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Me again dirt on Norfolk Financial corp.

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I did a lot of research on this company who is suing

His name is Daniel W. Goldstone. He was disbarred in
2006 by the Supreme Judicial Court and can't practice
law for the next 8 years. He is not licensed to collect in the state of Massachusetts. He was sued by sears for $945,409 and dodged them for 5 years and eventually paid them only $89,000 according to the Supreme Judicial
Court ruling.

I found it funny that he has an employee who's name
is Maureen. I don't know her last name yet.
His lawyer is Maureen Forsyth, I don't know if there
is any relation.

all this information about him is here if anyone has
problems with this company.

If you do a search on his name or go to and do a search on Norfolk Financial Corp, you will find a load of information.

If you wanted to attack his character, assuming it becomes an issue in court.

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OK I think I stated before that on my Trans Union credit report it now shoes Norfolk Financial Corp as account closed. I disputed this company with Experian and today is 30 days. I know it might take a few more but if it gets deleted, and they try to sue again, I can get the case thrown out right? I know it will be hard for them to sue again because I already got a judgment of dismissal.

Also will Experian send the information about deletion to Trans union and equifax or would I have to dispute it with them too?

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OK it has been over 30 days and I haven't heard anything from Experian yet. Also I sent a DV letter to them and they still updated my credit report in JUNE. They didn't change the amount due though.

Whats going on here? I still haven't got validation yet from their attorney. What if they come back as verified from Experian?

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OH DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

The attorney for Norfolk Financial Corp sold out. Maureen Forsyth no longer has the law firm. It is now under the name of:
Carl Brugnoli or Law Office Of Carl Brugnoli

I was looking up her business under the Massachusetts corporations SOS and she is no longer listed.

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They are pissing me off. It came back this time as reviewed. In january the date opened was 5/2005, I disputed it and it came back verified and the date changed to 12/1999 then back to 5/2005 and now again back to 12/1999. Should I pursue legal action against them for this? I sent the DV letter before I disputed the entry and never got anything, also They tried to sue me without providing 30 days to dispute I got a dismissal without prejudice. What kind of game are they playing?

Address:2130 MENDON RD STE 3-321
No phone number available
Account Number:
Original Creditor:COMPUCREDIT

Status:Collection account. $3,128 past due as of Jun 2008.

Status Details:This account is scheduled to continue on record until Oct 2011.

This item was verified and updated on Jun 2008.

Date Opened:12/1999

Reported Since:08/2006

Date of Status:08/2006

Last Reported:06/2008
Monthly Payment:$0
Credit Limit/Original Amount:$1,932
High Balance:NA
Recent Balance:$3,128
Recent Payment:$0

Account History:
Collection as of Jun 2008, apr 2008, Nov 2007 to Mar 2008, Dec 2006 to Jul 2007, Oct 2006, Aug 2006

Your Statement:
Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act).

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Should I pursue this before bankruptcy? I really don't know if it's mine and haven't been provided with anything to say it's mine. If I declare bankruptcy and include it, thats like I am admitting it's mine now.

What should I do?

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I just wanted to clarify some of the mis-information which has been posted on this site.

Yes, the maximum small claim amount in MA is $2000.00. BUT there is no law/rule stating that ANYONE who files a small claim suit may waive damages they are owed OVER AND ABOVE the 2000.00 limit.

(it's strange, that people are upset about only having to pay 2000.00 or less even though, their (admitted) balance was over 3000?)

Further, if you were served in September at your current residence and THEN MOVED 3 months later, you were not sued in the improper venue and therefore is not grounds for dismissal.

Basically, I'm sure that if you do in fact owe the money, which it sounds like the posters, do. Just settle or set up payment plans, that probably is the quickest way to start getting your credit report back up to snuff.

The energy spent trying to get around paying your debt back would be better spent paying your debt back!

It's sad and ironic that some of the things you people are accusing these companies of, such as dishonesty, aren't you being dishonest denying the debt that you have admitted here is your debt?

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I think SOME people are dishonest, but there are many more genuine people who HONESTLY don't know if a debt is theirs.

If a collection agency won't (or can't) provide the proper paperwork (which they are legally required to furnish anyway), how can someone find out if a debt is theirs or not?

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smo65d11 smo65d11

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Why cant the person also check their records, why is it everyone elses responsibility to do what is probably right at their fingertips?

It is sooo typical now that people just sit back and demand demand demand...take some time to review their own information and refresh their memory as to what THEY CHARGED. Verifcation of debt is not the history of the account ie what they charged, it is the opening date last payment date orginal account number and original creditor.

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