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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

I have had it up to here with this company, does anyone know what to do? They say we owe on a Verizon account and honestly we do. We stopped paying the bill on it Oct. '06 and will pay it off when my wife is able to go back to work after she has our baby. However, they call and demand money now from her, she can't deal with them and gives me permission. I ask for a letter in writing of what account it is and all information that they have from Verizon Wireless. They say they already sent it to me, but now they can't send me anything? What is up with this? Either you can or can't send stuff. They admitted they had nothing and if I wanted any account information I would have to contact Verizon. They did have a cell number on the account, one of which we have never even heard of. I told the guy that and he stated that it was the number on the account, that sometimes they give you a number to start your account but it changes instantly. LOL, I have never heard of this in my life. So I demand something stating what we owe and what account it is for and he says that I just don't want to pay my bill. Again I state that I will happily set up arrangements if he can get this to me. He hangs up on me. I call back after their automated message keeps getting sent to me. This time I talk to Jon Stewart...hmmm T.V. name, and he tells me that i just need to pay my bills and again tells me that he can't send me anything with an account on it. He just tells me that he is going to take me to court. Well I read that is a violation. I tell him that and tell him I am reporting him to the FTC and he says do it, they won't do anything. I ask to speak to his supervisor and instantly it is time to close, and he hangs up on me. They call back today and leave a message. I call them back and ask to speak to a supervisor they give me to this guy named Mr. whatever. We get into an argument and he starts yelling at me which causes me to yell and then he tells me to stop yelling at him. He then tells me his name is Michael Cain....Actor, lol, and I told him that he said his name is Mr. Elwood, and I told him he flat out lied to me. He said and I quote, "I lie, you lie, we all lie." He lies to me and expects me to sent him money? Anyway I call back cause yes he hangs up on me, and speak with head division? What is head division? Anyway, I he states his name is Sonny Corinthos, lol I look that up and it is a fictional character on General Hospital. He didn't want to hear any complaints from me on the rudeness from his employees. When I told him the guy admitted to lying he said, and I quote, "You could say he threatened to kill you and that would be your word against his". I asked if he also was calling me a liar and the guy said that he just can't believe anything anyone calls up and tells him. I ask for a number or person I can call to make a formal complaint at his office and he told me he didn't care if I ever got that number that he was going to tell Verizon that I flat out refused to pay. WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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I cannot believe what I am reading, I thought I was the only one. I filed a complaint on about them. Even Cleveland BBB has a ton of complaints about them and now I found this forum. How are they still in business or even have a license.
They call my house every minute of everyday for 2 months now. They called one day 74 times. So far this week they have called me 38x 1 day, 33x the next day, 48 times yesterday and 37 times today.
They need to be shut down and put out of business. They are doing more harm than good.

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They can't file a judgement against you, only a court can do that. They would need to sue you, in the correct court, serve you papers properly, and comply with all the Fair Debt Collections Act to succeed. These people threaten and take advantage of the lack of knowledge most people have about collection practices and what is allowed by law. You are entitled to know what is being collected, who is making the claim and the original amount of the claim. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. THESE PEOPLE ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW.

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Can they even do this to you? It is in violation of the Consumer Protection Act and I am refusing to pay any debts to them.. They call me at my work saying they have my cell phone number but called my place of work because they knew they could reach me there. I asked them two weeks ago to not contact me at work anymore because of my risk of being released for too many personal phone calls. Are they allowed to continue doing this? And should I pay them?

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I received my first phone call today from this company. They left a voicemail. They are trying to collect money from me on an account that I still have with Verizon Wireless. They ran my credit. Why I don't know. What kind of guidance can any of you offer me as to how to get them to leave me alone?

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Well I can't believe what im reading. I have been dealing with this company over a debt to Citibank which we had been trying to work out with them directly until they sold it. This woman called our house and screamed at me to get my checkbook and pay her 2800 now. I told her it was impossible. She then continued to berate me and scream at me. She gave me all the information about my husband, his ss number and everything (his acct) and told me to get it paid or she was going to have us prosecuted. My husband called her back the next Monday and offered her a pmt plan telling her that we were seeking counseling for credit and working on getting things straight. She told him he sounded stupid and hung up on him. He called her back and proceeded to try to work out a plan with her and she said "your an idiot" and hung up again. He then called and asked for her supervisor who told him that "we want our employees to talk to you that way" At that point he knew it was useless and told him unless they were willing to take pmts the conversation was over. The supervisor told him he was going to prosecute us. The next day we get another phone call from the same woman verifying from us that we are not going to pay and to let us know that they are prosecuting. ok. well again I didnt hit the lottery overnight so not going to give you all that money but will still be willing to do pmts. she tells him no and hangs up on him. What further steps should we take at this point?

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I get TONS of calls from this woman, who sounds like a man..AT WORK, and they use tactfulness like telling my co-workers "we had an appointment to talk at 1pm", etc. The thing that DID freak me out, is a co-worker told them I was gone for the day, but they said they had a locator on my car and I was still there!! Is tht possible? By locator maybe they meant just some other person, watching? It freaked the crap out of me though! Anyway, my dad said they called him and told him 'your son is going to prison for 5-10 years' bla bla....I highly doubt it for an unsecured debt with Citi.

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Locator? I think it was a total guess, for if they did, we can't even BEGIN to discuss the privacy laws they are violating. To truly put something like that on your vehicle, they would need a search warrant and court permission to install such a tracking device.

Standard desperate scare tactics. Send them a C&D letter so they only discuss debt with you via postal mail. Get a return receipt. Then feel free to bust them every time they call you or anyone else.

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Wow. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who is being harassed by these people (Not glad for the harassment all of us are facing, mind). They've been calling me at work, and just the day before yesterday called 3 times within the first 20 minutes of my shift; I'd been advised by Financial Freedom of America to ignore their calls, but since they were calling at work, I had to call them back.

After trying to lecture me for 10 minutes about 'my responsibilities', the woman hung up on me and called back our main company line, wanting (apparently) to talk to our HR person. She had threatened lawsuit and garnishment of my wages while I was on the phone with her, by the way.

The call never got through, and fortunately my HR person just hangs up on these people. Still, a scary bunch.

So anyway, I have a question. In talking with my case manager at FFA, she advised me that it's illegal for them to be calling me at work. Does anyone know if this is true?

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A relative contacted me just now with a message saying that someone called for me. She left me the number, I googled it and I reached this thread. Should I be expecting rude calls like that and should I tell my relative to hang up on them?

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