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Graham Beagle & Associates (877-836-3100)

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They claim to be located at 3411 Bailey Avenue Ste.1, Buffalo, NY. A search for the adderss shows they must be renting an office at the local Harley Davidson. Not sure how that works. Their location probably changes depending on who calls. A search of their name reveals nothing but this one website we're posting to. I've searched the to no avail. Their tactics are similar to thugs. Our Validiation Letter is going out today, we'll see what they've got. They really don't like to give up their mailling address and the receptionist was very defensive. They won't give out a mailing adderss until they find out who you are so they can determine what part of the country to direct you to. Their dates and places don't match up, so they seem to be confused.

Have you inquired about the address of Graham Beagle & Associates from the credit bureaus? I think if you can't find the address of a particular company anywhere or if the company is willing to give its address, it must be available with the bureaus. Since, the bureaus have to share information with such companies, it must be recorded there.

Also, you can take help of the local AG's office in knowing the address of the company. If you are successful in getting the details, let us know.

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david david

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one of their nos. is a tennesee number and I call ed them. They are very nervous and will neither confirm or deny that they are 1) a CA or 2) Law office. They are licensed as neither in Tennesse... I smell a rat

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All i know is that i had a judgement placed against me from them within the last month.

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Be aware of this company! They will not give you information on your own file to which you are legally entitled. Not sure if they are a registered company at all. Verify before sending ANY funds. Contact names include one Paul Harris and one Sam Scott. VERY HOSTILE!

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Fn, you can make your point more legal in the eyes of law by sending a debt validation letter. This letter serves as an important weapon. It forces the collectors to give you the details of the account you originally had with your creditors. You have the legal rights to know that the said company is making a legitimate call for this account and that; they have been legally authorized by your creditors. Put a search on the term 'debt validation' and know more on the importance of this federal clause. For your convenience, I am attaching the page of the Federal Trade Commission below.

https://www.ftc.go v/enforcement/rules/rulemaking-regulatory-reform-proceedings/fair-debt-c ollection-practices-act-text

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curlycarl curlycarl

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Hi i am the supervisor of Graham, Beagle & Associates.
There are only three post here somewhat correct the first is our location, we are in the old Harley Davision building. Second, We purchase debt with the intent to litigate, but we give you the opportunity to resolve it first. Third those are the names of some of our employees.

If i could clear some things up, First we are trying to help consumers, 2nd if anyone from this agency has violated any laws you call me at 1877-836-3100 and i will handle any situation, no matter what it is. Understand that we are a debt collection agency, and we own all of our debt which gives us the right to sue.
thank you

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Hey what do you know a response from a CA that is not full of venom. So we know that these guys purchase debt and are intending to litigate. That tells me several things 1) All dealings with them should be in writing. even if you are working on an agreeable settlement, payment plan etc.. plan to handle this like it will end up in court. 2) when they contact you make sure you know whether or not you are talking to an attorney or a collection agent. documentent every call they place to you in written form and make sure your validation letter requests future contact to be in writing (written letter and/or email if you wish). 3) If you have issues/concerns/problems call the guy at the number he provided and follow-up that call with a written letter.
4) send all correspondence certified return receipt requested, and if you use email request a received and read receipt for each and every email.

5) and this should be listed first.. do not pay anything until you are sure of two things 1) that they are collecting on a valid debt 2) that they legally have the right to collect the same debt.

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jj jj
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He is correct,,

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Supervisor, would you be willing to provide us with your name and specific title?

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jj jj
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Posted: Tue Jan 17, 2006 2:21 pm Post subject: graham and beagle

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------
is this you?

one of their nos. is a tennesee number and I call ed them. They are very nervous and will neither confirm or deny that they are 1) a CA or 2) Law office. They are licensed as neither in Tennesse... I smell a rat

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