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"Interstate Collections" is located somewhere in Jacksonville, Flordia.

Also, the same switchboard operator who use to work for Ted, at Ellis Crosby & Associates, is now working at Interstate.

Weird ain't it?

Phone number: 866-225-4872

Hopefully no one has to deal with them, as many are starting to get threatening calls from them.

It's also possible that they are called something else, but I was told by another forum member that they are "Interstate". Whoever they are, the switchboard operator is definitely the same person who answered "how can I dircect your call" for Ted Crosby.



Since you have been browsing through this forum for quite some time, I assume that you are aware of the fdcpa laws and know how to deal with such collection agencies. If you have any queries, feel free to post it here.

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ben ben

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I got a call today from that same number or that's the number they told me to reach them at, however it was a 904 number that came up on the phone.

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There id very little information on this company. There is nothing on the BBB. And the only thing that comes up is something from the site. When you call them back it is a recording that answers and they don't even state the companies name. It just says to leave your name and number and someone will call you back. When they called me, their number came across as "call from private". So that tells me that they have their number blocked on purpose. Basically the women I spoke to stated that they company I had the loan with was a bank and I was a thief and that I was stealing. She said it was basically like going to Wal-mart and intentially writing a bad check.....So Iw as a thief.

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Htgt123 Htgt123

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Roxette, I have called the original agency that I have been sending payments to on this account and they informed me that Interstate Wire is the same as the Ellis & Crosby and they have been shut down and the FBI is investigating them - he states that they have gone out on the Internet and gathered account info from Accounts Receivable Technologies and are calling those people demanding money (cash only - wired to them) and they keep the money for themselves. He told me they are a fraud and to disregard them. He stated again that the FBI was investigating, but not sure how quick that will be..

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receeived call from a Howard Westbury from above co.stating if i did not money gram $479 i was having criminal charges against me.
stated he represented Premiere co.

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Hi glorydz

Read the post of JenniferC just above your previous post. You will realize that Interstate Wire Compliance Bureau is the same as Ellis Crosby and they are undergoing legal actions.

Do not send any money to the company. They will pocket your money and you will have to bear this loss. Contact your original lenders and see if you can make payment arrangements with them.


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roxette roxette

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I recieved a call from these people and they are the same as ellis crosby & anthony galloway out of jacksonville, fl. They told me to wire money to cheyenne wy. When i checked directory assistance they are not listed in that state.their 800 number is always answered by someone else other than the collector. You can never be transferred to the collector as he is always in a meeting and will have to call you back. I wonder why. Yes ted ellis crosby is still being illegal ted. This time you go down and i am not paying your company. I will contact the payday lender.
Almost a victim

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I just received messages at home and at work from a Katherine Rogers, my daughter answered and said this woman asked her if I was still employed with my company, my daughter told her "yes" and she said I was in alot of trouble, to have me call her back as soon as possible, so I called back, and a guy answered claiming Ms. Rogers stepped for an hour, to call back then, I asked the exact name of the company where they were located, which is Cheyenne, Wy and what they do, he told me, they do various things but didn't go into details. To my curiousity, I thought I'd check this out online with the BBB, no such name in Cheyenne, Wy. Should I call this lady back? The no. she gave: 866.759.4158.

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I wrote about these people a few weeks back. I told him they were frauds and he hung up on me, I continued to call to "harrass" them and they wouldn't answer or left me on hold, who cares their dime not mine. I told them I filed a complaint with the FTC and would be more than happy to go to the FBI as I have two recorded messages from them. They told me I was a thief and they would sobpoena my employer and take my hard drive from my computer. I told them when they called back to bring it on because they met someone on their level. I don't deal with any collection agency, prefer to deal with the original creditor always send a cease and desist. I do not shrug my financial responsibilities, just going through some tough times right now...

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Roxette, I read a prior post written by you to a Mr. Amazement. I was shocked, I have dealt with collection agencies, legitimate ones. I have made arrangements, paid on time with the agreement they would not put on my credit. I try not to let my bills get to that point but sometimes they do.... Thanks for all the info.

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