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"Interstate Collections" is located somewhere in Jacksonville, Flordia.

Also, the same switchboard operator who use to work for Ted, at Ellis Crosby & Associates, is now working at Interstate.

Weird ain't it?

Phone number: 866-225-4872

Hopefully no one has to deal with them, as many are starting to get threatening calls from them.

It's also possible that they are called something else, but I was told by another forum member that they are "Interstate". Whoever they are, the switchboard operator is definitely the same person who answered "how can I dircect your call" for Ted Crosby.


Interstate Wire Compliance Bureau was trademarked/registered on 10/27/2005

Ted Crosby Anthony Galloway Interstate Wire Compliance Bureau

same company, same location, new dba, new 'dummy' company, new wyoming phone numbers

Link made inactive as per forum rules - Vikas

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This person by the name of Liz Wade, told me that Eagle Federal Bank is located in Wy. and when I checked the yellow and white pages in Mississippi no listing came up for Eagle Federal Bank for Savings
no bank by the name of Eagle Federal or with Eagle Federal in the title/name came up at all.
Even 411 did not have a listing with either.

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Has anyone heard of or done business with this payday loan company?

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I got a call from them yesterday at my Job. They acted like they were a Federal authority. Now true I do owe the debt but they are threatening taking my PC from where I made the transaction from which is my work computer to get the Hard Drive for verification. Tell me what I can do to stop them they have called me again this morning telling me that if they did not get the money that had a letter to send to my office so they could get my work CPU.

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My number was 1-866-759-4158. The first person I talked to was William Jones then I was transfered to a Ms. Atler, Mr. Jones Supervisor who knew nothing about my account. Now Ms. Atler had a lot of info on me. She then Transfered me to a lady by the name of Cora. All the same as everyone else Go to Walmart do a Blue and White Money Gram form. Code is 4192 Interstate Wire Compliance Bureau, Cheyenne Wy. with a ref number. I just need a little guidance in what to do.

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You should ask for debt validation first. You have the right to claim some written document before sending MO.

Don't forget to keep all the documents of your correspondence safely. It will help you to defend yourself if they come up with some illegitimate demand in future.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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how can they do business if they are in a law suit with ellis and crosby

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I was under the impression that Interstate and Interstate Compliance were two different companies. Interstate Compliance is located in WY, apparently, and is having their money sent that way (if you did a MoneyGram payment). This doesn't always mean that this is where the calls are going.

Speaking of Ted Crosby, does anyone have any new information about them. Where they went to hide?


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Teleport Teleport

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[quote= dawnie18]how can they do business if they are in a law suit with ellis and Crosby
That is why they are in law suit. Remember the days when ECA was suspended for its illegal activities. Did it really stop them from collection? ECA just continued harassing people.

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4u.bryan 4u.bryan

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They aren't hiding. They are still at 4494 Southside Bouelvard (Suite 200). They are using cell phones mostly right now (Hence the Wyoming numbers, but calling from Florida)

With $15, you can do a cell phone reverse lookup and get the complete information on them. I believe for another $30 (Online agencies vary in price), you can get their complete calling log for that billing cycle as well. I'd post links for such services, but apparently that's a no no.

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