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404-965-0007 - is this number from Vandenberg chase & Associates?

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I rec'd a message on my home phone from a lady at Vandenberg Chase & Associates saying she needs to talk to me re: a pending lawsuit against me. I googled their number and found out this place is a scam. They threaten people with "lawsuits" and tell them they need to pay otherwise a warrant for their arrest will be issued. Apparently this company purchases oold debts from other CA's and they try to threaten people into paying them.

I know for a FACT that all of my collections have been paid, so there is no way I could owe them. I called the lady back and left a message telling her she doesn't scare me and if this is a legitimate debt, then they need to contact me in writing. So, today, this lady left another v/m for me asking if i could call her back to give her my address. I'm like WTF?! Yeah right! I told her never to call me again and that I reported the company to the FTC, which I did yesterday.

Has anyone dealt with these scum bags before? Does anyone have an address for them so that I can send them a c and d letter?


They do have a website: There is a contact us link at the bottom, but when I click on it, I get an error page.

I found this on a job listing that they have at Georgia Tech University: "We are located in King Plow Arts Center on West Marietta Street, less than a mile from Georgia Tech campus." The listing also says they are in Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps if anyone has access to an Atlanta phone book, they might be listed?

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alias1958 alias1958

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This is one unprofessional outfit. I contacted the FTC and spoke with an agent earlier this week. The woman I spoke with told me that they have received numerous complaints about Vandenberg. Why am I not surprised?

Last week a woman from Vandenberg Chase & Associates called here and before she ever identified herself or her company, she demanded to know my name and social security number claiming that she had a warrant for my arrest in connection with check fraud. I had to laugh. The woman had absolutely no idea she had reached an attorney who knows the law and knows that she was in violation of the fdcpa by her use of threatening and abusive language. When I called her out and told her that I knew she was a debt collector, she stated she was with the legal dept. of Vanderberg and immediately began mumbling. The script she was working from didn't provide her with an option for my situation i.e. "what to say when you realize that you are talking to an attorney." I hung up.

Within less than 60 seconds one of her co-workers called here again (guess they figured I don't have Caller ID) and asked to verify my employment. Again I laughed and hung up. I guess these tactics work on the unfortunate general public who know nothing about their rights under the law.

I decided to fax a cease and desist to them. When I dialed their fax number, I got a recording saying the line had been disconnected. So I contacted them, was put on and off hold for nearly 10 minutes until the famous "Chris" got on the line. Mr. "Chris" attempted in vain to avoid answering my question when I requested that he verify his fax number. When I identified myself as an attorney, he finally got serious, turned on his fax line and my fax was able to go thru.

As soon as they received my fax, they called back immediately to tell me that they were turning my "case" over to their legal department. At that point I was ROTF LMAO because the first brain dead woman who contacted me clearly stated she was with the "legal department" when I pressed her for identification.

These jokers have a real scam going here and don't let yourself be a victim of it. Vandenber has their fax line forwarded to another line with an answering machine that answers: "the number you have reached is not in service, please check to see that you are dialing the correct number, blah, blah, blah." All Vandenberg did was call an out of service number, recorded the "out of service" message and THEN set it up on an answering machine. Gotta hand it to them--quite clever!! What a bunch of slimey p*r*i*c*k*s these people are!

Folks, all you have to do when these sleaze balls call is fax a cease and desist letter to them at: 404-249-9599. Keep your fax machine's transmission verification for evidence. They can call you back one more time to tell you (1) they are ceasing collection efforts, (2) they can take legal action against you or (3) they are taking legal action against you. That's it--no more phone calls are allowed. If they do continue to contact you, record them for evidence and contact the FTC and file a formal complaint.

Don't lose any sleep over their threats either. This small time outfit doesn't have the funds to take people to court for small amounts. It would cost them more in legal fees than they could ever hope to recover.

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Here is their address (from their website):

Vandenberg, Chase & Associates
2870 Peachtree Rd, STE 492
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404.249.1099
Fax: 404.249.9599

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Somebody needs to spray that place of business down with roach spray.

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I totally agree with you guys I was threatened as well, but then I joined Sterlla Corley????????s Karate Academy and now I have self confidence, Perseverance, Determination, and a Positive Attitude. It can help me in defending myself from collection agencies and Phone Scammers! I pay only $70 a month; I think you all should join, I know I????????m a new person now and I can never be threatened over the phone anymore. Thanks to Sterlla and my other sensei's!!

