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Does anyone have information on National Enterprise System?

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Help please - looking for information on National Enterprise Systems, if there is a thread, can you let me know where it is?
I need info as soon as possible - Thanks!

The funny thing is that the Attorney General's Office in Ohio oursources their collections. Guess who one of their outsourcing companies is??? You're right--NES.
Do you think complaining to the state attorney general is going to do any good?

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if you owe a bill pay stop crying about it!!!!!!!!

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i'm dealing with these guys. they refuse to send me any sort of official document stating that i have to pay them $$. they claim to have a debt of mine from verizon phone company totaling $280. they wanted us to pay by western union, credit card, or checking account. we will do none of those. we offered to send a money order. they said they wouldn't accept a money order. they told me they were going to sue me. over $280??? would that even cover their court fees? i doubt it. finally tracked down the original debt from verizon. they did indeed give it to national enterprise systems. i'm still not giving them any account info or paying to western union them money. they have called me repeatedly for months now, they have harassed me, and they have been completely rude. i've read a lot of complaints about them taking more money than what was agreed to and such. they can take my money order or nothing at all. oh yes, and i'm sure as heck not sending them ANYTHING until i get a paper trail... a bill, a statement - anything. they refuse to send me physical proof of the debt.

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well after reading everyone's comments about this collection agency...i feel a huge relief lifted from my shoulders!! i am young and got into a little debt with verizon wireless. i owe them 3k. i had them call me today and tell me that this is the last opportunity i have to make arrangements with them outside of court. if i do not comply then on feb 14 they will be sending me a certified letter of a judgment that will be placed against me. i told the lady that i was unaware of any legal action. she told me that a letter had been sent to me back on jan 3 and that i took more than my 30 days to reply to them.

i responded to the lady and said i recieved no such letter in the mail and therefor am lost at what is going on. after listening to her ramble on about something i then stated that i would love to pay off the debt and that i was actually waiting for my first bill in the mail from whoever the collection agency was supposed to be.

like everyone stated before she wanted all the money upfront. i told her that was not going to happen because i am now living in canada and i am up here for school and dont have a job :) (this is true but i knew she didnt want to hear it) she told me that she was going to file the suit due to me not wishing to pay the bill and that my ss# was going to be frozen and all my assests were going to be siezed. i asked her what assests do i have. i am 22 years old...i dont own anything!!!...i have 1 degree from school...she going to take that?

i went as far as saying...look lady... i want to pay you guys off so you wont bother about payment arrangement?...i think she chuckled under her breath

well after we parted ways on the phone i was very upset and started to cry thinking my life is over i am officially a young adult stereotype!!

thank god i found this site...makes me feel much better and i am more aware of my rights.

p.s the lady on the phone told me that even though i live in canada now that once the judgment is passed it will basically screw me up here in canada.... debt from the states cant affect me here....i figured most people would know that. sure they can call and ask about my debt overall but my credit report and debt doesnt follow me here.....they caint come here and take me away because i havent paid.

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Yeah sure "WHY", everyone is lying and you guys are just a sweet and innocent CA. It's not slander if it's true.

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LoneGunman LoneGunman

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Man, now I can take a breath, as I have been holding it ever since hearing from these creatures. I have a student loan debt and they are trying to threaten me with all kinds of action, but I cannot pay what they are asking right now. I heard the the Dept. of Ed even makes arrangements on student loans if you are experiencing financial hardship, but they make it sound like they will ruin you if you don't pay in full. The thing is I KNOW they can't do anything without taking me to court first and they don't even decide if it goes to court or not, but they sure try to make you fear the worst and it works if you don't educate yourself. Has anyone else dealt with them regarding student loans? Remember folks, you have RIGHTS! They can't just DO anything without following the law...and if they got 'em.

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wow i thought that i was the only one that was receiving calls from nes....first some guy called me last year talking about i was going to get sued by citi back if i didnt pay them 1200 right then, i told him that i just got into an accident and lost my job and everything, but still i asked him if i could do some form of payment arrangement. he said no that i had to pay them now. then he was like "are you a student?" i said yes and he was like well take out a student loan and pay us or get sued. i asked him why he was talking to me like that and he just kept talking mean.....well anyway i hung up and they are still calling me now....

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I have received many phone calls regarding a supposed bill that got sent to them from verizon except when I call verizon they are saying I don't owe them anything. I don't know how to get them off of my back because they will not contact me by mail only by phone and of course they want verizon to supply a letter saying I do not owe this but I have no way to get it to them. This is absolutely ridiculous!!! They called me on my cellphone which is sooooo illegal and then they called me at 5:45 in the morning. These people are nuts.

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The best thing you can so with any collection agency is write a letter saying that you dispute the account and that you will only work with the original creditor. That is your legal right as a consumer. Credit Collectors buy debts after the credit credit card comapinies charge off the debt. Know your rights. Do a lot of research, it is free on the net. Do not talk to a debt collector orargue with them. Write a letter and send it certified returned receipt. If that does not work. Hire an attorney.

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