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Does anyone know the contact information for JVC Processing? I would like to contact them to pay my loan in full, but cannot find the number or address.


I have 3 paydays loans...One is with Ameri Loan for $150.00 The other is with United payday loans for $150.00 and I just got one today with JVC for $150.00...All of the payments are do due in the 13th...Am I able to change the pay back date...Eva

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Shells...JVC is an you cant cease them.

OP...I used the search box above


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you know i had a issue i try calling also to pay of my account and i received a harrasment called and they told me creapy calls and they made me do laters faxing them if i did not pay 965.65 they were going to sue me for $8,900

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I've had other payday loans and haven't had one issue. I have with JVC and never received my contract verbally or via email. I finally was just able to get in touch with them and they informed me that the $$ that has been coming out every 2 weeks has simply been interest nothing towards my loan. I got a $200 loan and they have so far taken $450!!!!!!!!!! I said I never received anything explaing that that was how it worked, my understanding was part of the bi-weekly amount was interest and the remainder went toward the loan (the way all of the other companies I've used did it) The lady informed me I was told and I did receive a contract and blah blah. She was extremely rude. It's my fault for doing this in the first place and I can't blame anyone else. But as I said before I've used 2 other companies that were excellent. If you have to use a payday loan service don't use JVC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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here is their fax # 877-877-8895

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I made a mistake of getting a loan from Jvc,and after reading the document they e-mailed me I saw that they put down the wrong pay dates, I called them to try and correct this and the lady told me that I never took out a loan with them,but now my bank statements are showing a loan from ashland enterprises who are now taking $75 from my account every pay day because I was'nt able to make to pay off the loan in full,can anyone help me with this, I am begining to think they are a scam also

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receive a call saying the are trying to collected so I gave them my debt card number oop. so I check al my bank that I had in 2012 but could not find where I too out a loan for 300 dollars call them back and they would not give me anything except that I too out a loan with jvc cannot get in touch with them so the lady on the phone say that she will cancel the 300 I am support to pay on jan 2 2016. I cancel my debt card so this company will not get fund. what can I do

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