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Has anyone had any transactions with Cash Today, Ltd.

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Has anyone had any transactions with this pay-day loan "company", located out of Reno, NV? I've explained to them, literally seven times, in the past 24 hours, that I'm working with a debt consolidation company, who will be contact them to set up a payment plan, and they are calling, over and over again. Now they've reached the point, when calling me at work, while I was in the restroom, and my boss answered the phone, of accusing her of lying for me and refusing to put the call through to me. I've told everyone who calls, from this company to call my home or cell, but they continue to call my company and I'm really worried that their harassment of my co-workers, not to mention manager, are going to jeopardize my job... Help!

Cindy, have you clarified this entry with your bank? Ask the ACH department to put a stop payment on the unauthorized debits. This might be helpful.

Your personal information might have been shared if you ever visited a payday loan site. Also send a letter to Roadside pal and get it refunded. If this debit has taken place without any reason, you are sure to get it refunded.

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ben ben

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when i tried to get a loan there at cash today lmtd...i hesitated on my next paydate b/c i didnt have my calender with me and they said ,"because you hesitated, we dont believe you that you are employed!" Then i asked to speak with the manager, and he said, "I am the manager" I was like what the hell?? I didnt even try again it was so bogus

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Hi monchichik86

Welcome to the board!

Its better that you have not taken any loan from Cash Today. They are using an illegal network in collecting money from peoples' checking accounts. Most of the people here have complained that Cash Today has been doing unauthorized debits and fail in resolving disputes.

After reading the posts about Cash Today in this forum, you will realize that you have made a good move of not to do business with them. Keep yourself informed before making any financial deal with a company. It's better to do some research and know about that company.


Sub: #103 posted on Fri, 10/28/2005 - 12:11

roxette roxette

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If you want to file a complaint about an online transaction that involves a foreign company, please use complaint form located at...$com.main?p_lang_seq= 1

hope this sorts out most of the needs :D

keep smiling

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I think this complaint form can be used against Cash Today. Going through the various problems with this company, I think we should try this form too.

Sub: #105 posted on Tue, 11/01/2005 - 11:08

ben ben

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Since I am not the only person here that has been scammed by roadside pal. There are other options, you can file a formal complaint with the FBI internet fraud division, they will research this companies business practices to make sure they cannot keep operating this way.

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the problem is that all the forms that you sign at the begining ALLOW for them to harrass you..

Dont' take out these loans if you can't pay. I've never had a problem with them or anyone else for that matter because i know how much I can handle.

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I've nver had one call from them. MOst of our contact is via email and it's worked out.

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I applied online to cash2day4u as i was referred to them by a reputable company. I got a call saying i was approved and when i called they verified my info and stated they were recording the convo for contractual purposes. Then the same night 3 other people called stating my info was not in the computer and they needed my SS#, bank #, etc. I said no because i thought it was something funny going on. The next day, someone named Samantha emails me stating my loan was declined. The same day, i got 4 phone calls at work and 3 when i got home. This company never put any money in my account and keeps calling me all hours of the day and night telling me that i was approved and they just need my bank numbers and social security number agai.

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Do not give your personal information at any point of time. If you give them, it will be a real blunder. Complaint against this company at the attorney general office in your state, the FTC and the BBB.

Sub: #110 posted on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 14:18

roxette roxette

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