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"Interstate Collections" is located somewhere in Jacksonville, Flordia.

Also, the same switchboard operator who use to work for Ted, at Ellis Crosby & Associates, is now working at Interstate.

Weird ain't it?

Phone number: 866-225-4872

Hopefully no one has to deal with them, as many are starting to get threatening calls from them.

It's also possible that they are called something else, but I was told by another forum member that they are "Interstate". Whoever they are, the switchboard operator is definitely the same person who answered "how can I dircect your call" for Ted Crosby.


Has any one heard of this agency? PNC Bank has put a account since 1998 into there hands and I don't remember having an account with PNC. Called PNC they told me they use this agency. Called the number back and the operator said another name and never connected me with the rep who called me.

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Here's some new news: 2710 Thomes Ave in Cheyenne is not the address for IWCB; it's the address of their agent that helped them become incorporated. So, are they only actually in Florida?

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I have some updates for you all:

I read in some other forum that Ellis Crosby used to collect for E Processing and EP Processing few months back. Since ECA was sued these payday lenders fired ECA from collection work. But ECA did not stop collecting at all, as usual, and continued calling EP and EPP customers.

Probably a new collection agency is working for EP and EPP now. If any one gets call for these accounts, make sure with your lender whether this agency has legal right to collect your debts. But EP and EPP have no online identity. They are not there in BBB db.

IWCB might have branches in different location; they are using scaring collection tactics. Complain against them, so that they undergo a review.

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What organization is the best to complain to about IWCB?


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Since Federal Trade Commission defines the rules of consumer affairs and protects consumers' rights, I think this is the best place to file your complaint.

Also contact BBB and your Office of Attorney General of your state in this connection.

Hope it helps; please keep us updated in this matter.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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Okay, I filed my complaint with the FTC. Now, I've seen posts that indicate that Ted Crosby does own IWCB. How can this be validated?


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lisa1967, many people in this forum have been told by their attorney that ICWB is being run by Ted Crosby. In fact, Ted Crosby also used Anthony Galloway and Associates to do the collections. All these are the fake names of the same company run by Ted Crosby. Be cautious if you hear from them.

You can get some more information about them in the BBB website and the Florida attorney general's office. You will get these facts confirmed.

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My wife just rcvd another call this time from Interstate Wire Compliance Bureau at number 866-225-4872 & some other guy no name would be given from a 800-664-0596 x8. Mr. Seymor from IWCB left another threatening message. This other guy that called first states that he rcvd this file from IWCB and that he is attempting to collect a debt. Then I ask for a phone number that actually works for IWCB and he then changed his story stating that he did not know who that company was. I filed a complaint to FTC but I want to file one with the BBB but without an address I can't. This company is not even in their database. What else can I do?

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IWCB is not listed with BBB till date. You can contact the Office of Attorney General in your state and file your complaint there.

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I just want you all to know that this is a fraud company they have an address for Cheyenne Wyoming however they are located in Florida. The guy is very rude and that is no such company. They are under investigation with the FBI. Also i have file a claim with my state OAG and i am going to be doing one with the BBB because they have fraudulently got my $200 as well and i will see to it that they pay and pay hard.

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