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LVNV Funding LLC: What to do if you find them on your credit report

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I noticed on my credit report that there is a company called LVNV Funding LLC for $3195. The address and phone number are PO Box 10584, Greenville SC 29603-0584 and the LVNV Funding LLC phone number listed is 866-464-1183.

When I enter the lvnv funding phone number, (866) 464-1183 on the BBB website, it comes up with a Houston, TX address.

Has anyone dealt with this company? Have you heard of lvnv funding complaints?


whtlion, welcome on the board! You have offered your help to the people right from your first post. This is really great. We all will appreciate you showing active participation here and suggest with valuable ideas.

The debt collectors mainly prey on the innocent people who do not know much about handling their debt related problems. SOL is one of the weakest weapons for the debt collector when people are aware about the laws and the debt goes out of the statutes. It is a must that we should not make any payment without checking the SOL. Sometimes, age old debts do not need to stay in the credit report after 7 years. They also get deleted from the credit report after this period. But a collector suddenly contacts a person with this account and the person pays them in panic. This is all that the collector wanted. Not only the SOL has been renewed on this debt and all the legal collections have been valid, but also, this account will confirm its negative stay in the credit report for another set of years. And the worst part is that you will have to pay it in order to avoid any legal actions.

Know the statutes in your state before making any payment agreement.

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david david

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Yes. There is something fishy about this company. I just found out yesterday that this company is on my credit report--original creditor Walmart. I've never had a credit card w/Walmart ever. I finally got thru to this LVNV at 866-464-1183. They claim they need a copy of a picture ID, my Soc Security Card, and a police report. No way am I sending that to them. Heed my advice everyone. If you are going to report the entry as fraud, do so through Equifax and Transunion. They are reputable and may ask for those identification documents. Don't pay anything on it because you could be held liable for the account. It will take some time before it is wiped off your report.

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Hi lisalee,

Involve Walmart also in this verification process regarding the account. Under the federal laws, your credit report should display your actual credit history. These unknown entries can hurt your credit scoring in the long run. Write letters to the credit company as well as the collection agency for verifying the said account. If they can't prove any info, you can explain their failure to validate the account to the credit bureau. The strong reasons given by you will force them to verify the item with the information provider. If they don't hear anything about this account within 30 days, it must be removed from your file.


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roxette roxette

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This company called me about a month ago and told me of an amount of $167 for charges from MCI. They could not give me the account number, the phone number it was linked to or any other information about it other than it was from around 1996 to 1998.
I told them this was not my account. I do remember MCI changing my long distance service with-out my permission back in the 1990's a processing called slamming. I had to file some paper work and AT & T got my service restored. They tried to bill be for some amount and I refused it! I never heard about it again. This was all over 7 years ago and closer 10. Now of course it shows up on my credit report this month. I told them that I disputed the amount yet they did not put this in my credit report. I called them and spoke with some pushy rude person who said he would settle for $65.00 and would clear my credit up???. Sounds like they just want money, no matter what and what a great way to blackmail people. Reporting this to the big 3 gives them leverage to collect. It doesn't matter to them if it's fair, right or even legal! They don't care???.
I have it in dispute with all 3 reporting agencies and also have filed a complaint with the FTC.
I'm also contacting my State's Attorney Generals Office.
I don't see how they can place something on my report from over 7 years ago.
I guess if it was just now placed for collection then it could remain for 7 more years???
I also can't see how they can do this with no account# no statement of account or even the phone number it was linked to.

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I guess if it was just now placed for collection then it could remain for 7 more years???

The stay of the negative information in the file is for 7 years only beginning from the date of first delinquency. If an account is turned to collection and later gets paid by you, the credit file will somewhat improve reflecting 'paid collection'.

Draig, do not pay anything to this account. A single mistake from your side will make you responsible for this debt. The FCRA laws guarantee its removal from the file after 7 years. The collection agency has hit your file without legitimate purpose. Your dispute with the credit bureau will give positive results for your credit.

Collectors have the rights to enter remarks in your file if they have valid info. If they hit the file without legitimate purpose, the item needs to be disputed and as a result, removed from the file.

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david david

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Knowing that LVNV funding purchased the debt for pennies on the dollar, what are a debtors rights as far as negotiating a settlement amount for much less than the original debt?

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Sometimes the collection agencies offer the settlement amount with a lower payoff. Or you can call them and know the actual details of your account. If the debt has not been sold, you can still pay to the creditors. If LVNV has purchased the debt, you will have to pay them only. Explain them that you wish pay off the account with them and would like to see it updated as 'paid' in your file. Do not agree for 'settled' status in your file. Negotiate with them for a 'paid'. This will be good for your credit. Settled is a negative remark and will stay in the file for 7 years. Besides, it will lower the credit scores. If you can negotiate with them in better terms, you can get the desired results.

Do all your correspondences with the company through certified mail with return receipt requested. This way, you will have everything documented in a file and will be able to prove your part of the actions.

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john john

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angel hawkins (280-72-****)_
508 main st.
oakwood, ohio 45873

lvnv funding llc
p.o. box 10497
greenille, sc 29603-0584

Feb. 28, 2006

yes, could someone help me by sending me the total amount i owe for this matter. i would like to get this taken care of. and who is this matter pertaining to. thanks,

Personal info removed for your safety - Mike

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This is a community forum where we discuss various issues on our debt related problems. You have come in one of the discussions about LVNV funding taking place here. This is not the actual company you are looking for. Please forward your request to the mailing address of LVNV Funding requesting them to take care of the matter.

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david david

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Thank you to all of you! My husband has this on his credit report and I can not find any information on them! A company called providian credit card sold are debt to them but we have never had a card through providian! But how do I know if I have the right company??

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