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Has anyone had any transactions with Cash Today, Ltd.

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Has anyone had any transactions with this pay-day loan "company", located out of Reno, NV? I've explained to them, literally seven times, in the past 24 hours, that I'm working with a debt consolidation company, who will be contact them to set up a payment plan, and they are calling, over and over again. Now they've reached the point, when calling me at work, while I was in the restroom, and my boss answered the phone, of accusing her of lying for me and refusing to put the call through to me. I've told everyone who calls, from this company to call my home or cell, but they continue to call my company and I'm really worried that their harassment of my co-workers, not to mention manager, are going to jeopardize my job... Help!

I am trying to contact Cash Today LTD and would like to know if anyone has the phone number or address?! I appreicate your help.

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You can contact Cash Today Limited at the following address.

Cash Today Limited
Phone: 800-680-2177
Fax: 800-690-9926
1005 Terminal Way Suite 110
Reno, NV 89502

As per the consumers' feedback, the said company is not having satisfactory records in the bureaus. Moreover, they do all the account transactions from somewhere in London.

Please be sure that while you communicate with them, you should have all the mails certified along with the return receipt requested.


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roxette roxette

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i e-mailed the division of financial institution / which was one of the links on the attorney general site that deals with issue like we are having, they e-mailed apparently darrenw at cash2day4u regarding my complaint:

Good Morning,

We have received a complaint from ms.xxxxxxx. She alleges that representatives of Cash Today Limited are harassing her in an attempt to collect a debt. She also states that she does not think the amount owed is correct.

We would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter and request a detail statement of her loan. If you reply directly to the consumer, please copy this office.

We anticipate receiving your response within ten business days following your receipt of this correspondence. Should this be a problem, please contact our office as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Thank you,

Yette De Luca, Examiner
901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 1003
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 684-1830

hopefully these people will get down to business. people if you feel the amount the company says you owe is not right,please go the above link and post your complaint there as well.

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chyna26, Nice that you have a strong support from the government. Now in any case, either this debt will be proven by Cash Today or will be dealt legally.

Good work and best wishes

Sub: #54 posted on Thu, 09/22/2005 - 14:31

ben ben

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thanks ben. i hope this will get taken care of some way

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I called today and asked if they could go ahead and take the whole amount out of my account and the full amount is not due untill the 7th of October and they were taking a finance charge out on the 30th of Sept. when I asked if they could go ahead and debit the 39 on today 30 of sept 2005 and then just debit the 150.00 out on the 3rd of october 2005, he said there was nothing he could do, I got upset because every other loan place I have done online did this for me, I got into major TROUBLE with these stupid payday loans I had 4000.00 out all at once and luckly with the grace of my parents they were able to help me get out of this! but I will never go through Cashtodaylimited or any other payday again....=

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Since we all have no written contract with them and they are required in Texas, is this debt really legal and binding?

Sub: #57 posted on Fri, 09/30/2005 - 13:28


Shbear, I am wondering the same thing and I wished I could answer you question. The problem we have is Cash Today, LTD apparently is a non-US lender and has on many occasions told consumers they are not required to abide by US laws.

I dont think this is true, regardless if they are not in the US, they are doing business in the US and should have some kind of license to do so.

The Nevada AG is trying to invesitage them because of the growing number of complaints and hopefully will be sucessfull in identifying the lending company.

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Can I contact the NV AG and file a complaint as well? Where can I do that on their website?

Sub: #59 posted on Fri, 09/30/2005 - 13:47


Yes you can, but you have to complete a form and mail it in. The form is in PDF format on their website at It's kindof hard to locate it, it is on the Bureau of Consumer Protection page listed as consumer complaint form.

Sub: #60 posted on Fri, 09/30/2005 - 13:54


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