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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

I was amazed this morning when the phone rang and the caller ID was blocked. First of all I have my home phone unlisted and all the privacy blocks on my phone. Yet they were able to get through on my phone. Another story though. My child answered the phone and they wouldn't give him any information as to why they were calling so he could leave me a message. Only that it pretained to a Law Suit and gave him a number to call. When he asked what type of Law Suit, the lady told him that she didn't care what type of law suit it wasn't her problem and hung up on him. Very rude!!!

When I called the number, they told me it was a collection agency and they had two payment options. One was to pay it all today in full and the other was in two payments of 50%. One today and the other in exactly one month. I told her this was the first time I heard this bill was turned over to collections. I told her I had ever intentions of paying and would be happy to pay in 1/4 payments. Because I just didn't have it right now because of pay periods. It would be tight even when I did get paid to pay that much and my family would struggle for the next month. She told me that there were only two options and I didn't pick either one, therefore, she was going to note on the account that I refused to pay and I told her "No" that wasn't the case and she said, I didn't pick either option therefore I was refusing and that they would see me in court and hung up on me before I could say anything more.

First of all, if I send something in the mail even if it's not much, do they have to take it and can they still take me to court? I never sign anything ever with regards to the main company stating if it was turned over to collection I would pay in all or in 50% payments. What can I do. Should I still send them the money and how do I know they put it towards my account?

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You might want to check fdcpa (fair debt collection practices act) I think all they can do is leave a message

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HelpUDebt HelpUDebt

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This company needs to vaildate the debt before you pay them a dime. Also send them a letter asking them not to contact you only by mail. KYSIDE38

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I have been dealing with this company for a little over 1 year. I experienced all the threats and phone calls that most of you all have. I learned after the first intial call that they have this bad guy, good guy routine going. The bad guy calls initially to rattle you and then He/She hangs up after they threaten to take you to court. When you call back because they have scared you into it, you usually encounter Mr/Ms. nice guy, who conventiently listens to everything and makes every effort to "work" with you. I set up a payment plan with this person and had been paying religiously. When they ran out of postdated checks, Bad guy called back again and he was super outragous, yelling, cutting me off, accusing me of not wanting to be responsible for my debt. I tried to explain that I had been making payments according to my arrangement. He just kept screaming stuff and demanding I pay the remainder of my balance. I refused and then informed him that he would either accept my payments or not, he hung up on me. I did not get frustrated or nervous this time around. I just called back, refused to speak with this man again and requested a supervisor, who was a good cop, made arrangements, complained about bad cop and hung up. I then wrote a cease and desist letter, requested a full account of my debt and requested that any communication be via mail. I received an account of my debt, but I have not heard from them via phone since our last arrangement. Feeling a little daring, I called back and asked to speak to bad cop, when he came on the line I informed him that he was super silly for acting like such and idiot, because in the end, they ended up taking my payment arrangement anyway, despite his insistence that they would not....he hung up on

BTW, my payments are what I can afford and no more than that. When I set up the first payment, I start with double what my monthly arrangements will be. In other words, I give them $200 on my first payment and then $100 for the next 6 months. I am almost paid off and will be free of them by April.

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corpolonia corpolonia

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been dealing with them as well...2 diffrenet times..the first time they were real rude...the guy yelled at me cut me off..called me a liar..ect...very rude people.

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Hello everyone actually i worked for nes and i left because of the type of behavior they wouldnt believe that we are actually trained to be mean like that and if you hold out long enough they will except payments..if anyone has any questions u can email me at email address removed as per forum rules - Mike

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This company is an absolute scam. Do not send them anything, and do not listen to any of their demands.

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Is there a site to get a sample of the above in order to cover all nessasary information in the Cease and Desist All Communications.
I am not the party with the debt however I was listed as a contact person. These people will not stop calling my house. They call 5 times a day starting before 8 am with a recording to call. I called at told them that the person they are trying to reach does not live here and to stop calling. I relayed the message so if they don't return the call it's not my problem but to stop calling me everyday. They are now calling more.

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Here is the sample C&D letter. ml

Send it through US mail with return receipt requested. The laws will be violated if they continue to call after receiving your letter. Make your legal move even stronger by recording their phone calls after verifying with your state laws. You will have a proof of their violations if the calls are done.

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orake orake

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They leave messages saying "if I don't respond in 48 hours they will notify Salt Lake County" Salt Lake County who.. justice court, attorney general, sl county library system? Should I be worried about this?


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