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Not only did this firm threaten to jail me if I did not pay on a debt after not sending a statement, they garnished my primary checking account. Is this legal?

"Law Offices of: hyat, hyat & landau" , "P.L."
Their phone number has three (3) sixes (6's) aka "666"
That should give anyone a hint.

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I had a debt with BofA here in Florida that was sent to Hayt, Hayt and Landau. I went to court set up a payment plan and couldn't get a hold of them forever, now they have sent me a court signed doc saying that i need to send them info about my personal expenses. I'm trying to contact them to see what we can work out but whatever extension i hit it just goes offline. Any help on what i can do so they don't garnish my wages. I heard that they can garnish the primary head of household but i don't know much about the law.

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i been trying to get recipt on the debts i been paying

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HEY ANONYMOUS -- you're a fool ! Hayt, Hayt & Landau IS A LAW FIRM!!!!! Check with your local Bar Association or State Supreme Court before you start making dumb and incorrect assertions or you can find yourself sued for defamation. In fact there are Hayt, Hayt & Landau law firms in Florida, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Real lawyers.... real lawsuits...... real trials..... and real garnishments if they get a judgment, especially if you don't pay back government backed student loans

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if what you're saying is true, get a lawyer and file a counterclaim against the College, violation of the FDCPA, and consider suing the NJ Higher Ed Student Assistance Authority

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you're dead wrong -- Hayt, Hayt & Landau IS a law firm, they have licensed attorneys in many states (FL, NY, NJ, PA). They will sue you and they will go to court. Are you ready for trial? Consider paying your debt.

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Well Happy New Year Troll! Why don't you take your "pay your bills" crap somewhere else?

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I received notice today from Hayt Hayt and Landau dated 1/10/11 that they would garnish my wages. I checked my bank account today and they have already placed a hold on my account. I am a single mother, I heard if you are head of household, they are unable to garnish your wages. Is this correct? How long will it take for them to release the hold on my bank acct? The debt is for an old Capital One credit card that was charged off in 2001, I've paid this law firm $900 out of $2000 and is being told I still owe $2600? I dont understand. I am so pissed.

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Well... I haven't heard of any law stating that if you are head of household, then your creditors are unable to garnish your wages.You can have a word with an attorney in order to know if there is any such law in your state.

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Amber-do you live in Florida? If so, then yes if you are declared Head of Household then no they can not garnish wages up to a certain amount, not sure what it is now. Two years ago when we went through this, they tried to garnis my husbands check and they couldnt as he is Head of Household and made below the amount set by the state which then was $550-I have heard the amount has gone up to $750 but not positive about that. When was your last payment on the account, you said it was charged off in 2001-if so then its SOL unless you have made payments in the last 4 years-if you did it restarted the clock. Were you sued by them? If not then they cant garnish unless you were sued, they cant just go into and garnish bank accounts without having sued you first. They may not be able to garnish wages but they can empty bank accounts-close your accounts and have paychecks deposited onto a prepaid debit card-you can pay all bills out of that. But, it keeps them from getting into bank accounts-especially if they cant garnish wages if your head of household-they will be vicious then going after bank accounts thats why you need to close them if they cant garnish you.

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