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Has anyone had any transactions with Cash Today, Ltd.

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Has anyone had any transactions with this pay-day loan "company", located out of Reno, NV? I've explained to them, literally seven times, in the past 24 hours, that I'm working with a debt consolidation company, who will be contact them to set up a payment plan, and they are calling, over and over again. Now they've reached the point, when calling me at work, while I was in the restroom, and my boss answered the phone, of accusing her of lying for me and refusing to put the call through to me. I've told everyone who calls, from this company to call my home or cell, but they continue to call my company and I'm really worried that their harassment of my co-workers, not to mention manager, are going to jeopardize my job... Help!

i tried filing with the bbb, but i really have not completed the complaint form yet, when i called the number the lady that answered acted like she did not care, either that or she is tired of hearing this companies name,but she stated that they had 5 cases with this company but did not sound like much was done. but she told to fill out a complaint form at there website

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Dont worry Chyna26, the BBB, FTC and your state's attorney general's office will investigate your complaint. It may take some time, but they will respond. The attorney general's office has the authority to file suit against them if they have violated yours and other's civil rights. They can not act as your private attorney, but as a class action attorney. I dont know if the BBB or the FTC have authority to file suits, but you sure do. You can contact a private attorney and see what can be done.

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the ftc finally did respond to my complaint, they said that this company is violating the fdcpa, in which i already know, but they stated that that if additional information is needed for investigation someone from ftc of another law enforcement agency would call me. i have all the harrassment messages saved on my cell so they will not go anywhere, i recorded the messages through my voice memo which is like a tape recorder. but if anyone can please send your complaints as well, the more the better, they will see how serious this issue is! they need to get more complaints and if possible this company will be issued on their front page news release undergoing

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Did you check the state attorney general website of Florida for the list of consumer complaints? It has a list of more than 20 complaints filed against the said company.


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roxette roxette

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hi roxette,
i was trying to view that, where exactly did you find that information?

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was it for cash today limited? i saw an article on ellis and crosby but nothing yet on cash today

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all u got to do is not, extend your loan when asked cause when u say yes to this extension, although you think u r paying a little amount u end up paying more than you should cause it is interest you are paying not the actual amount. so my advise is that if you are currently owing them some money, contact them and ask them to try and make a paydown plan for you, and as long as you keep to the agreed plan and you dont default, they will never phone you and that is a guarantee, no more calls to you at all. and when you get a paydown plan do make sure that you choose amounts which do not overstretch you and then you will default and of course the calls WILL start coming.

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I am a deputy attorney general for the State of Nevada. We received a complaint regarding Cash Today Limited about harrassing collection actions. This office does not have jurisdiction over interstate collection matters, however, operating a loan company without a license is within our jurisdiction. It looks like Cash Today is really located in either Canada or the UK, and the Reno, Nevada address is just a mail drop. But if Cash Today has any employees at the mail drop, then Nevada does have jurisdiction. Anyone with information as to the web site for Cash Today Limited or anyone who has information connecting Cash Today with Leads Global or any other corporation, please send me an email at jrmcglam(at) All other complaints regarding harrassing collection calls should be made to the FTC at The Federal Trade Commission has sole jurisdiction over debt collections. Thank you.

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Hello John,

Their website address is The following was posted in another forum:

Cash Today Limited
Phone: 800-680-2177
Fax: 800-690-9926
1005 Terminal Way Suite 110
Reno, NV 89502

I have an outstanding loan with them. The email address I have received correspondences from is Samantha(at) I hope this may be of some help to you. I also sent you an email with this information as well.

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The following was taken from a previous posting. It appears they had caller ID and was able to get an actual phone number instead of the number they ask to you call:

"They wouldn't give me a physical address and are calling from this number: 442084922780"

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