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Recontrust Company: Why are they sending collection letters to you?

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Behind on my Bof A mortgage and now getting letters etc from Recontrust Company ? Anybody know why?

I live in NV as well, and have also been hammered by ReconTrust. My co-worker just sent me the article regarding the halt on foreclosures at the moment from the LV Sun. I am going through mediation at the end of February. And find this news totally fascinating. I really hope someone sticks it to BofA. They deserve everything they get.

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I assist a legal researcher with computer work who has created several documents to stop the foreclosures by ReconTrust, Wells Fargo, BofA, Chase Etc, what a scam on Americans. its sick whats going on and how much business we get. So far its working.

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It's good to know that :-)

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I am also a Country Wide Home Loans predatory lending victim and if you read your paper work from closing which they told me not to read through everything or I would be there all day and night. Being a first time homebuyer and the title company had an attorney there, I did not read as they turned to signature pages and asked me to sign here and here and here. You get it. What I did not know is that they did not have my correct income status, yes the broker fudged the numbers without my knowledge and committed wire fraud as well. Nothing has been done, even though I filed my complaint with the Attorney General's Office in the State of Illinois. They sued and received 8.6 billion and the homeowners are still sitting here waiting for the sheriff's department to kick us out.
After reading this you will know exactly how sick I am over this, after they sock me with 9.1 % interest on my good faith estimate and knowing that I had less than perfect credit I did say to much, I was told that I could refi after 6 months, no big deal right. Well I get to closing and the interest went up to 12%. Predatory Lending ... For a 156,514.44 Loan, they want me to give them in the end 586,563.78. There was no real possibility for me to refinance, I can't even get them to modify me and I was only behind one payment which was 1,629.32. If it were at 4.5% my payments would not be over $900. I have not had one lawyer who wants to stand up for us, why is that? Are they being paid off, I can't find anyone person who has not said that there was wrong doing here, but where are you to go for help in getting something done about this. If we were to go into a bank and rob them, we would spend most of the rest of lives in jail as punishment. The banks got bailed out and fined but where do we get justice for them tearing our lives apart. I am now on medication for anxiety and depression. Lost my job due to the crash of the economy and then my suv which was almost paid for. It never ends, they caused this whole economic downfall and they get away with it.
Anyone with advice please email me, all support is welcome.
Posting your email address in the open forum is against the TOS, therefore it has been removed. Shazzers.

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I know this is a late comment but our home was sold in an auction last June 2010, through Recon Trust. If you or anyone has any advise we would surely appreciate it. As we are still in our home, and are Not LEAVING OUR HOME!!
Thank you,
please email me at [email][/email]< br />

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I know this is a late comment but our home was sold in an auction last June 2010, through Recon Trust. If you or anyone has any advise we would surely appreciate it. As we are still in our home, and are Not LEAVING OUR HOME!!Thank you, Sammie

Eventually you will be evicted. My guess is that you have been living rent free for at least 6 months (probably more) before the foreclosure and now almost a year since. My advice, enjoy the free ride while you still can. Wish I could live rent free for 2 years. Oh, but wait. . . I pay my bills and didn't purchase a home I could not afford.

Stop finding excuses. If you were in default so be it, regardless of this "robo signing" crap. Take responsiblity for your failures and move on.

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You are an idiot

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First of all, I am sure these people paid all their bills and could afford their home at the time. Maybe they lost their jobs, got sick and could not work or a spouse died. Have you been hiding under a rock? The economy is really bad right now and people are suffering. I work in the credit industry and have seen people with 800+ scores drop to 500 because of layoffs & job closings. Bad things happen to good people. Watch out YOU may be next!!:mad:

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Absolutely, I agree with you. Job loss has affected the lives of the people drastically. With a low credit score and no job, the borrowers don't have any options to look out for.

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Okay folks. I had a Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. loan that was taken out May 2007. They are still to this day listed as my Lender on our mortgage. We all Know Bank Of Stinking America bought out Countrywide in 2008. And Yes, ReconTrust Company, N.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of...surprise surprise...Bank of America!!! They are headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA. Don't believe me and wanna see for yourself...check their website at s. Read the fine print.

