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Received court summons for credit card debt: Help!!!

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So I have recently received a summons to court regarding a credit card debt that I have. Basically it tells me that a 3rd party is suing me for the balance that I have not paid. My options are to contact a lawyer to pursue the case, write a letter stating why I feel I shouldnt have to pay the debt. If I do nothing the judge will assume that I feel I owe the debt, and I will have to pay it included the plaintiffs court and lawyer fees. The question is this, I feel like either way Im going to be paying this off some how or way. So does it make since to accumulate more fees by filing this letter, hiring a lawyer? Or should I just wait until they send the next statement to pay for this debt? Still doing research on the statue of limitation, and if I fall under that category :?

i had a bank A credit card with a 4500 limit which i had accrued about 3000 on and was making payments. i had also bank B credit card with 1200 credit limit which had about 160$ accrued on also in good standing. bank B decided to buy bank A and somehow managed to transfer the account that i had with bank A over to the account that i have with them which immediately put me over the limit with my credit and started a chain reaction which sent the account to over 5000$ within a very short time and mostly because i stopped paying because i thought it was unfair for them to do that. now i received a summons to go to court which i replied with a DV request and now i need to reply to the attorney's request and prepare my case. does anybody know the banking regulations concerning this? because i dont think its legal for them to be able to do that without even sending  a notice or anything to see if i accepted their terms before them transferring the account. i have about 2 days to reply. please help. this is from midland collection

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