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How to stop harassment by collection agency

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You can legally stop all the harassing phone calls from the collection agencies. You can send a cease and desist letter via certified mail to a collection agency and request them to stop contacting you.

However, make sure you have a copy of this letter for future reference. Once the collection agency receives this letter, they are required to stop communicating with you under the FDCPA law. They can only inform you about the actions that will be taken against you.

Have you seen their website? Says they are ethical, courteous and professional.
Since when did calling someone a belligerent **** become courteous and professional?
Acadamy says I owe them $2200 so I made a payment arrangement with them, now they say that is not enough. I told the guy, its the best i can do, I will get my taxes back soon and I will consider settling this. He said nasty things, so I told him, why don't you just F*** off and hung up. He called me right back and called me a belligerent ****.. Needless to say I will do everything in my power to make sure they see no more of my money. They can sue me.. These people will call your house without mercy, they call my cell phone, my work, my home.. Accused my fiance's son of being my husband.. Another employee said "liar liar pants on fire to me" then hung up.. NOw how is that for professional??? LOL

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Do collectors really succeed in getting money after insulting and abusing the people with such profane language? If that's the way out, all the laws made by the federal authorities should be thrown in trash!!!!!!!!

But, the fact is that the laws are still there and that is the reason we hear about agencies heavily penalized because of their illegal activities.


You don't need to take the profane language used by the people from Academy Collection Services as a matter of fate. Fight back with whatever you can do from your side. Hire an attorney and collect all the proofs for suing this company. If the recording of the debt collection phone calls is permissible in your state, do it secretly and have a legal evidence of harassment on you. In some states, you have to inform the other party about your actions before recording the call. If the laws in your state insist on taking permission from the other party, leave a very clear message proving your taking permission from the other party. If the conversation continues after you have notified him, it means that the permission is granted by the other party.

Send a cease and desist letter to the company's mailing address if you have not sent till now. After receiving your letter, they should not call you further unless you specify to be contacted by mail. They have the rights to call back only if they intend to take any legal actions against you. Otherwise, it will result a violation of the federal law and the legal charges against them will get added.

Remember, all your correspondences with ACS should be in writing. Send your letters through certified mail with return receipt requested. Keep everything documented in a file so that you have all your proof in hand.

I am feeling sorry about what you have gone through. Be strong and put your complaints against them at the local AG's office as well as the BBB and the FTC. They must involve themselves in taking actions against ACS. Keep in touch often.

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john john

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I am hoping these p[eopel persist with me after my initial call witht his loudmouthed idiot from their firm, whom I got the better of, caused to lose her cool and hang up on me. I have sent them a cease and desist order and am hoping they violate it as I have letters of compalint ready to go to the state attorney general where I live, to their state, to the Federal trade Commission and to the phone company, especially if they decide to play phone tag with me. If people knew the laws, knew they were not obligated to deal with a colelciton aganecy and even if uch things go to court, getting a judgement and colelcting on it are two seperate things. As for this company, people need to start shoving back, threatening them back, colling them back, filing complaints, and taking the battle back to them. Go tot he original debtor (in fact due to circumstances, i see a possible lawsuit against them and the company they sold the debt to for pennies on the dollar and even if I am not able to win I will drag this out for so long they will regret ever hearing my name. Instead of being intimidated by them, challenge them, tape them, be rude right back at them, laugh at them when they make threats you and they know cannot be acted upon. Knowledge is power and these people know for whatever person will laugh at themn, challenge them, refuse to cooerate with them and fire back on them, there are ten who will panic and get scammed because they believe whatever they are told. Even with revisions in the bankruptcy laws, there are ways to use this as a trump card if you are with it. Don;t pay these scumbuckets anything, ever. I told them i would deal witht he original debtor direct and this debtor might not like my way of dealing any more than Academy does. These people are a laughign stock, not even good at what they do. Inan era of electronic communication 9see how much negative is on them on the net alone) it is amazing they cans till scam people like they do. Again, knowledge is power. Get smart and get with it. Fight back, punch back and hit as ruthlessly as they do.

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DP, you have chosen the right way of dealing with the collection agencies. Those violating the laws do not care about anyone or anything. They choose those who fear them and are not aware of their legal powers. Fear is even more dangerous than dealing with collection agencies. Do not get intimidated. It is one wrong move that can begin the problems with no ends. Be aware of your legal rights mentioned in the fdcpa and fight them back. It is they who are violating the laws and you are working within the laws. So, you have more power than the bad ones. Visit the FTC website and get the knowledge of your powers.

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david david

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how can i stop ctc from calling my work place i am not i the office i am out in the field and do not get my messages until a wekk or two later i want them to stop calling me

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Cash Transfer center is a loan company. The cease and desist letter template rule will not apply on them. Call them and see what they are calling for. You need to get it sorted before it goes out of control.

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BuildingWealth BuildingWealth

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Guys we need contact tv networks like msnbc and so they can investigate and shut this company down.

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I got a call from them. Called them back and spoke with a guy. He said he needed to transfer to me to his Supervisor which was a very rude lady. She started going in to specifics. I told her I needed to call her back when I wasn't on my cell phone driving so that I could write information down, look at a calendar (she was wanting payment comitments). She told me that it was against the law in the state that I am in to hang the call up, it had to be resolved then. I told her the law for the state I am in states that it's illegal for me to be on the phone and driving as well. She started screaming at me, threatining to sue, wage garnishment, and non stop calls (which is funny because if they can't talk to me after the phone is hung up, why keep calling me?). She would not stop yelling so I hung up on her. Funny enough, I am still getting multiple calls a day.

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Wow, how professional huh? This is so outta control with these CA's!! Something has to be done soon! I think they're getting ticked off cuz consumers are finally finding out they have rights too!!
Abby, send a cease and desist letter to them! Only have contact with them thru USPS!
Good Luck,

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Ang Ang

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LMAO! It is illegal to hang up on a collector in the middle of a negotiation? I'm sorry......still LMAO! What an idiotic BIATCH! The site has a self help section try going through that, I think there maybe a template letter for cease and desist calls with a collection agency....still LMAO!

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