authorization and then I had my credit union stop all transactions until this matter is reversed. Contacted Quick Cash and their representative said no one from their office took any monies from my account, but my credit union gave me the transaction information, with the date and time and verified that whoever it was had my routing number and account number. I want quick cardservice to cease and desist from anymore transactions and return my money!!!

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you have illegally transfered money from my account i am going to prosecute you to the the max as given to me by the state of georgia.

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on march 6, 2007 my bank sent you money that i didn't approve of you taking. i would appreciate it if you would refund it today. i'm going to a lawyer and turning you in to bbb and the attornty general office.
i never give you permission to take any thing.

Sub: #25 posted on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 06:57


taking money from people that dosen't approve them to do so. having it taken out of their checking accounts.

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why did you take money out my account that was wrong i have kids and you just messed up my rent payment because my check bounced if i get put out of my house i would find who u r and everyone on this website will send you to hell were you need to be :evil:

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They did this to you from here?????

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jcf0727 jcf0727

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this company to 49.95 and my bank is charging 40.00 for over draft, i just open this account a month ago, i have not made any transaction on this account , please give me my overdraft money

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i applied for a loan ,and was denied . secret cash tried to withdraw money from my account twice , and now i owe the bank money. Who are you scam artist?
I didn"t give you permission to take money out of my kids have to starve , and i don"t have any money to go to work!

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