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I received a called from this company today and it scared the sh--out of me. I told them they got the wrong number and then they called my sister who is on vacation in Mexico somewhere. She called me and asked what was going on that I was involved in some fraud and that she was too.
I quickly called the number back and the person answering the phone didn't know what I was talking about. I asked for the lawyer who called me-she stated that they were not a law firm but proceded to help me. Later, some guy gets on the phone and begin firing questions at me alone with threats. Finally, I ask if I could have the name of his company then I went on to say that your company violated my rights as a citizen, ethical rights and I'd like to speak with his supervisor. This guy name "Rodney Tab" fumbles and went right back into his spill-I knew right then and there something was odd about this so called Law Firm. I stuck to my script "may I speak with your supervisor because my rights were violated-my personal information was discussed with one of my references. He had no where to go but more fumbling. At last after being on hold till the Paralegal get's on the phone "Mark Robertson"-he starts in with the same style of hard nose verifing information and threats of law suits and legal worries. I remained firm with my need to have information on their company-which he would not provide. Mark ask why, do I have an attorney, what and I going to do with the information, am I going to "blow up his fax machine with all kinds of non-scense. I ask again, what's the address where you are-nothing. He ask, are you going to pay this debt are do we have to sue. I said, do what you think is best. Dial tone.

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document the phone call and the actions. If they were a real attorney preparing to sue they would be much much more circumspect. From their website it looks like they are a CA, which means they have to follow the fdcpa. by law they must send you something in writing within 5 days of first contact, when you get it, DV letter time. if you don't get it and they call again document it. their website touts their membership in the ACA, so file and ethics complaint with the ACA, heck go to and find an attorney in your area and see about filing suit.

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jj jj
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If Vandenberg Chase and Associates call again, verify that you are indeed the person they are calling for, verify your mailing address and tell them you expect their dunning letter w/in 5 days. Then end the call. Do not engage them in any conversation beyond that and do not answer if they call again. When they send the dunning letter, send the a DV letter in response. Do you know what alleged debt they are collecting on? What state do you live in?

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I have been receiving calls 2 to 3 times a week on my home phone and cell phone regarding a debt from 2005. I looked them up on the internet and realized that they were a CA. Last week they really scared me telling me that they were seeking a warrant for my arrest for "theft by check." They told me that I needed to pay $650 for a $200 debt in 2005. When I asked why it was so much more they stated that it was because they had to investigate my whereabouts for the warrant. I was so scared so I called an attorney I know who use to be a DA here in Houston, Texas. He gave me some information about my rights and told me to contact the Attorney General's office. Today they called again and the lady told me she was in the arbitration department and she wanted to make payment arrangements with me. She said her job was to research my place of residence, employment and my banking information. She wanted to settle for $450.00 instead of the $650.00. She told me that if I don't make some arrangements today they would proceed with garnishment of my wages. She told that when this happened I would not be able to pay my bills or my mortgage. She also stated that they would add $2600.00 to my bill for attorney's fees. I should not have engaged in conversation with her and gotten upset but I did. I told her I don't have the money. She acted as if she was speaking to a lawyer but I could hear them talking. She told the lady that I could not make arrangments and was there anything else that could be done before they garnish my wages. She asked if I had a credit card and I told her that I have not had a credit card in probably 15 years. She again acted as if she was talking to the lawyer and said that I stated I didn't have a credit card but that I do have one. We didn't get anywhere so she put a supervisor on the phone. She basically told me that this was a "theft by check" and not a loan. She wanted to help me clear this up before legal action was taken. She wanted me to give her my debit account numbers. I refused and we ended the call. After talking to the attorney general's office I filed a complaint with them and the FTC. The FTC said that if they get too many complaints they will investigate and take action so if this company has threated you report them. I also called the Consumer Credit Commission at 800-538-1579. They helped to ease my mind and they told me to send a "cease and desist" letter to them. Another place they told me to call is the American Collector Association at 800-957-3328. They have a website too. These people are really scary!

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I was contacted by a "Stephanie" from 404-682-9404. I called back, asking for her with the case number they left on my voice mail. The woman I spoke to put an aggressive, threatening male on the phone. He said if I didn't pay them $500 for a 2005 $230 debt to Ace Cash Express, they would haul me into court and have the sheriff issue a summons. He said that writing a bad check is fraud, and I could go to jail. When I told him I am unemployed, he told me that the call was being recorded, and it could be used against me. He complained that I told him twice that I was unemployed. Duh, he didn't seem to get it the first time! I told him that he was the one yelling. He denied this. He urged me to extort money from family and friends to pay him immediately. After much harrassment and many threats, he finally said if I sent them $100 or $200 within 4 days, he would forestall the lawsuit. I will contact the FTC, BBB, CCA, and the AMC. This company needs to be shut down asap!

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