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"Interstate Collections" is located somewhere in Jacksonville, Flordia.

Also, the same switchboard operator who use to work for Ted, at Ellis Crosby & Associates, is now working at Interstate.

Weird ain't it?

Phone number: 866-225-4872

Hopefully no one has to deal with them, as many are starting to get threatening calls from them.

It's also possible that they are called something else, but I was told by another forum member that they are "Interstate". Whoever they are, the switchboard operator is definitely the same person who answered "how can I dircect your call" for Ted Crosby.


Mikey, I agree... If the debt is legit and owed, take care of it your credit only suffers if you don't. What I have a problem with are these scam artists.

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I am not sending htem anything making any type of payment arrangement with them until they validate the debt.
Is that what I should do?

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dkoen2001 dkoen2001

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My brother has just recieved a phone call from them claiming to be out of Cheyenne Wyoming... Wanting him to send cash for his debt... and debt that he isn't sure he made... some quick cash pay day loan... if he did make it he made it years ago... I did some looking into it... because the companies this interstate said he owed the debt to i couldn't find even existed... so i found this site... I've seen phone numbers posted on here... and its the same number he has... hes afraid of what may happen if he doesn't pay this debt... any advice?

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Make them validate the debt, they have to by law... I believe there is a validation letter out here somewhere but I don't recall where Mikey can help you with that one.

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The problem with Interstate though is no one has a legitmate address to send a validation letter to, you will have to tell them via phone conversation to do so. I wish someone could give find an address for them....

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They will not give phone numbers to the company they say he owes money to... saying hes making excuses not to pay... so does he call and just ask them to validate the debt?

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Yes, if they are legit they will send a letter stating who the original creditor is and what the amount of his debt, I can guarantee you he will not hear from them again. As said in all the forums there are no debtor's prison you can't go to jail or be arrested for a debt, they will try anything to get you to send them money. They will threaten and harrass you repeatedly until you let them know you are on to their game. If your brother owes the debt, call the original creditor and ask them who they sent it to, if they didn't make arrangements with them to take care of it. Best route to go I believe. I know it's intimidating but try not to let them get to you

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They said the debt was sent by 2 companies... epayday... which i tried to email... but the email would not go through it no longer exist... and the other one doesn't seem to even exist...

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The lady gave a name of Katherine Rogers

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my brother said hes just going to forget about it.. and not worry about it... they won't validate the debt... now they keep calling from a private number... is that the best thing... or should he keep on them?

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