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Good morning!!!
I received a voicemail from both of these on Monday and then one just last night. I call them and I get Bass & Assoc. and also, Jackson Phillips, I don't want to put them off if they are legit, but I want to get my research first. Does anyone know anything about them? Please let me know. I have been burned in the past by Anthony Galloway, so I just want to double check from now on. Thank you all very much!!

Btw....why do they all end in "& Associates"?

"Btw....why do they all end in "& Associates"? "

They like to think it is intimidating, especially if it alludes to a law firm.

Send them DV letters, and seperate letters restricting communication to mail only. Make sure you send them CMRRR.

"I don't want to put them off if they are legit, but I want to get my research first."
I'm sure they've collected their fair share of bogus debts, but I've read that both of these companies love to use bogus tactics when attempting to collect. Make sure you never give them banking info, either (pay via money order/cashier's check).

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Morningstar Morningstar

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You wouldn't happen to have an address for ither of them, would you? I will send out the letters today, though I never know how to word them. Any advice? Thanks!

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Angel Angel

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Angel, Bass and Associates are an illegal collection agency, under investigation by the Florida Attorney General's office. Come to my site and read all about them

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Anthony Lemons Anthony Lemons

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This is the contact info I found for Bass:

9378 Arlington Suite 323
Jacksonville, FL 32225
fax - 904-598-0207

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Morningstar Morningstar

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Anthony-good reading.

Angel-at the first sign of misconduct by them, be sure to file the appropriate complaints!!

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Morningstar Morningstar

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I am warning my readers of an online payday loan company and their so-called collection agency. The name of the collection company, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida, is BASS AND ASSOCIATES. This is not to be confused with the legitimate Bass and Associates. The company I am speaking of stole the name of two real companies located in Arizona, Iowa and Nebraska. You can not find the company I am writing about, through the Internet. Allow me to explain why the fake company are crooks. A friend of mine was short of cash a few months ago, so she applied for an online loan with a company calling themselves; ARROWHEAD INVESTMENTS, another company which can not be located on the web. They deposited the amount into her checking account. Over a short period of time, the loan was repaid, using a method allowing for the loan company to withdraw the amount owed. However, and this is where it gets crooked, the loan company continued to withdraw money, without authorization. Pretty soon, the only option, which the bank informed her of, was to close the account all together, to cease anymore stealing of her money. She thought that it was over at last. It wasn't quite over, since she received a call recently, at her work from Kelly, an employee of BASS AND ASSOCIATES, the fake company. This Kelly, who lacks a last name, went on to state that they were filing motions in a court of law, and that she better get an attorney, and that she will be arrested due to committing bank fraud, check fraud and an array of other white collar crimes, unless of course, she wire money within the hour to their account. I received a frantic, tearful call from my friend, relaying what was told to her. She left work early, in tears and in complete anguish. I personally called this company back to investigate their claims and to have them restate the ramifications which they stated to her. The 'boss', DAVID JACOBS, refused to repeat their threats to me. I then asked for their fax number so that I can send them a letter stating to never contact my friend again, unless it is through a mediation organization. This Mr. Jacobs, refused to share their contact information. During the conversation, he referred to me as a moron. Very professional? No way. So, today, I contacted the Florida Attorney Generals Office and shared with them the actions of BASS AND ASSOCIATES. I was informed by the A.G. office, that this particular company is already under investigation. If anyone is interested in calling this company, perhaps to just ask how the weather is in Jacksonville, the number is as follows: 1-877-281-2220. Also, ask for Mr. Jacobs or Kelly.I ask all readers to call at least once, and tell them how you read all about them on my site. If you have dealt with this company also, let me know. I am not a friend of organizations who intimidate or harass hard working people. If you have information to add to this story, let me know, even your own dealings with certain collection agencies. Your thoughts?
P.S. DAVID JACOBS, you are a loser who will one day get what is legally coming to you, and I will see that it happens. It won't matter how many times you change the name of your company, or that you know anyone from Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. I told Mr. Jacobs to Google my name, and so far, he has had my name Googled four times from New Jersey. I am recording the Internet Address, which is: 70.91.149. I imagine that these crooks use a router to throw people off of their trail. Trust me, the Banking and commerce regulators and Attorney Generals from two states are involved with this case. You crook.

Information on this 'company':
Bass and Associates (name stolen from a real company in Arizona, Iowa and Nebraska, not legitimate name)
Names given during calls: David Jacobs,Kelly, no last name given, and Paul Rodriguez (may also be alias names)
Known phone number: 1-877-281-2220 (Phone number may also change, for concealing and relocating purposes, well used practice of crooked companies)
David Jacobs mobile phone: 1-904-982-0091 (This number is on his answering machine voice mail)

Physical address of crooks, given to me by Florida Attorney Generals Office:
314 West 44th
Jacksonville, Florida 32208 (This address is the one on file in the state of Florida, subject to change, I'm sure.)
This is a link to many others who have had this same crooked company threaten them:

Forum which shares dealings with these thieves

The following information was obtained through the Better Business Bureau:

Bass and Associates
9378 Arlington Expressway
Suite 323
Jacksonville, FL 32225
General Information

BBB File Opened September 27, 2006

BBB Member This company is not a member
Type of Business Collection Agencies

The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.

Customer Experience
Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaint(s).

Customer Complaint Data
The company's size, volume of business and number of transactions may have a bearing on the number of complaints received by the BBB. The complaints filed against a company may not be as important as the type of complaints, and how the company has handled them. The BBB generally does not pass judgement on the validity of complaints filed.
Number of complaints processed by the BBB since the firm's BBB file was opened in September 2006: 13
Number of complaints processed by the BBB in the last 12 months: 13
Complaints Concerned:
Service Issues (8 complaints)
5 Resolved
1 Delayed Resolution
2 Company did not respond

Credit or Billing Disputes (4 complaints)
2 Resolved
1 Unresolved
1 Delayed Resolution

Contract Disputes (1 complaints)
1 Delayed Resolution

Additional File Information
According to information in BBB files 9378 Arlington Expressway, is The UPS Store, and not an actual office for this collection agency.
Licensing Information
This company is in an industry that may require licensing, bonding or registration in order to lawfully do business. The Bureau encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.

Additional Information

This Business Operates under the Names Bass and Associates

Addresses 9378 Arlington Expressway, Suite 323, Jacksonville, FL 32225 MAP

Phones (877) 281-2224, x317

Reported on Thursday, January 11, 2007
As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service or company. BBB reports generally cover a three-year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information contained herein is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy. Reports are subject to change at any time.
The Better Business Bureau reports on members and non-members. Membership in the BBB is voluntary, and members must meet and maintain BBB standards. If a company is a member of this BBB, it is stated in this report.
???? 2007 BBB of Northeast Florida

Written by author Anthony Lemons

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Anthony Lemons Anthony Lemons

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That is great to know! I will be sure to send them a letter and also report them to the AG. I am so glad that I read all of that before calling them back and/or sending any money. Are they at all affiliated with this Jackson, Phillips?

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Angel Angel

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It appears so. I've seen multiple posts on this board that seem to link the two.

Sub: #8 posted on Fri, 03/02/2007 - 05:29

Morningstar Morningstar

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I know they have two different numbers and two different contact names, but that's not unknown!

Sub: #9 posted on Fri, 03/02/2007 - 05:35

Angel Angel

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I have bass calling me as well. I have paid the $650 already for three pdl's that I have. they say I owe 2353.00 They added this crazy interest amount to all tree loans I have.

Sub: #10 posted on Fri, 03/02/2007 - 06:19


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