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I currently have 3 loans out and just the interest payments are killing me. I know Tennessee is one of those bad states and was wonderfin what my best options are. Thanks for any help.

Total Lending- owe 300- paid 810
Fast Cash - owe 300- paid 665
Payday loan yes- owe 300- paid 360

I appreciate the help

i have one with them and they have been calling. i am in TN also. i have overpayed them alot

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I closed my account friday but not after thet hit it again. I put a hold on my account but bank of america takes 7 to 10 days to do this. Guess it is the waiting game now

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ollie31 ollie31

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Now I remember that I have 2 loans from paydayloanyes. They called me after my first loan and set up another. For how much I have paid them can I get a refund on the over charges? Thanks

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ollie31 ollie31

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Does anyone know if they are legal in Florida? And also I received a threatening letter from them, but the address was:

PDO Legal Department
3336 E 33rd Place Suite B
Yuma, AZ 85364

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sh0762 sh0762

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I have one payday loan from Total Lending Inc. I have paid them $600 on a $200 loan. I can not pay them the total amount of $260 all at once. Does anyone know of their address or if they are legal in my state of Indiana???

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Hi Laura,

Here is some contact info for them, I am trying to find an address:

866-412-2369 phone
866-379-7667 fax

I don't show Total lending on the list of licensed lenders for IN.

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dawnlango7 dawnlango7

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