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LVNV Funding LLC: What to do if you find them on your credit report

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I noticed on my credit report that there is a company called LVNV Funding LLC for $3195. The address and phone number are PO Box 10584, Greenville SC 29603-0584 and the LVNV Funding LLC phone number listed is 866-464-1183.

When I enter the lvnv funding phone number, (866) 464-1183 on the BBB website, it comes up with a Houston, TX address.

Has anyone dealt with this company? Have you heard of lvnv funding complaints?


I have heard that once a debt buyer purchases the account, they become first party collector they become the owner of the account, hence can bring legal action against the debtor.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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No. Under the fdcpa a debt purchaser is the same as a third party collector. Yes, they can sue, but most often cannot produce any evidence.

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I too just found them on my credit report. Since I have not recieved anything from them it was quite a shock. What are the federal laws concerning the 7 year statues? You had mentioned something about activity on the account. Activity by whom? Thank- you for any imput you can give me...Chell

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DOL: date of last activity is the date when you made the last payment for this account SOL clock starts from this date. Every state has its specific statutes of limitation. So you have to check when the account will be declared uncollectible legally. You can check this thread also-


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curlycarl curlycarl

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To Whom it May Concern,

My credit rating was negatively affected by your entry to the 3 National Credit Bureaus. My dispute with you is that I didn't have a account with Sears in 2003. This is false information reported on my account. The account ifformation that I recieved is:
Date opened - 06/2003
Account # - xxxxxxxxx
Type - Installment
Credit Limit - $2,584
This has to be someone else's account, because I haven't dealt with Sears in over 15 years. Please check this out and remove it from my credit reports. You can contact me at:

P.S. I don't want to take any legal actions on this, however; I need a reply this week.

John A. Bost, Sr.

The last 4-digits of my SS: xxxx

Your account #, home phone & address and your SS # deleted for your safety-Mike

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John, you have to send this letter to the credit bureaus through certified mail with return receipt requested. Otherwise it won't work. Hope you understand.

Also do not disclose your personal information in any open forum; any one can use it fraudulently. Thanks Mike for helping John protect his privacy.

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curlycarl curlycarl

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Hello! I just received a settlement offer from LVNV funding LLC and the addresses you listed does not even come close to what they have for me...I have FMS INC PO Box 707600 Tulsa, OK 74170-7600.. And i really don't know where the debt is coming from..And also is there an email for them cause I am in the military and stationed in IRAQ..

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for updating the address. You can search for them with BBB website to get a correct email address.

However, as you have their address, send them letters too because snail mails are good for evidence.

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stanley stanley

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I notice the same thing. Did you get any resolution

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i just found this on my credit report. i have never heard of them. its always something!

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