Now, with all that divulged, let me bring you to some further research. Dig up your closing documents and look really hard at your Pooling and Servicing Agreement (commonly known as the PSA). If you had a Countrywide Home Loans mortgage, and Countrywide was listed as your lender, you probably have MERS Inc. (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.) listed as Mortgagee to act in a nominee capacity for Countrywide. We all know, MERS can't foreclose on jack squat, they don't have any financial interest in your property, they haven't lent you a dime, nor do they collect anything other than membership fees, which these big banks pay on behalf of dim witted employees to become "officers" under MERS to generate false documents and forge signatures. Now, if you look long and hard, you have a company (Countrywide) that was bought out by...Bank of America...whose trust is listed on I'd say several million home loans as....ReconTrust Company, N.A.!!! Bank of America has, and probably always will, be the owner of ReconTrust. Now, do you think for more than 2 seconds that this was just a coincidence?

Another avenue that can make a foreclose dead in the water is finding the pooling and servicing agreement for the trust (in many cases, ReconTrust was the trustee for Countrywide Financial Corp. who also uses the name Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.). Both CW Financial Corp and Countrywide home loans have the same exact address of 4500 Park Granada Blvd., Calabasas, CA 91302.

I have found an excellent website that gives you very explicit, detailed instructions on how to locate your Pooling And Servicing Agreement. This task is not for the faint of heart, because the SEC's website is a difficult one to navigate. However, for those up to the challenge, the directions on how to find your PSA with the SEC can be found online at There, on the home page, is a big, red link that clearly states "Finding Pooling And Servicing Agreement Is Key To Killing Your Foreclosure Case". Read what this man has to say, it's valuable stuff. And you will learn, much like I did, why doing this is important. Chances are that the trust that was set up that contained your loan was already paid out, expired, or the trust is null and void.

I can also tell you guys how the banks have already made a huge profit off of your home, sometimes tenfold, by simply reporting a default to your lender. it's alllll got to do with insurance, insurance you dunno you pay for, that's included in your annual percentage rate on your loan. It benefits your lenders and trustees in the event you do default, or in worse cases, foreclose. Chances are your home has already been "paid out" on an insurance claim, and now the servicers and trustees are trying to get paid again through the foreclosure sale. Another sad piece of information is that if your home doesn't sell for what is owed at the sherriff's sale, the servicer and/or lender CAN AND WILL come after you, the former homeowner, for the difference.

Do I sound BET I AM!!! Bank of America, or BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP has tried to foreclose on my home not once, not twice, but 3, yes THREE times!!! They have lost the original wet ink note, they have allowed the note and the mortgage to become separated, and they have lied to me for 2 solid years about a loan modification that I paid up front funds to process in 2009 when they tried to foreclose the first time. They accepted payments on a loan mod agreement they themselves sent me to have signed/notarized and send back a cashiers check for up front funds. They cashed 11 subsequent payments after that, and then in August 2010, decided to "cancel' the mod agreement out from under us, with no written or verbal correspondence. I spent the better part of the next 4 months trying to figure out "why". Only in December 2010 did one rep (probably the only one in the building with a soul) researched all notes on the account and figured out that back in December 2009 (an entire year prior) that the workout negotiator was supposed to have sent out an updated loan mod agreement for my husband and I to sign, because the one from 4 months prior had errors on it. Well, I'm here to tell ya, that updated loan mod doc never left their building. Nobody at that company, supervisors, csr reps, managers, etc. was willing to own up to their error and fix the problem. Nope, instead, they accepted payments (triple payments to be exact) from us from August 2010 up thorugh Feb. 2011. On Feb. 28, 2011 BAC Home Loans (bank of america's lovely loan servicing company) began foreclosure proceedings on my home.
I hired legal counsel in early May 2011, and BAC tried to deny that we had in fact hired attorneys because the signatures on the forms from the attorney's office didn't "match" what BAC had on file for us!!! Woah!
BAC, now BofA, has disregarded QWR's sent to them by the attorneys, they have only sent half the information that we have requested. I mailed them, on my own accord, a demand letter to see the original wet ink note to my home, and told them to include the investor and lender in this correspondence. NONE of them could come up with the wet ink note to my home!!!! They sent correspondence stating they couldn't find it, that they needed further time to "research" it's whereabouts, but they were going to attach a "copy" that should be sufficient.

My point is, if you are in foreclosure, it's not too late to stand up and fight for your home. Chances are, you fall into the pit with several million other homeowners who have found themselves at this juncture, through trickery and deception from a big bank. Armed wtih enough information and the will to learn, you can fight them. Don't give up!!! :)

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