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The story starts when I got a cell phone for Christmas. Its to be expected that Id get calls looking for the last owner of the number. Friends and business contacts of this girl (christy) seemed to understand and wouldnt call again. However ex-boyfriends(I assume) were slightly more annoying to stop calls from, Slayer songs on voice mail seemed to help.

So now after 3 months of telling people they have the wrong number the only ones still calling are 702-804-8484, it comes up as an unknown number and they have never left a message. If I answer they ask for christy, and when I tell them they have the wrong number they hang up without a word. But usually call back the next day. Obviously this isnt a serious situation, I wont get bad credit from it , and if I dont want to use up minutes I can just ignore the call every time I see the number. But Im the sort of person who doesnt like to lose control over anything....ever.

When asked who is calling they just say student loan collections then ask if they will be able to speak with christy or if I know her (like its me whos wasting their time). Once they realize theyre talking to the wrong person they hang up.....but never take my number off their call lists. Which leaves me very few options, no company name and an unlisted phone number. Through my mastery of the internet ( and google) I was able to find some info, but none of it is solid or easily conformable.

So far Ive gathered that the people trying to collect are Sallie Mae, and the letters wcc kept coming up. Which someone has pointed out most likely stands for wilshire credit corporation. The companies seem to be very much against open communication with anyone (debtor or not) and their websites dont help at all. The only contact info are fax numbers for clients to use.

Basically Id like the phone calls to stop without having to give my left arm, or any personal information (most identity theft cases are caused by inept corporations).

So any thoughts?

Hi vladrek,

Welcome to the forums

It is quite a strange situation :roll: , dial this number back and see what the response is. I feel it should stop, as most collection agencies stop after few months of unsuccessful trials.


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Vikas Vikas

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My guess is that it's a call center phone number, since every time I answer it's someone new, and I've been put on hold "for a very important call". Dialing the number results in it ringing for a few minutes without an answer or a busy signal.

I really don't expect to resolve this in any other way but waiting it out. But I thought it might be good to point out in various places on the internet that the systems these companies use to collect are horribly inefficient and blockheaded, due to their lack of ability to use basic human comunication.

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vladrek vladrek

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Next time they call, tell them that you will report to police if you do not stop calling. Sometimes these threats work.

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Vikas Vikas

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I have a similar situation with an 800# calling me. I finally called back and was electronically asked if my account ended in a certain number. I pressed no and the entered a bogus 15 digit number (credit card numbers are 15 digits long) The system did not recognize the number so i tried another random 15 digit # and was connected to a rep. The rep checked the phone number against the accounts after identifying themselves as household credit services collection dept. Of course my cell number and the name on the account did not agree and they promised to remove the number. I made it very apparent to them that if they called one more time I was going to treat it as telemarketing call and since the number is registered on the national do not call registry I would complain and try and have the maximum 11,000 fine levied against them. I also found out that House Hold Credit Services is connected to HSBC bank and intend to take the issue up with HSBC next week.

Good luck and give em Hell for the harrasement

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Hi bill

Are you sure that HSBC Bank will be involved with such companies like House Hold Credit Services who call to disturb you. Anyways, do let us know what happens next week when you raise the issue in front of the HSBC bank

I would like to hear from you about this case.

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roxette roxette

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like most americans these days our cell phone has now replaced our land line based phones. i wondered when i would get some kind or harassing sales calls or something of the sort. but for someone to not get help from someone constantly calling the wrong number is crazy. i think this would slow down production for this collection company and they would want to make the least calls possible. its only economical. i would see about blocking that number. call your phones service provider and see about number blocking . the only problem would be if this collector has a huge phone number base and the last 4 digits change from call to call.

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puchodog puchodog

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Very right, these people are wasting their resources unnecessary.

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simon simon

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I too am getting those calls,
from a new cell phone.
so basically I faxed a letter to WCC asking to be removed,
and filed an online complaint with the FCC.

US Mail Address
wilshire credit corporation
PO Box 8517
Portland, OR 97207

FCC complaint form plaints.html

oh well

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I did a Google search for a number that keeps calling my cell and I got this forum!! Same situation as the first guy!

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ok got those calls too

just call sallie mae directly and tell them to remove your phone number from the borrower's files...basically tell them they have the wrong number
they were very nice about it and apologized...
wcc is a agency they use to make these calls.

888 2 sallie
or 888 272 5543

if they ask you for the person's social security # just hold until they transfer you...

hope it helps

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