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Bank Of America - Are they easy to settle with?

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Has anyone worked with bank of america (cred. card) on debt settlement? What information can you provide me on dealing with them?

Are you working by yourself or with a debt settlement company? Some factors to consider:
It depends on what status the credit card is in now. If the card is still with BOA, they should be pretty willing to work with you on a debt settlement. If the card is in-house collections, they may be willing to work on a debt settlement. If the debit has been sold already then it is a different ballgame.

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bdouble bdouble

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Recently within the last year Bank of America has been fairly aggressive in their collection efforts but they like other creditors can still be settled.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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how on earth would you know this...are you in the settlement you have settlement friends???
I just don't understand how you would have this kind of information and openly tell people on this website without stating facts.
My 2 cents worth

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My husband had an account with BOA and was about 9 months past due. They contacted us and settled for 75% off the original balance. They have worked with us and been very easy to deal with. They've also been very professional. I say deal with them because we've had other companies that have been awful and BOA, and actually discover, were the only two that were decent. Good luck!

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I have worked in the credit card "Citi Bank " , debt settlement and credit counseling industry for years.

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mobile0311 mobile0311
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I have, rather had, a bank of american account it was settled using a settlement company they settled it fo 22cents on the dollar. Don't think I could have gotten that by myself.

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melben1 melben1

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we have an account with bank of america. they were (at first) the most aggressive collections people, telling us that they do not use debt settlement, stuff like that. But they are the ones who are continously submitting offers to debt settlement usa. They have already knocked 10,000 off what we owe, but we are still saving money we are not quite in a position to pay them off yet. Our chase account has is already in legal. Citi bank has been very quiet so far.

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^ that is very good to know. we are looking into working with superior debt relief and two of our cards are boa cards. bank of america credit card settlement department have been very polite when they call as i am a couple of months behind, atm. i told them that we were looking into our options and they have pretty much left us alone.

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bank of america is one of the easiest creditors to settle with. there is no need for a settlement company here, you would be giving your money away. At about 130-140 delinquent you should be able to settle for about70-80 percent off.

Settlement companies will tell you anything to make money. Do a Google search for do it yourself debt settlement, you will find information and companies that will coach you to settle your own debt for much less than a settlement company would.

Again, bank of America is easy to settle with before charge off, do not give your money away to settlement companies!

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doityourselfdebtsettlemen doityourselfdebtsettlemen

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I hired a Superior Debt to help me with my settlements. Really did not want to do my own settlements with risk of messing it up and making things worse. I'm not a proponent of do settlements yourself, just like self-medicating I would not recommend that either. The 3-cycles of credit repair was really a big deal for me and my wife, being able to get the credit cleaned up. After doing some research the level of work it will take to clean up the credit on your own will require a lot. Being with Superior, again they will pay for a professional company that will do that. For me I do have the time nor the patience to do it myself, needless to say what if I'm rude to the creditor while trying to do it mysel, hhmmm i would think there was going to be some impact that would not be positive for me.

Those looking to do it yourself, lots of luck.

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melben1 melben1

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