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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

I am ealing with this company. They called me early in the AM hours. I mean 5:45am AZ time. Yes they man threated me to pay now or they were going to seek other ways. I explain to him that I was in a hardship he replied you owe, $111,000. I can not pay you won't work with me and I can not pay the $200.00 a month anymore. I was paying them this amount, well I was without a job for 2 month due to the new baby. I had called them a day ago to cancel all auto-payments from by checking account. Anyway it is good to know I am not a lone.

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HE'S RIGHT.......

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Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2006 7:37 am???????? ????Post subject: I'm a collector
What you need to do is send a Certified Letter that states to the company in question to CEASE AND DESIST ALL COMMUNICATIONS. If they are still harrassing you file a complaint w/the FTC. Federal Trade Commission / The FTC is in charge of monitoring all debt collectors to make sure we are not abusing the debtors. I.E. saying we will sue you when we wont, garnish you etc. Also see the fdcpa= Fair Debt Collection Practices Act> this lists you rights and what we can't say or do to you.

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they called me and said that if i didn't pay them the whole balance in full, they would take a judgement against me. can they actually do that?

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yeah . they called me today and stated that there is a complaint filed against me .. they leave messages and threats.. what can I do I dont have the money if I did I would have paid ages ago..but really need to know if its true on the last comment about filing a judgement on you?

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Call them back and insult them!
Here are the owners' names and home numbers:
Ernest Pollack - 440-543-1387
Scott Pollack - 440-708-2354

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These rude and angry people call my house early in the morning and late at night. I told the rude employee that I would send something Friday and he told me they need the entire amount today. When I said I couldn't, he started badgering and screaming at me. I almost felt that if we were face to face he would have physically attacked me. I never dealt with an agency like this and I will rather face a judge, then to satisfy this rude employee by sending him one penny.

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yet they haven't brought it. The first time they called and threatened to take me to court, garnish my wages, and put a lein on my house, I was rattled. They offered me a settlement that had to be paid within two weeks. I told them I couldn't, made a fair counter-offer which they refused, then told them to go ahead and take me to court. They called back. I told them to take me to court. They called back. I told them to take me to court. You get the idea. I also called the company that actually OWNS the account and they said that no action was being taken and that if any legal action were taken, it would have to come from them, not NES. Anyway, no action has been taken, despite daily threats from their "legal department", and I am no longer rattled. In the mean time, I took it upon myself to send them about $800 over the course of 4 months. A lady actually called yesterday to tell me that I can't just decide how much I want to pay them. Hm... that's funny... you're cashing the checks and I haven't seen a summons yet, so yeah I think I CAN decide how much to send you. I will continue to pay them, but I refuse to deal with their repulsive reps.

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Hi all i am dealing with them now. I rec. a letter yesterday. we are trying to pay bills and clean up my husbands credit to buy a house. we are pretty sure we have all his past bills from credit cards paid. then we get this. they want us to pay almost 700.00 saying who the previous creditor is but we don't know this credit card and they won't give us the previous creditiors information to contact them they just expect us to pay the bill. one lady called us liars saying my husband knew exactly where the bill was from then hung up on me. i've been hung up on a few times today plus they have called 11times today and it's only 12:22pm right now. they wont return a call when you leave a message. one lady told me "honestly some people here don't even want to deal with it that's why they act that way" i told her that's no excuse it's their jobs and it's not good customer service at all. i tried calling the BBB of cleveland and they are closed till 12:30 believe me i'll be calling them back.

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It was one of the most humiliating phone calls I ever had! After a two year court battle from a traffic accident, I explained on 12/18/2006, they call me to try to settle before the end of the year. My traffic court thing has Atorney's. Anyway they said just to try to get the money by 12/29/2006, and I said I would, then they said but you have to give us the routing and checking number before we hang up or we will have to go to legal proceedings against you. This guy was super nice, he also said that if I did not have the funds in the bank at the 29th, then they would have to to do the legal filing. Today I received a call from a lady, don;t remember here name, but she continued to yell at me and pointed out how much money I make, and yelled out "pay your bills"!!! Then she said because the money was not in the account that they would now file a fraudulent charge against me!!! My heart felll to the floor!! I have offered to make three even payment over three Months but they won't do it! what can I do? I have researched over the net on this company and they have a bad reputation for this sort of behaivior.


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They called me today and told me that legal action was being taken against me; and get this I offered to pay the full amount. All I asked was for 3 days for the check to clear. Sadly they where unwavering. ???????I can't pay you what I don't have??????? I said. Then I asked if I can post date the check; they told me no I had to make a payment right there and then. No time, no check. Wouldn't it be in there best interest to work with the debtor?

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