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Do not accept any calls from national affidavit processing division. Or vision asset management group or first shore.

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DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CALLS FROM NATIONAL AFFIDAVIT PROCESSING DIVISION. OR VISION ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP OR FIRST SHORE. NATIONAL AFFIDAVIT PROCESSING DIVISION calls and threatens you with legal action saying they are calling because a company is threatening to file criminal charges against you. THEY ARE PHONY. I asked for the company they represent and they refused to tell me the name of the parent company. which by Law I am entitled to. When I told them I knew the law they then gave it to me. VISION ASSET MANAGEMENT GROUP is a fake company. They do not exist anyplace on the internet or real life. They call and tell you the same crap as the aforementioned company. This company however folds quickly when you tell them you are allowed by law a copy of the original contract and you will not pay or agree to anything until you receive it. they tell you they cannot provide a copy until you make arrangements. you tell them you want the name of the company who hired them so you can get a copy. they try to dissuade you. yell at you and tell you you will be sorry if you don't talk to them. BUT DO NOT BACK DOWN. I contacted the original collection department and they were very helpful and said they still had my account and that anyone saying they were calling representing them was a fraudulent company and to report them immediately

All I know is that they have been calling me on a bogus debt for awhile with a bunch of lies about what they say they are going to do which is all a bunch of illegal nonsense in my state. Then they call my almost 80 year old mother who has never even had a debt in her life to scare her, which is completely illegal. But you can't call them back because they have the phone set with an outgoing message that it has been disconnected which is a total lie in itself. Maybe people have a legitimate ax to grind and it's the people defending them who are fly by night themselves, or their current employees.

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Hi i would like to know is vision asset management out of wheatfield new york a legal company?

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There have been complaints about them - I believe they are a scam agency.

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