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A few months ago mu husband got a payday loan from for $250. I had no idea that he did this at the time, and the money did go to a good cause, but sense then we have given them almost $800, and they say we still owe them the original $250. I changed our bank account, and Bank Of America put a block on them all together. The bank was really nice about helping with this.

Anyway, they won't talk to me about any of it, saying it doesn't matter if I'm a spouse or if your husband gives us consent to speak with you. (We tried that...) They won't even answer questions that a new client might ask before getting a loan with them. Saying that they only speak with existing clients over the phone, and that the web site can answer all my questions.

I want to know if they are licensed in the state of Texas, and what happens if you stop paying them? Do they send it to collection like a credit card and then you can pay it back or what? Although I feel as if we paid them there money, and they should be happy they got that much interest the loan.

As far as I know, One Click Cash is illegal in the State of Texas. You will be liable for paying them only the principal amount and nothing more than that. I will suggest your husband to ask for a refund from One Click Cash in order to get back the excess amount that he has paid them.

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Anna Sweeting Anna Sweeting

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One Click Cash is not licensed in the state of Texas. They won't be able to take any legal steps against you if you stop making payments. You have already paid the principal amount. So, there is no need to make any further payments. Rather you should ask them to revert the extra money you have paid to them. Avoid working with such companies in future.

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Yes, One Click Cash is running an unlicensed business in the state of Texas, hence you're liable to paying the principal amount only. But since you've already made extra payments, immediately ask for a refund. They're bound to give you back your money. In the future, remain careful before resorting to such companies.

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amy.nickson1986 amy.nickson1986

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