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1. would it be best for me to order a copy of my credit report to get started?
2. i see "charged off" in a lot of these posts - what does that mean?

suddenly, i had $11,000 in credit card debt. i was not delinquent on any account but wanted to get ahold of the situation. three years ago i (ignorantly) signed up with a settlement company- ji financial. they sold me to fornia, luftman and heck. this has turned out to be a very bad decision. i have paid $200 every month for the last three years and they settled one account - not even the largest.
i have decided to take my head out of the sand now but i need some guidance. i have terminated my agreement with that company but i am not sure what to do next...

I contacted the funeral home and they would not agree to the settlement offered. This is not the lawyers fault. However the funeral is for $7,642.00 of which they said no payment has been made since 2005. Unium Provident I found, has 268 persons who have paid premiums for quite a number of years, and, has yet to pay any money to the familys' of the deceased policy holders yet. They always have some reason for it. From what I read, they better take a policy with their own company out on theirselves.

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Will paying a settlement amount help or affect my credit? if I am not able to pay the whole amount or make payment arrangements because my amounts are too high.

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Settlements will generally lower your score.

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