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Hi... we are wondering if our bank will modify our home after filing chapter 7,
Our Attorney has given the mortgage company permission to send us the modify app. We didn't include our car and home loan, 1rst. and 2nd. mortgages in the bankruptcy, we don't know if this helps or hurts. We have been current but from speaking with people we have decided to withhold payments so that they will take us seriously, also this is the same month we submitted our application for modification, we also stopped the same month making payment to our second mortgage and are wait for our Attorney to give them permission the send us a modify application. Can anyone help us with advice or let us know if we are doing it incorrectly? Thank you for any info. !

You are paying an attorney for legal expertise and you are coming to lay people for advise??? Do you not trust him?

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Just a bankruptcy attorney.

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Welcome Joyrose,

You should contact your lender and request them to let you know whether or not they will modify your loan. Remember, it is always the discretion of the lender whether or not he will consider your loan modification request.

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